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Confessions of a Hot Tortie

The show goes on,,,,

June 22nd 2010 6:40 am
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Mother put Harvard and me in a cat show two weeks ago, because there were going to be American judges, and only Americans like us torties. Hmph. Harvard got 16 points out of the 75 he needs to become a Grand Premier, and now I have 77 points out of the 200 I need to become a Grand Champion. Premiers are alters, Champions are intact (love that word! I'm INTACT!!!) Nyah nyah to Harvey and Harvard--I have all my naughty bits. (The downside of that is that I'm expected to give birth occasionally.)

Recently, I hate everybody in the household but Mother, and I probably only tolerate her because she provides food. I growl, hiss, and swipe at every cat who comes near me. Mother put me in a double cage with Harvard (my son...), and while he had a good time playing with wand toys and eating chicken, I just zoned out and napped. I mean, really. After mastering all the living languages, I am now pursuing all the dead ones. Who needs this cat show business? Six rings, and I get felt up each time by some stranger. I think we should have Human Shows in which the cats get to feel up naked humans in front of a bunch of cats. You may think that we cats don't have a sense of humor since we don't laugh, but we have both a sense of humor and a sense of irony. The low point was when one judge (actually, Mother and I like her) said that I have a great muzzle and am big for a female (I don't have as long a torso as my siblings, but I now weigh as much as Harvey--har har to YOU, Harvey!), but my tail wasn't long and bushy enough. Well, thank you very much. When you have kittens, your tail tends to lose fur. Hormones, those nasty things. So I'm on the judging table and being criticized for not having a bushy enough tail. I am computer literate and can read (if not speak) 367 languages, and I'm being judged by the volume of fur on my tail? Mother is a relatively intelligent sort, for a human, but she seems to be missing something here. Oh, well, no shows for a while--not until some American judges come to Japan again.

Harvard was a big hit, though, as much as I hate to admit it. He's not very big yet, but although his fur is on the short side, it's a beautiful Irish setter red with clearly demarked classic tabby swirls. His big eyes have gone from round (not Maine Coon) to almond shaped (Maine Coon). He's got a good muzzle, good nose scoop, and a long torso. More important, he has the best personality of anyone in our cat family. (Can a cat have a "person"ality?) Nothing bothers him. He's full of confidence. Cat shows? He loves watching the people, the cats, the judges. Wand toys? The moment he hears Mother opening her desk drawer (which contains, among other things, wand toys), he comes running. Cats have a keen sense of smell, although it's said that dogs are superior in that department. But we have a better sense of hearing than dogs do. No, there aren't any dogs at home, but I've read this on the Internet.

Yes, when I was just a kitten, I, too, was cheerful and outgoing. Now I'm a bit older, and tend to be nasty to the other cats here, and not very personable at cat shows. I'm always nice to Mother, though. Probably because I'm waiting for her to SEND ME TO HARVARD. Stop this cat show/breeding crap, and let me get my MD.


Harvard, Radcliffe, and Lowell make good!

June 6th 2010 3:04 am
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Well, since my Harvard career is on the back burner for the nonce, I named my four surviving kittens (yes, it was a difficult birth...) Harvard, Radcliffe, Lowell, and Quincy. Quincy has a heart condition that prevents him from being sold. Like my sister Leila, he's always there, somewhere, but one never really knows exactly where. Compounding the problem is the fact that he looks exactly like Lamont, one of Leila's children; I know them by their scent, but scent-challenged Mother has to use her eyes, and has trouble telling them apart: both are very dark red tabbies and rather small.

Harvard is also a red tabby, but he has a white muzzle (a white muzzle doesn't make you a red tabby and white; you have to have white feet and a bib to be that). Lowell (male) and Radcliffe (female) are both brown tabby and white. Radcliffe looks remarkably like Elise, except for a little diamond of white on her nose and a sweeter expression.

Two months ago, all three went to a cat show. Harvard and Lowell are neutered, so became Premiers. Radcliffe, who is intact, became a Champion, following in the pawsteps of all the senior cats in our cattery. Mother can't bear to part with Harvard (I could care less--I hiss and swipe at him whenever I have a chance), and thinks Radcliffe would make another could queen for her cattery. Lowell is actually a very good cat--got his tall ears and strong muzzle from Umesaburo, and his expressive eyes from my side of the family.


Why I am a "Hot Tortie"

April 20th 2008 7:40 am
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...My Meowmy, who is WILD about us torties and thought she was something of an expert (hubris, hubris...) just read this:

"The primary color on most torties is black. The amount of red can vary from just a few toes to lots of obvious red. It is rare but some torties have more red than black. They used to be called "reverse torties" or a "Hot" tortie."

Just as I was thinking that this made me special and therefore would be a plus in the judging rings in cat shows, I read this at the same site. (This site is, however, dedicated to Persians, so maybe it doesn't have anything to do with us Maine Coons):

"Topic: Hot Torties
Question: I have a question about hot torties. I know what the standard says but I have a really hot one. She is just wonderful in every way except she has more red in her coat than black. What do you all think about showing her?

Answer: Our show standard describes the tortoiseshell color as "black with patches of red or softly intermingled areas of red on both body and extremities. Presence of several shades of red acceptable". A hot Tortie or a reverse Tortie appears more like a red cat with patches of black through it's coat. So you girl will be penalized for a color flaw. Color is worth 20 points in total. Some judges may penalize her severely. Some would overlook her color if the rest of her is outstanding. I have certainly seen more than one hot Tortie grand over the years. So let her other good points be rewarded. Yes, I would go ahead and show her. My own philosophy of judging has always been to look at structure first, and color second."

MyMeowmy chose me because my coloring is the reverse of that of my sister, Leila, and she wanted us as a SET (can you say "tacky"?). Leila is a classic black tortie and white, with a half black/half red face, and a torso that is mostly black with smudges of red. She has touches of red on her legs. My face is like hers (except that the red and black halves are reversed--it's like looking into a mirror), but my torso is red with smudges of black, and my legs are black. I always thought I was a bit unusual-looking (most tortie and white photos look like Leila), but now I know I'm special (even if that's not necessarily a good thing)! And "HOT"!!! Heh heh heh. Anybody wanna be my boyfriend? (Platonic relationships only, please. Must share an interest in psychopharmacology, cryptozoology, and the epidemiology of cat diseases.)

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