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I am a princess

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Me? Cat of the Day???

April 16th 2012 6:22 pm
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My mommy just saw that I am Cat of the Day today! Then she was horrified to realize she never updated my page when I went to the Bridge. This is what she put on her FB page the day after I flew away:

"Our beloved fur kiddo & Princess Patchez passed away last nite as the girls & I raced her to the emergency vet. She was getting better, walking around, jumping on the counter, snacking on tuna all day, but then around 9pm, she began to to get so much worse. I had to get the girls out of bed, throw jackets on them, wrap Patchez in blankets & run to the car. She passed away with my hand stroking her face & the girls saying "Patchez we love you" just as we pulled into the parking lot. I am trying to be strong for the girls, but my heart is broken. All of this happened in less than 24 hours. My hope is that she knew how much we loved her & that we did everything we could for her. She was our first "little girl" and was our Princess & Hostess w/ the Mostess. She loved wearing outfits, scrunchies, makeup & dresses. LOVED IT. She would sit on the counter & pull my hand towards her face as I put on makeup or did my hair. She was my little girl for over 16 years. We miss her so much, the girls know though that she is in heaven, at the Rainbow Bridge with Jonas, Navin, Sue, Buffy....all of the fur kiddos we've lost over the last few years. I am trying to be positive for them. I am sorry that they had to go thru that last nite with me."

My parents believe I had a stroke that day. They are not sure what happened & it happened so fast. I was feeling better & better all day & eating & drinking, and then within the course of an hour, I was going downhill fast. My last day on earth was spent w/ my beloved family & it was exactly what I wanted. My mommy still has not really come to terms w/ the fact that I'm not there anymore. I hope she knows that I am watching over her always. She & my human sisters miss me so much. They got me a huge heart-shaped balloon & let it go outside & watched it until they couldn't see it anymore. It came right up to Cloud #9 & we all took turns playing with it.

Thank you so much for the congratulations & gifts! I am so honored to be COTD! I only wish I was spending the day being pampered & spoiled by my family.


I've been tagged by Hooch!

July 23rd 2008 10:48 pm
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Well I've been tagged by the handsome and debonair Hooch! Thank you Hooch for your compliments about my outfits. I am quite proud of them!

To play, you can name 5 things you don't like, and tag 5 other kitties.
What fun! Now I get to tell you five things I don't like and tag five more kitties! So here's my list:

1. I don't like it when my family eats in the living room. I prefer our meals to be somewhat proper and least at the dining room table!
2. I don't like it when Daddy picks me up and shows perfect strangers my pink chubby belly or my pink paw paws.

3. I hate it when no one will turn the bathtub water onto drip for me.

4. I don't like for anyone to touch me below the waist (on account of my chubbiness) and only Mommy is allowed to touch my chub chub tail.

5. I don't like it when I haven't seen Grammie for a while. She adores me and treats me like the princess I am.
And now 5 more kitties to tag!

I'm tagging...

1. Sassy, who is an opera singer by day and a stealth criminal by night!
2. Lulu, who resides in Portland and who's blue fish hat I covet.
3. Rachel who is a calico like me and is a Daddy's girl.
4. Blade who is a handsome tabby living in England. Blade likes to be dragged around by the scruff of his neck, much like my brother Hendrix used to.
5. Cosmo, who is a very handsome tabby dude who has a sumptious tummy!


Miss Thang

September 26th 2006 8:09 pm
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Lest we forget (ahem....Jimi!), I have been and always will be, the reinging diva in this house. Some of us (ahem...Jimi!) may be more lithe and limber, but is not my fur the most sumptous? Is not my voice the sweetest and most tuneful? Are not my paws the most delicate pink?
Also I think it is only fair to note that when Grammie and/or Grandma comes over, bathroom faucets get turned on at my merest request. This does not happen for just everyone!
So go ahead and wear your can-can outfits and borrow my pink ginham sundress, but never forget that I have been divalicious since way back in the day! I can out-diva anyone (ahem...Jimi!)

The Princess


Romantic Seafood Extravaganza

July 28th 2006 8:57 am
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Daddy went on a charter boat and brought back tons of crab and red snapper. Auntie Penny and Marcella had dinner with us. I got to sit in my place of honor next to Mommy and she made me a plate. Then she boosted me on her cd case. I did a round table inspection and noticed that Auntie Marcella had something I didn't have! I began making my angry face and Auntie Penny noticed and quickly put my very own leaf of spinach on my plate. (Auntie Penny is all about avoiding confrontation)
The setting was romantic and relaxing. Conversation was slightly stilted because of everyone being so tired. Once I threw in my own witticisms and made a few comments about the latest current events, I really felt the conversation took off. Daddy ate a lot and I don't recall him saying much of anything. Like a true princess, I didn't actually eat my food. I delicately sniffed it and patted the spinach to test the texture. Navin got put in the bedroom for a time out. He has no manners. Ha ha Navin.
We really need to have these little intimate dinner parties more often. It is always a pleasure to dust off my hostessing skills.

The Princess


Down Boy!

November 7th 2005 4:29 pm
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Now I will be the first to admit that I am unbelievably hot and sexy. My fur is the softest, my eyes—the most expressive, my voice is musical, my figure is voluptuous.
Still, none of this prepared me for one of the most awkward moments of my life! It happened on the day of Mommy and Daddy’s Halloween party. I was sitting on the bed while Mommy and Grammie dressed me in my new costume. It is a glorious pink hula skirt with a matching flower embellished scrunchie. Navin was sitting on the bed as well and staring at me. This I am used to. After all, who could blame him?
Suddenly, I found myself pinned down by Navin as he held me by some loose skin (not that there is much of that!) by the back of my neck. Excuse me!!!??!!!! Luckily that’s ALL he did or he would be in a world of hurt! It all happened so fast that it was like a shocking moment frozen in time. Just as quickly as he’d jumped on me, he let me go and took off down the hall.
Mommy and Grammie made much of me and smoothed my skirt and asked if I was ok? Then they took me out and let me play “Hostess with the Mostest” to their guests. Navin is avoiding me like the plague ever since it happened. He’d better continue that if he knows what’s good for him!

The Princess


Dressing for Dinner

September 13th 2005 4:16 pm
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This weekend, Grammie and Grandpie and Auntie Marcella had dinner with us, so I dressed up for the occasion. How gorgeous I looked in my bouffant skirt and green spangled scrunchie! I got to sit on my telephone book and had my own little plate (which I didn’t even touch…..I NEVER let anyone actually see me eat! How barbaric!) When dinner was done, I partook in a delightful conversation with Grammie and Auntie Marcella and then I drank some water by daintily scooping up pawfulls and licking my snowy white fur. I would never lower my head and drink out of the bowl like a common housecat! For I am a Princess!
The only fly in my ointment was Navin. He was so impressed with my royal finery, that he could only sit and stare in admiration and bat at my petticoats. I soon broke him of the habit of actually touching me, but I took pity on the poor little peasant and let him stare all he wanted. Then I performed some charity work (always a plus if you are royalty!) and let him have my little plate of vanilla ice cream.
For as young as he is, he was really quite polite. I think he would make a fine page!

The Princess


Pretty Pretty Princess

August 24th 2005 2:23 pm
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Grammie came over to see me a couple of days ago. We played with my Pretty Pretty Princess game and she decorated me in all the beautiful jewelry. I was soooooo gorgeous. I went and showed Grandpie and he couldn’t resist giving my tail a tug, but I was in such a good mood that I let it pass with just one tiny miaow of protest.
I can’t wait until summer is over. Then we will eat in the kitchen at the booth again. During the summer, everyone wants to loll around in the living room; slaves to the air conditioning unit. But soon it will be Fall and that means cozy meals around the kitchen booth with myself in attendance. As long as I’m a good girl and don’t try to get anyone’s food and keep my paws to myself, I get a little plate of my own and sometimes I even get to sit on a phone book so I can reach better. I like to inspect my plate and then look around the table and make certain that I got everything the grownups got. I usually don’t eat anything on my plate. Instead, after I make sure I’ve been treated like an equal, I like to make biscuits and purr and gently pat the arms of whoever is nearest me while treating them to my sweetest baby miaows. I especially like it when Grandpie sits next to me. He talks to me like a person (which I am!)

The Princess


no means no

July 29th 2005 9:52 am
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Last Sunday, Mommy and Daddy were preparing to take me to a pet fair. I was ok with this plan until I realized I would have to wear my harness. Then I threw a temper tantrum. Mommy tried to reason with me, but I wanted no part of it. Harnesses are for pets. I am a princess. I do not wear harnesses.
So back into the house I went and they grabbed Jimi and took him instead. Jimi came home bragging about winning the Party Animal of 2005 and I just gave him a look of disdain. If I'd changed my mind and gone to the Fair, I'd have won that golden lampshade as soon as I walked in. I wouldn't have even had to parade around a ring for it like Jimi (Not that I'd mind that. I'm very good at parading). But there would have been no question and no competition.
That's alright. I'll let Jimi have his moment. Besides a lampshade, golden or not, is no comparison to my tiara!

The Princess


Miss Firecracker!

June 26th 2005 5:26 pm
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Well, no matter what Buffy says, it is OBVIOUS that Grammie likes ME the best. Grammie slaved away for a week working on a magnificent creation for me to wear for the 4th of July. It is a beautiful red glittery skirt. Mommy put my favorite red tinsel scrunchie on me and with that and the blue ribbon on the waistband, I am so very patriotic.
It is a well-known fact in our household that during holiday events and parties, all of the CATS get put into the bedroom together so that they don't escape. I on the other hand, am given hostess duties. It is important that I interact with each and every guest. I am well schooled in the art of conversation and my dignified and royal presence always lends a touch of class to every gathering. Trust me when I say between Daddy's karoake machine and his horrendous taste in music (country or top 40's boy band pop which he insists on playing every time....poor mommy!), it is quite clear that these events are in desperate need of as much class as I can muster!

So this 4th of July, I will be proudly carrying out my hostess duties wearing the delectable confection that Grammie made me. I am so excited. I know everyone will be in awe of my beauty and superior fashion sense.

The Princess



April 13th 2005 10:15 am
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This weekend, Mommy and I did some yardwork. I mowed the lawn (by eating the grass) and Mommy clipped all the bushes and weeded. I think she went a little crazy with the rose bushes, and I tried to tell her, but she was very focused.
We took a break and she and I sat next to the pool and I flipped and rolled on the warm bricks. It made all my snowy white fur--- PINK.......COOL!
When Daddy came home, I snuck under the deck and hid there until he too got into the pruning thing and was too preoccupied to tease me and call me his " little chub-chub cow." Doesn't he realize that I am providing a valuable service by helping mow the lawn? Also, my way is much more evironmentally friendly and a little roughage is good for my girlish figure.
The only thing that annoyed me was that Elvis kept doing fly-bys and jumping over me. Dogs! They have no self-restraint! Show a little class Elvis! Luckily, Jimi was also outside with us and as he is more receptive to Elvis' goofiness, this kept Elvis out of my fur for the most part.

The Princess

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