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Autobiography of an Orange Lovebug

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Farewell to Briana

January 7th 2017 6:03 am
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Our regular vet called this morning. He said it's time. Not-the-Momma is going with Momma to say their final goodbyes - until they meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Thanks for the purrs, prayers, love, and support.


Emergency Purrs and Prayers Needed for Briana

January 6th 2017 11:55 pm
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Our sister Briana is in the Critical Care Unit at the animal hospital. It's been a rough 48 hours for her and Momma. This afternoon, Momma found out that Briana has bladder cancer. She talked to our vet and they decided to start her on a new anti-inflammatory medicine on Monday - she has been taking Prednisone, but they need to stop that and give it time to clear her system before they can start the new medicine.

Tonight when Momma got home, she found Briana hadn't piddled all afternoon. Momma gave her a pain medicine and her subQ fluids hoping that would help flush out her system. It didn't work, so they ended up going to the ER. They gave her stronger pain medication to make her comfortable.

The ER vet tried to act unbiased, but he obviously thought euthanasia was the answer. Momma was having none of that foolishness. So they're keeping her overnight. Her REAL vet will be in at 8 in the morning. Momma's hoping to stick to the original plan - keep Briana stable for the weekend and give the new medication a try.

Please, please, PLEASE pray for Briana. We know she's a fighter, but she needs all the help she can get. Thank you.

Love is Forever,
Rufus, Bob, Jack, & Hamlet


My Heart Will Go On

July 17th 2016 2:20 am
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10 years. It’s been 10 years since I joined Catster on July 1, 2006.

I had been looking for an online support group because Rufus had feline lymphoma. When I stumbled across Catster and found all of these people posting in their cats’ voices, from their cats’ point of view, I thought they must all be crazy! But as I read on, I knew I could do the same for Rufus, and that’s when I realized, they were my kind of crazy.

10 years of ups and downs, good times and sad times, but never bad times as long as we had each other. Now all of it is coming to an end. Briana has joined the Here Kitty forum and Pets4Pals, but we all know it’s not the same. She’s made 18, but is on the last of her 9 lives. I know you understand what a difference a friendly ear and a few words of encouragement can make at a time like this. I will miss having that from my Catster friends.

Remember when our furkids went to the Rainbow Bridge, we said they became Angels and went on to “live their 10th life” on Catster? Well, I feel like Rufus and Bob are dying again. There will be no “11th life” for them on another site. How could there be? So many years of memories, both treasured and all-but-forgotten, going, going. . . gone?

I’m saving what I can on the Internet Archive - pages of diaries, extra special diary entries with posted comments (remember those?), some of our friends’ pages, but it’s not nearly enough. What about forum and group threads? Rosettes, gifts, and stars? We were promised Forever Stars!

In closing, I’d like to thank the countless people and cats who touched my life on Catster over the years. After Rufus died, the song I chose to have on his page (back when we could still do that) was Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On:

“Love can touch us one time
And last for a lifetime
And never let go ‘til we’re gone.”

Love is Forever,


Happy Birthday to ME!

February 2nd 2015 7:50 am
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It's my 7th birthday! We started partying last night. Momma was strange. She kept yelling and Not-the-Momma kept calling her on the phone. She had this dark blue hat on her head. I've never seen Momma wear one around the house. She sometimes puts them on before going out, but not inside. And she wore it for hours. Jack kept looking at her like he couldn't understand what she was doing. And here's the really strange part - she kept taking off the hat and shoving it in my face until I sniffed it. She kept doing it and saying something about "Winkie breath." I know Winkie, her first cat, was legendary, so "Winkie breath" must be something really good. I also discovered that if I rubbed my cheek on the rim of the hat, it made her very happy.

And she gave us treats and EXTRA treats after something called the Super Bowl. I think the Super Bowl must be a giant bowl filled with treats!

Tomorrow morning, Briana has an appointment with TWO vets - some special vets who do internal medicine. I hope they're not going to turn her inside out. And Momma was asking someone if they thought Briana would like to go to a parade. She said something about Duck Boats and Tom Brady. I don't know what Duck Boats are, but I'd prefer Chicken and Turkey. I don't think Briana will want to go to the parade - she doesn't like leaving her bed or the armoire.

I hope you'll all have a great day!

Big orange purrs,


What a terrible day!

September 7th 2013 8:14 pm
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Momma took me to the vet today! I wasn't happy. We have a new vet tech. She was OK, although I wasn't happy when she swabbed my ears. Then she brought in the vet and held me while he poked and prodded my belly. As soon as she turned me around to face him, I let him know exactly what I thought of him. Three times in a row. Then she grabbed me from behind and held me while the vet kept putting a piece of tape against my tummy and then ripping it off! It was torture!

To make things even worse, the vet gave me a shot in my backside! And I know it's not time for my vaccinations - we do that near the end of the snowy season.

We had to wait afterwards and Momma checked out at the pharmacy, so I know my torment has just begun. Then we didn't go straight home - for some reason, Momma drove to Not-the-Momma's house. On the way, I felt sick and tried to tell Momma, but she just said, "it's alright, baby" and then I threw up all over the carrier! It was awful! So Momma took me in Not-the-Momma's house and carried me upstairs and put me in the bathtub and made me sit in WATER. And Not-the-Momma couldn't find a towel - really? - so Momma wrapped and dried me in some old t-shirts.

I made it home without having another accident. But I'm not happy.

Note from Momma:
My poor baby boy has been licking his tummy raw. He was on a round of antibiotics back in June, but the problem came back after we stopped. The vet gave him an antibiotic shot and gave me medicine to give him - Prednisone for allergies, drops for his ears, and topical flea medication for all three of my babies.

He's doing much better now. He has his appetite back and hasn't been lethargic, but I'd appreciate it if you can keep him in your purrs and prayers. The antibiotic shot can have serious side effects and he has been suffering with this skin problem for a while now.


Hug Your Cat Day

June 4th 2013 4:37 am
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Can you believe Momma didn't know it was Hug Your Cat Day? I had to wake her up early to make sure we got in some quality cuddle time.


We finally understand why people delete their pages when- they leave Catster.

June 15th 2012 11:31 pm
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It's bad enough when our friends leave Catster, but we HATE it when they delete their pages. All those memories, all that history, just - gone. We've invested a lot in our Catster friendships - a lot of time, a lot of love, and a lot of Zealies. When our friends delete their pages, it feels as though they don't value our friendship, don't value us. How could they so easily discard something that means so much to so many others? We said we would never even consider doing such a thing to our friends!

Then came Helicopter Catgate.

If you don't know what we're talking about, you're lucky. For some reason, the editor in chief of Catster Magazine thinks that cat lovers would want to see a video about someone disrespecting a cat's remains. The article about the cat's skull was bad enough, but this went beyond the pale. And some of our friends were so disgusted, they left Catster. And for once, we couldn't blame them.

We unsubscribed from Catster Magazine and said it was because of those articles, but no one at HQ seems to care. Many of our friends are angry that Catster magazine used the term "WTF," and while we're not offended by the term, we do expect better from Catster. After all, these writers and editors are getting PAID to publish this magazine, and that's the best they can do? So why would we want to pay to support such sick, offensive crap? We wouldn't! Our Catster Plus membership is due for renewal on July 9th, and we just don't see how we could continue to support Catster when it publishes things it should know will offend most of its members.

On July 1st it will be 6 years since our family joined Catster. SIX years! That's 40 in cat years. A long time. A lot of memories. How would we even begin to try to condense all of that history, all of those memories, into just 10 pictures each? We couldn't. It would be too painful to even try. When a relationship goes bad, the best thing to do is make a clean break.

So we finally understand why people delete their Catster pages. We have 2 angels in the family who have been living out their 10th lives on Catster, and we wouldn't want to leave their pages just a shell of what they used to be. We also wouldn't want to dishonor their memory by associating with a site that thinks Helicopter Cat is appropriate material for cat lovers. It's not a "Video We Love" - it's not even "offbeat" - it's offensive, and we want no part of it.

July 9th is still a few weeks away, and a lot could change between now and then. Catster was our community long before "SAY whatever the fluff we like MEDIA" came along. We have no intention of quitting without a fight.


Can you believe Momma forgot my Gotcha Day?

April 12th 2012 9:06 pm
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Last week when I was Diary of the Day, Momma saw all the rosies I got and thought it was my Gotcha Day then. Wrong!

Then I was a DDP a few days later which was nice.

So you would think Momma would be able to remember my Gotcha Day but NO! When she saw all the rosies today, she thought I was a DDP again. She claims that she thought my Gotcha Day wasn't until Saturday and that's why she got confused, but I'm not buying that excuse.

Then tonight she gave me hardly any time on the computer. She was on the phone for HOURS which is unusual for her and SHE was the one who made the calls which is even more unusual. Something must be up with her.

So thank you everyone who sent me a rosie or prezzie or pmail today. I'll send individual thank yous when Momma's available.


Happy Easter

April 8th 2012 8:15 pm
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I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. In the spirit of the holiday, I decided to forgive Momma for her behavior on Friday night. Last night when SHE wanted to cuddle it was all "my beautiful orange boy." She's just lucky I wanted to cuddle too! And we cuddled half the night. She was watching something on TV called The Ten Commandments. It was looooong!

Something strange came in the mail yesterday, too. It looked like a big catnip toy, it even had pirate skulls and crossbones on it, but it wasn't catnip inside. I'm not sure what it was. She hung it on the doorknob near our cat tree and put another one on Briana's side of the bedroom door. At night when she tried to go to bed, we tried to break into the closet as usual, and when she chased us away, she took the thing off of the doorknob near our tree and hung it on the outside of her door.

I still haven't figured out what it is but this morning I heard Momma say something like, "I didn't really expect it to work on Briana anyway" and "I don't care if it's calming or repelling, as long as I can get some sleep." And she did sleep last night, for like 12 hours! Very strange.


Momma's grouchy and I'm a DDP!

April 7th 2012 5:14 am
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Hooray for me! I was Diary of the Day on Thursday and today I'm a Daily Diary Pick! Don't worry, I won't let the fame go to my head.

Momma has been in a really foul mood since last night. She got home late last night and after checking the computer quickly went right to bed without spending any quality time with me! Well, when I realized she was actually going to bed and not just changing into her jammies, I called out to her to remind her that she needed to give me some love and attention. You know what she did? She told me to shut up! Me! Like I was Briana or something . . . Of course, I told her that it wasn't nice to say that when I just wanted to cuddle with her and she stormed over, opened the bedroom door and pushed me away with her foot! Then she closed the door again! Can you believe the nerve of her? So I gave her a couple of minutes to calm down then I told her I knew she didn't really mean it and that I forgave her, but she insulted me again! And chased me away again! And again and again . . .at one point she even let the giant shark attack me! Finally, at about 3 in the morning, she came out and curled up in a ball on the couch but she wouldn't pet me even when I snoofed her around the head and purred and purred. All she did was whimper. Then when I went to check something in the kitchen, she tried to sneak back into the bedroom, but I called out to her again until she came back, but she still wouldn't pet me. Hmpf! So when she got up early at 6 this morning, I ignored her. That will teach her.

Rufus says Momma's throat hurts really bad and she has to work today, so that's why she's so grouchy. I don't know though . . . her throat seemed fine when she was telling me to shut up! And I saw her emailing someone saying I was being a little orange PITA. I asked Rufus what a PITA was and he said pita is flat bread humans stuff with tuna or ham or turkey. He was kind of being evasive though, so I know that there's more to it than that. Maybe Momma wants to make it up to me by stuffing me with yummy food, but I don't think so . . . especially since Briana said I'm a royal PITA.

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