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The Art of Being Clueless

Oh no!

May 24th 2009 5:42 am
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Leila's in heat again...well, it's kitten-producing season, after all. BD, who is eager for the stud fee, says "no problemo!" to having two cats with kittens at the same time (he does it himself all the time--mind you, he only has two queens, so it's not like he's got millions of kitties all at once), but the trauma of letting those (nasty, nasty) kittens go to their new homes (and there are still two of those blasted creatures left), not to mention the fact that Meowmy is phone-phobic and not a good businesswoman, means that the problem isn't the kittens so much, but selling them--brown tabby, yes; red tabby, yes; torties, no. Heh heh heh, the landlord still thinks she has only two cats...

And what to do about Currier? She's got a really good body (looong like her mother's) and an amazing Maine Coon tail. She also has a better profile and muzzle than Leila. But, like Leila, her ears are a bit small and set a bit too far apart (although their setting is good); also, she didn't get the nice long, silky fur her sisters did--hers is rather cottony (a demerit in the judging ring; not that she'll be competing, but who knows what kind of fur her children will have). Also, she alone among the girls inherited Leila's standoffish personality, although she's always sort of hanging around, watching Meowmy.

The question may be moot, however; only one person has shown any interest in buying her so far, and they backed down at the last minute. So Meowmy may just be forced to keep her anyway. And she's curious to see what a tortie without white will produce. However, she can't be bred to Umesaburo, her own father, so Meowmy will have to find another stud...dilemma, dilemma. I wish she'd just be satisfied with the four of us resident cats and stop this (nasty, nasty) kitten business, but it's her only hobby, and her only way of meeting people. Meowmy is lonely and bored and doesn't like her job much. Me, all I have to do is lie around all day, check the food dish occasionally, make sure that the toilets are clean, and just zone out. Oh, and look handsome--my main job. Humans have it rough.


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