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April 3rd 2008 5:15 am
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This morning i had to run up and down across my mother`s chest to wake her up for some tuna, Humans honestly who is still asleep at 5 in the morning? And who can tell me where they go all day?

Anyhoo- I had a little accident last night and it involved a lot of catnip- nuff said!

My sister woke up this morning cranky as always and i just wanted to play a little.. mm i think its time we adopt a kitten- someone i can teach all my tricks- A MINI ME!!!!

Will have to start working on that plan ASAP, well wish me luck!

Gotta go now- the early cat catches the birds!! hehehehe



April 1st 2008 1:25 am
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My name is Sabrina , I am 2 years old and my mom loves me to the end of the universe and back!
I orignally come form a town in a different province and i was saved by one of my mom`s friends.
At that stage my mom lived in a complex where animals weren't allowed, but we showed them!!! hehehe
i traveled to work and back with mom for a year and that was great fun- i just loved driving around in the car and pulling faces at all the kids!

Now we live in the most beautiful house and i have a huge garden to my disposal.

I also have an adopted sister- Mina Moo and she is a bit difficult but we all love her, i think she is cranky coz she doesn't have a tail but don't say anything about it because she is very "sensitive" i think is the word my mother uses. WHATEVA!!!

My big brother passed away only a couple of weeks ago and although we didn't get along i really miss him but it seems that he made an arrangement with the neighbor`s cat because the day he passed the neighbor moved in? His name is Micheal by the way!

Anyhoo i am looking forward to making a lot friends and sharing training methods for the humans online!!!!

Have a splendid day!!!


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