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What a way to start the New Year

January 5th 2010 5:19 pm
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I am also on Cat Channel and I am on a Hockey team..I am the capt. of my team..for those of youmwho don't have CC accounts...Mouse Hockey is played following the NHL..easch cat team chose aNHL team to follow and my team picked the Boston Bruins..well I bet of your dads/moms watched the Winter Classic on NBC to see the Bruins come from behind and pull off a win..we ll my team "Kels Cool Katz" was so happy that day..we won!!! That was the best part of my New Years Day!


MHL Playhoffs

April 25th 2009 7:51 pm
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Yahoooo!!! I am on cloud team managed to win 4 straight against the Frisky preds to win the 1st quarter we are on a break to see who we face next. Been practising real hard with my team friends so we will advance to the 3rd quarter finals...not counting my chickens though...MOL



April 11th 2009 5:48 pm
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My Hockey team..Sammy's Slammers clinched the Eastern that makes us the Eastern Conference Champions of 2009. Yippee!!! I am very proud of my Hockey team, we have pawsome players and we are a pawsome bunch of cats.


My Birthday pawty

March 22nd 2009 3:12 pm
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My new b/f, Snickers gave me a birthdaypawty for my 6th birthday at the Hat Trick Bar & Grill {Cat Channel}, I had a lot of fun and a lot of my friends came along too and I got a lot of nice presents. That was so sweet of Snick t do that for me.


Our date

March 14th 2009 9:43 pm
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Tonight I had my first date with my new b/f. We had dinner at Winton's Pizzeria with Tweetie and Jesse. He is planning a special night for us for my 6th birthday next Caturday night and I can't wait. His name is Snickers and he is very handsome!


No More George

March 10th 2009 6:05 pm
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I am so b/f George left CC {or plans to very soon}. He was a nice b/f.....I will be alright though cause I have so many pawsome fur friends to help me out. There is another kitty who is very handsome that is interested in me and I like him, too, he just so handsome....happy to be here...


Alone & Single

March 7th 2009 8:57 pm
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Well, I am alone again. I had to break itoff with my b/f cause he is not responding to my blogs on CC anymore...he disappeared. I did meet a nice kitty, so we will see were that takes me!


My B/f is back

July 4th 2008 9:39 pm
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Yay...I finally heard from George--he came back. I was missing him terribly. He said he was busy and apologized for being gone so long. The family moved and was getting things all unpacked and stuff..I am happy he is back now. I love George.


In the doghouse

May 10th 2008 10:24 pm
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I was sent to the doghouse again when I picked another fight with Kali, I mean this is my house and she has invaded my territory..I was here first, maybe one day I will like her, but for now, I will fight with her.


MY sister

May 9th 2008 1:28 pm
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Is a real pain. I can't go near her and each time I do I get growled at, so I beat her up..we got into a big fight today, the fur was flying..momma was upset cause we don;t get along..she gets along alright with Winston, but not with me..I think I am jealous of her and we are both on the same Hockey team together and she hit me with her hockey stick..what a brat she is. She did get a penalty for hitting me, too.

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