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Kelsee's nice Life

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January 7th 2014 12:50 pm
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OUR heat went off last night, can you even imagine it was -15 last night and windy outside and our heat went out. Mom woke up this morning and all of us were on her bed, except for Kali who was laying by the oil heater mom keeps in her room.

Took mom 20 minutes to get the pilot relit and the house is still cold. All our windows are frosted over with ice and we can't see outside to look at anything,

Hope this darn house warms up soon!! It is still -4 outside and still very windy. Ouch!!!

When momma woke up this morning she found 3 kitties on her bed and Kelsee was under the covers. mom has an electric blanket she keeps on her bed to keep her warm, so of course when the apt got cold when the heat went out..guess where we all went??? {MOL}

We wish mom had a fireplace. that would be so pawsome. But of course we don't have one. mom's sister has one, and keeps it on when it is cold outside.

We are all playing chase..we chase each other around the house and pounce on one another..that is fun and makes you warm, too. Mom is laughing at us!


The Peasants did it again

January 3rd 2014 7:36 pm
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just returned from MHL and my team, The Peasants beat the Royals again. 3/2 in OT.

It was an awesome game and such fun. Our Commish did a pawsome write up of the game.

We enjoy playing mouse is so much fun!!!

Til next time this is Kelsee signing off....
goodnight all...


No can Do yet

January 3rd 2014 2:33 pm
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Geesh, still cannot redo my page. I guess it was a bad problem that catster got. them bad fleas better go away. Some are tough to kill, so I guess they are still working out the problem.

I will be happy to get my page back to where it was. This is indeed sad!!

On a brighter note. It is so cold here today that our apt. refuses to cooperate and get warm. Mom doesn't want to turn up the heat too high as it will run up the gas bill.

I am finding a warm place to nap by moms oil-filled heater she keeps in her bedroom.

See you all soon!!!



January 1st 2014 8:24 pm
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I do not know what happened but I have lost my page...everything mom to go and get are gone.

I have no idea what happened to all of it and mom is very upset cause it was hard having to go from site to site for everything she has on the pages and she tried creating me a new page and still nothing worked...all my fun stuff disappeared.

just mine..all my fursibs still have theirs. I am so sad now. I have my Snickers badge on my page, a cool background, and lots of glittery stuff and it is all gone...nothing will stay in FUN STUFF anymore.

Mom tried using both computers and nothing is happening, so it must be something with Catster. Mom will try again tomorrow and see if she can get my page back.



December 27th 2013 3:50 pm
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I had a very exciting day today! I got up and got mom up. She took down her decorations and I helped her with the garland and lights, they are such fun to chase and grab.

After that, mom took out the floor monster and I ran under her bed til it was done. I hate that thing, it always tries to eat me up.

Then mom redid our Catster paghes and I was pawing at the stuff on the monitor. I like them falling objects mom put on all our pages...such fun!!!


Pawsome catmas

December 25th 2013 5:34 pm
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I had a nice Catmas today. It was cold and bitter outside though. We made mom turn the heat up today. We woke up to 10* this morning.

Mom gave me my stocking stuffers and I got a bag of treats, some catnip mice, crinkle balls and sparkle balls. Some of these came as gifts from my sweet b/f, Snickers.

Mom finally took off my Catmas collar I have been wearing for a week now. Thanks!!! Nice to have it off.

Oh oh, I see that Kali is trying to hide so I have to go chase her...



Cold & Snowy

December 17th 2013 5:09 pm
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Goodness, it has been snowing off and on all day long. We already have 6" of snow and now we have more today!! Not fun!

I tell you...I hate Winter. I want Spring/Summer to return so I can go outside and roll on the sidewalk and lay in the sun!

I'm getting my Winter beauty sleep that's for sure. All I can do is sleep and cuddle with mom and eat, course. Sometimes I play chase with Jesse and that is always fun!!!


What a way to start the New Year

January 5th 2010 5:19 pm
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I am also on Cat Channel and I am on a Hockey team..I am the capt. of my team..for those of youmwho don't have CC accounts...Mouse Hockey is played following the NHL..easch cat team chose aNHL team to follow and my team picked the Boston Bruins..well I bet of your dads/moms watched the Winter Classic on NBC to see the Bruins come from behind and pull off a win..we ll my team "Kels Cool Katz" was so happy that day..we won!!! That was the best part of my New Years Day!


MHL Playhoffs

April 25th 2009 7:51 pm
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Yahoooo!!! I am on cloud team managed to win 4 straight against the Frisky preds to win the 1st quarter we are on a break to see who we face next. Been practising real hard with my team friends so we will advance to the 3rd quarter finals...not counting my chickens though...MOL



April 11th 2009 5:48 pm
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My Hockey team..Sammy's Slammers clinched the Eastern that makes us the Eastern Conference Champions of 2009. Yippee!!! I am very proud of my Hockey team, we have pawsome players and we are a pawsome bunch of cats.

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