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The Art of Being Clueless

Something's not quite right...

August 25th 2009 1:01 am
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As I wrote in my last entry, we cats have no abstract concept of death (then why am I writing this?), but we know it when we see it or smell it. Mommy was in the cat room for a long time this morning, and when she came out, she was carrying something small wrapped in a wee-wee pad. Bad news is what my nose and other senses told me. Death. It looks like another one of Chibi's babies didn't make it. Now I feel sorta sorry for always being mean to her. I'm usually a laid-back guy--no alpha male issues with Spike, love Mommy to bits, have no problem with visitors or other strangers, but I hate cat show judges (and I suspect they weren't too fond of me last year, either--in fact, they were afraid of me, heh heh), and kittens irk me--I don't know why. Mommy gets mad at me when I bop one of the little monsters, but I guess I feel sorry for the ones who died. Fewer kittens to bop, perhaps?

When Chibi was pregnant, she and Currier had a thing going on--if Currier came within a few feet of Chibi, Chibi would growl at Currier and Currier would slink away. That's one reason that the nursery door is closed--Currier, who is an extremely curious cat, would probably get into the birthing hut to check out the kittens. Thanks to Currier, none of us can use the cat tower. Bummer. I don't mind Currier, though. Spike really likes her--sometimes he grooms her, and sometimes they sleep together. It's lonely at night these days, with Mommy sleeping in the nursery and the rest of us in the bedroom.

I've heard bits of phone conversations between Mommy and Breeder Daddy. He wants Mommy to buy a condominium (= his old age home), and she suspects that he just wants her money (not that there's that much). They've apparently had a few blow-ups, because sometimes she sounds very cold on the phone. But now they seem to be talking seriously about buying a condominium that would be twice the size of where we live now. Space is nice, but Mommy's main goal is to increase the number of cats in her cattery. Whatever happens between the two of them, she's going to get Umesaburo, who isn't such a stellar cat (although he's a Champion; I've seen his picture--manly muzzle, indeed). Umesaburo is one of the few intact males who don't spray, so I won't have to be reminded of his presence all the time (he'll be in a separate room anyway--can't have him around the ladies 24/7, for obvious reasons). Mommy appears to be in a quandary--she's not sure if she likes BD enough to live with him or marry him, and she's lived in this section of Tokyo for over 20 years, and the place they would move to would be somewhere in the burbs. She likes being able to bike to one of Tokyo's busiest shopping areas. On the other hand, all of us could use more space. We DON'T need or want BD's cigarette smoke, but Mommy says that he's promised to smoke on the verandah or to quit altogether. He's going to give up his own cattery, and the cattery in the new place (IF Mommy goes through with it--she hates change, and isn't sure how she really feels about BD) is going to be hers. She refuses to raise cats in a smoke-filled environment. We'd appreciate that. And we like BD--he's really into wand toys.

Time for me to do some zazen. Too bad they don't have Zen temples with zazen sessions for cats. Maybe it's because we can't do the lotus position, although we can get into almost any other position you can imagine. I need a roshi.


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Purred by: ♥Sam (Catster Member)

August 25th 2009 at 3:00 am

Good luck with it all, it sounds like a real huge decision. Luckily my humans hates smoke, so we are lucky here. I hear it's not good for ya, maybe you can request if you do go there, there is to be no smoking in the house, or pref. not at all. Good luck with that one.
A new house mate sounds like fun. Umesaburo sounds like a lovely dude not spraying is a real plus, many purrs you get on like a house on fire. Hee hee or do you like all the ladies for youself. You are a good looking dude Harvey purrs Sam
Purred by: Harvey (Catster Member)

September 1st 2009 at 12:59 am

Unfortunately, I am neutered, so my macho appearance is sort of a sham. As for Breeder Daddy smoking, Mommy's made it clear that if they move in together, the house will be in HER name, and he will smoke outside or not at all. He claims that he's wanted to quit for a long time but never really had an incentive. We'll just have to wait and see.

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