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Kelsee's nice Life

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All dried out

August 18th 2014 6:10 pm
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Today was a delightful day here in Detroit, upper 70's near 80* and lots of sunshine. Nothing like last week with all that non-stop rain and flooding.

Mom's hot water tank finally dried up and is working wonderfully and so is her washer as she did laundry is so relieved everything works now...and she has been taking hot showers every night.

Mom has Monday's off from work so she went out today and she came home with so much food for us and a few new toys as well...just some Cosmic catnip toys...the food was what we are most interested in...10 cans of Friskies, 1 box of pouches{12} and a bag of something called "Fresh Pet", it is moist cold kibble like food and me and Sheba each got new bowls....little pink old one got broked!!!

When mom came home she let us outside on the porch and Winston went down to the yard...we enjoy our outside time cause soon enough all the doors and windows will be closed and shut tight for the Winter.

Mom is having a hard time typing...she cut her finger open at work on a steak knife and it wouldn't stop has it all wrapped it up in a gauge bandage with tape...she hopes she didn't need a few stitches.

Hope you have a pawsome evening!



Win and Jesse build an ark.

August 11th 2014 6:07 pm
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Boy oh boy have we ever been stuck in the house today..been raining since mom got up at 11am and has not stopped yet, not one time and sometimes it rains really hard and it thunders, but no lightening. We are under a Flood advisory for our area....

Poor Win couldn't go out today, only on the back porch, but when it rained too hard and it was getting him wet so he came in.

Momma Polyurethaned the dining room floor today..she had painted it and wanted to shiny it up to protect it..boy does it ever shine now, we can see ourselves in the floor...MOL!!!

Of course we had to stay off it while it dried, so mom did half, then went grocery shopping, then did the other half when she came home..we only walked on it saw paw prints when she came home but she went over those...not telling who did is a secret!!!

We had a birthday pawty for Win yesterday while mom was at was fun and we got into the catnip and it was all over the place....who says we can't find stuff when we want it...There was pizza boxes everywhere...poor mo was exhausted when she came home so she just plopped on the couch.

Hope you have a super pawsome day!
Purrs & Pawhuggz



August 4th 2014 8:07 pm
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I swear my bratty sister has such a BIG LOUD mouth. She will not shut up til mom puts food in her bowl...and then other times she follws mom all around the house meowing at her to get attention.

Last niht I was sitting on moms lap and she had the nerve to jump on the couch and swat me and start meowing loudly for me to hugged me and told Sheba, "You just wait til Kelsee gets down, it's her turn" there.

I swear that cat is so needy...I am beginning to wonder if she ever got any love and attention in her old home!!!


Super nice day!

July 21st 2014 6:45 pm
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We had a beautiful day here today. It was 80* and sunny with a mild breeze. It was also an "Ozone Action Day"..don't know why as we usually don't get those unless it is in the 90's.

We all got to go outside this afternoon. Mom had to make a Kmart run today and when she got home we went outside to play...that was fun!

I almost caught a big was said it was a dragon fly, but I missed it as he got away..dumb bug, that was gonna be my treat!!!

I hope you have a pawsome evening!


Storm Central

July 7th 2014 6:21 pm
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When we got up today, we helped mom clean her house. She did everything but wash dishes and she said she will do them I would have done them, but I do not like getting my paws wet.

It was a nice day, although somewhat stormy, but it never rained hard or anything, but it was thundering pretty good for awhile....we did make it to 83*, but it is humid cause of the storms in the area.

Winston and Kali are outside, but the rest of us are inside with mom....Paulie is outside and we are afraid of him, but Kali and Win seem to be alright with him and I noted that he never really bothers them, but he chases Jesse, but then Jesse is running and maybe Paulie thinks it is a game of chase...Paulie is the pit that lives downstairs.

Hope you have the pawsomest evening ever!
Purrs & Pawhuggz!!!


Our Crazy Day

June 30th 2014 2:27 pm
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Well, today was a circus around here for sure. Goodness, poor Winston was scared to death...he was outdoors in the yard...

that goofy neighbor who accuses mom of weird stuff, came out and screaming at her again saying she stole her makeup and mom doesn't even wear makeup, and then she poisoned her would not mistreat any dog or pet....

So the guys downstairs came out and went off on her bug she started accusing them of ripping her a guy wants makeup...

The crazy lady did not know what to make of that, her neighbors all going off on her, she did not like it at she ran inside and we haven't seen her since.

Mom had to go out and bring Winston is too hot out anyway for him to stay outside in the is 85* and really humid and it is supposed to rain later.

Mom is inside the house with all of us and watching TV and we are all sleeping after getting some Party Mix treats..yummy!!!

Hope you had a better day.
Huggs & Purrz


Hot Hot Hot

June 16th 2014 7:07 pm
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Let me say, it was very hot today..we got up to 86* and the sun was out with a few clouds, and it was windy is always windy during the day, but at night it is as calm as calm can be..I don't understand that. Ummmm!!!

The rest of the week it is supposed to be all rainy and stormy, but hot again tomorrow and rain always means high humidity around here.

Mom finally got around to making a spot for Sheba to eat...she had the stuff in the computer room right under the window which is bad cause we like to jump in and out of the window, so mom moved her craft cart out and placed her dishes where that used to be...much better!!

It is too hot to play, so we just sat around the house all day and slept and relaxed. Mom went out to eat with a friend and she bought us back some pot roast meat...yummy.

Hope you have a pawsome evening!


Sweet day

June 9th 2014 6:28 pm
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We had a pawsome day today..80*, no clouds, just a mild breeze, no rain..but it is supposed to be rainy the next few days..we are hoping the weatherman is wrong.

Sheba is coming out little by little...she doesn't hide in the computer room anymore behind the desk and wall..she was too cramped in there, she has stopped growling and hissing, now she just meows....she likes to sleep behind the loveseat, but we can see her better back there.

Mom added a few more photo's to her page..she takes what she can get right now. Soon we will share with you the kitten pics mom took of us as kittens of 7 one of the photo's I look like I am kissing her...sweet, huh??

I am bigger then she is in the photo..I was a larger kitten, she was one of the runts along with the one next to will see when mom gets the photo' will go on my page and 1 on hers.

Have a pawsome evening!


Humid day today

June 2nd 2014 5:09 pm
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What a day today. We had 84*, humid, cloudy and really windy and rain..don't forget to mention the rain and we might even get more rain tonight. Mom's internet was iffy all day today!!

We had a nice weekend rain or anything, but it was hot. We were outside in the yard and playing in the house, etc. Mom even shared some ice cream with us.

It is too hot to even play with our toys, and today Jesse was walking around with his tongue hanging out panting..he was being goofy and running around the backyard in this humidity, he came up in the house and drank some cold water!

Well, I hope you have a pawsome evening!!! Take care!
Purrs & Pawhuggz!!!


Rain & Severe weather

May 12th 2014 1:24 pm
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We are having a drippy wet and rainy day today. Sometimes we even hear thunder in the distance, but no lightening. It was 76* when mom got up and now it is 66*..dropped from the rain.

Now we are under a severe weather watch as well til 10pm with heavy rain and lightening and thunder. Time to take cover....

We had a nice weekend though, we helped mom in her garden..we watched her pull dead vines and leaves out of the dirt, and she planted some flowers and Ivy, and then watered them all.

See, if she would waited a day she wouldn't need to water them cause the rain will do it for her...MOL..aren't our mom's funny.

I am playing chase with a catnip mouse and mom is laughing at me..she loves it when I throw it in the air and chase it down and throw it again...MOL!!!

I hope you have a pawsome afternoon!
Purrs & Pawhuggz

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