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A Spunky-Monkey's Tales

~An update on me & sad goodbyes to my new sister~

May 30th 2010 12:27 pm
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Dear Diary,

I’ve been doing really well at my new home. I even have a new name! I am now known as Satchmo. Even though I know what it stands for, ‘one who jabbers a lot‘, I still respond to it quite well. *hee, hee*

My new sister, Mui, became very ill and Dad tried his best to have the doctors here and in Las Vegas find out what was ailing her. Sadly it turned out she had a tumor in her belly and about a week ago Dad and the doc helped Miss Mui take her journey to the Bridge. *sad purrs* Dad says that Mui had 15 wonderful years with him, but I know that he’s sad and 15 years just didn’t feel long enough.

Dad and I are looking for a new addition to our home now. Not to replace Mui, but so that I am not the only furry kid around here. I went from living with Muppet and several other kitties to living with just one other, and now I’m the only one. Somehow this feels quite odd. My foster mom is going to keep her eyes and ears open to find me another brother or sister that will fit right in with Dad and me. *purrs*

Dad had been so busy trying to help Mui that he didn’t have time to send foster mom pictures to update my room with. He promised that he will now work on getting some sent to her so she can put them up. :)

Hope everyone is having a nice Memorial Day weekend. I’m stretched out flat on my back just relaxing and spending time with my wonderful Dad. Thanks for all of the yummy food that has been left in my room! Yum, yum! *purrs of thanks to Catster and my friends*

Headbonks & Love,
Spunky - a king at last

Purred by: Lucy Nooner (Catster Member)

May 30th 2010 at 1:41 pm

It's so great to hear from you, Satchmo! I like your new name! Sorry to hear about your kitty sister. Sending purrs of comfort to your daddy.
Purred by: Stacey H

May 30th 2010 at 6:00 pm

We're all so sorry about Miss Mui. Saying goodbye is so hard! It's great to hear that you love your new home. You deserve it.
Purred by: Spunky (king at last) adopted (Catster Member)

May 30th 2010 at 10:46 pm

Thank you Lucy and O'Malley! *hugs* My silly typist (aka: foster mom) signed my original name and left off my new name! Humph! She wonders how she should officially change this where my friends will still know it's me?

Satchmo the 'Spunky King at Last'?
Satchmo - a king at last (Spunky)

~headbonks & purrs~


Spunky (king at last) adopted


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