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This one is for my mom.....

December 31st 2008 8:42 pm
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My mom wrote this as an undergrad...... She used to write in a journal faithfully, every night. One night this is what came out and she chose to never change a word. This poem means a lot to her as exactly one week later her grandmother passed away. Mom graduated in December that same year.

This Is a Happy Time

This is a happy time!
How can anyone see,
All that is going on within me?
How can anyone feel,
The wounds on my heel?
How can anyone smell,
The sweet scent around the dell?
What a happy time this is! To be so
Close to something so far away!

My goals are within my reach.
Let's hope I do not breach,
The promise I made to myself so long ago,
To not leave anything fallow,
But to always do God's will,
No matter what the bill.
The devil cannot destroy,
'cause I simply will not employ.
His efforts are lost,
So he may as well pay the cost.
What a happy time this is! So close and yet so far away!

A dream is on it's way,
So never begin to sway!
Stand firm on the rock,
And you shall unlock,
The door to Heaven.
Then the rewards will come seven-
Fold. Don't get discouraged,
But always be encouraged.
For the future is so bright,
And completely within sight.
Oh, what a happy time this is!
So close again, but still so far away!

Good luck to you, my friend,
And may God always send,
The blessings you deserve!
He will never be reserved,
When you need some help.
With this you can never melt.
Stand firm in the faith,
And take a steady gait,
So that the tare,
Can never ensnare,
Your heart from the Lord.

Take up the sword,
And head toward,
The goal that lies beyond the hill.
It is shining still,
So take your fill,
And do your part,
So that you may be glad at heart.
What a happy time, so close and yet so far!

Written by:
my mom


How to add the Breast Cancer Ribbon to your page:

October 9th 2008 8:09 pm
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How to post the pink ribbon to your page:

Go to and copy the code listed in the box under Step One. Make sure the entire code is copied....(To copy the code go to the beginning of the code, hold down the left mouse button while highlighting the entire code and release the left button. Move the cursor over the code and right click. You will see Copy in the menu that pops up. Choose Copy... This will save it temporarily....)

1.Go to your pet’s page
2. To the right of your pet’s name, you will see something that says:
“Update your page”
3. Click on the arrow and choose Edit profile
4. Scroll down to where it says
“Fun Stuff”
5. Click on the Fun Stuff link
6.Scroll down to an empty orange box and click in the box
7. Right click in that box and choose paste
8. Scroll down and click on Save Fun Stuff
9.Then scroll again and click Save All

To check if it has been added, choose see page


Pink Ribbons For Breast Cancer Awareness

October 9th 2008 2:35 pm
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Every year many women are diagnosed with Breast Cancer. As you know, October is Breast Cancer awareness month. Mom found a code to put a pink ribbon on each of our pages. You can access the code at:

Please join us in showing support for this cause.


Can someone please help me understand...

August 18th 2008 6:55 pm
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Why people cant be honest and true? And why they have to lead others into their deceptions? I dont know that I will ever understand. Maybe someday peace and love will truly reign... Here's to that hope.....


Hello to all of my friends!

August 2nd 2008 10:15 pm
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I have a long overdue thank you to all of my friends that have visited my pages on Cat Channel and on here and for all of the lovely gifts I have been given.

Mom was looking through a box of pictures the other day and found some more of Cleo and I. Be on the lookout for those to appear on our pages...

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