Athena (In Memory)

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Picture of Athena (In Memory), a female Turkish Angora/Breed Unknown

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Home:Mount Olive, IL  [I have a diary!]  
Sex: Female   Weight: 12 lbs.

Young me

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"Young me"

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"Senior me"

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Toulouse and me

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"Toulouse and me"

A ladybug from Toulouse

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"A ladybug from Toulouse"

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Miss Atheeeeenaaaa--Wonder Kitten!

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Rainbow BridgeWorlds Coolest Dog and Cat Show
Quick Bio:
-mixed breed-cat rescue

Gotcha Date:
May 7th 1994

March 25th 1994


To sit next to me; to take (supervised) walks in the backyard; birdwatching

Her twin brother, Apollo, pestering her (like all brothers pester their sisters)

Favorite Toy:
Toy furry mousies. She likes the real kind, too and if she catches one outside, she brings it into the house to play with and lets it go.

Favorite Nap Spot:
Under the kitchen table on the chair or lying on my side as I lie on the couch watching TV (we both fall asleep).

Favorite Food:
When she was a kitten, she tried everything, but now she only wants to eat dry cat food. She does like to lick the salt off crackers.

She knows how to melt my heart. Expert masseuse. Yoga instructor to her inapt purrrson.


Arrival Story:
Athena and her brother were brought to our local Shelter when they were kittens by a woman who said her husband was going to shoot the cats if she didn't get rid of them. We adopted them from the Shelter.

I believe she was abused at her first home. For two years she wouldn't play in paper bags or boxes. She was scared of buckets. Today she does wind sprints through the house, tumbling under the kitchen table and chairs, dragging herself from one table leg to another, rabbit kicking the chair legs. Athena follows me around, constantly. I call her my shadow. Her eyes search mine and our souls entwine. After my two operations with me being in considerable pain, she would never leave my side. She and Apollo would push up against me, usually one on each side, no matter where I was resting. Taking turns when eating or taking potty breaks, one always stayed with me. One night the pain was so bad I couldn't sleep. Athena cuddled very close to me, purring really hard and the pain actually went away! Athena always comes when I call her. Her gentle paw on my arm and her green/beige eyes convey her love.******************* Athena made her journey to the Rainbow Bridge on October 16, 2010 ... still my Love forever.

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Purrs and Love

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Forever in My Heart

March 25th 2016 10:34 pm
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I still miss her and Apollo.


The Last Entry

February 12th 2014 11:22 am
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I was voted by the A Team (Apollo and Aragorn), of which I am part of, the S Team (Shade, Sterling, Sundance and Shannara) and our dogs Amber, B'Elanna, Kira, Sheba and Pharaoh, to post our farewell.

We never thought this would happen. Mom had the naive idea that even after she would leave for the Bridge our pages would be here for all the world to see. A childlike belief in a world of power and money. But while we existed the world was beautiful, loving and kind. The Catster Community is one-of-a-kind. There is no other like it on this planet. For there was never, and will never be, anything as good as Catster; and when we say Catster, we're meaning Dogster as well. The one most beautiful Community with nothing but LOVE to give, is being euthanized. Ten years of knowledge of everything feline, all gathered on one website, and not the slick, fluff- type magazine style but the practical, REAL life Community that willingly responds to a question with loving and knowledgeable advice will be gone.

We joined Catster almost from the beginning — September, 2004. This was before forums, before Groups, before Plus, before IM (yes, we did have instant messaging for a while). Just one page with a few pictures and a little bio. No way to actually contact each other. Yet, the volume of Catster pages grew and grew and the original creators expanded to FORUMS! For the first few weeks it was people tentatively asking questions, connecting and, suddenly, a light bulb exploded in all our feline heads and the cats started talking! Holy Katz, we had a lot to say! Not just goofiness — although being cats there was a lot of parties and play time — but real information, everything from health issues and practical advice to technical internet issues. There were "kind" forums, too: Get Well and Memorials. That's when human ugliness reared its head, with cruel, mean postings from outsiders in our forums. The Catster creators searched the Community and two families were chosen to be the first Catster moderators: The Fiends (Selket, Jacques, Vijay) and Sweetie's Family. With claws unsheathed they patrolled the forums in the hours that Catster was available on the internet (Catster was not up 24 hours back then. It was down in the late, late night/early morning, doing backup), and set the cat standards in the forums as we know them today. That kind of patrolling needed help and both The Fiends and Sweetie chose my family to join as moderators. We accepted and in April, 2006, Apollo, Aragorn and I became Catster moderators and from a friend's suggestion, The A Team. It has been our greatest honor to prowl the forums for eight years, keeping them fun, friendly and safe from cruel outsiders and trolls.

Those early months of the forums on almost non-stop patrolling took their toll on the two original mod families and they retired, but not before The Fiends' Selket taught us everything she knew about moderating Catster. Practicing various moderator skills in the forums late at night under Selket's tutoring (im'ing sure came in handy back then) honed us into the mods we are. I do have to mention that the Fiends created one of the oldest and THE longest forum on Catster: in 4 threads -- The Late Late Show, The Late Late Show Act II, The Late Late Show Act III and The Late Late Show Act IV. With recommendations from us and the two retiring moderators, the families of Beatrice/Ben/Arthur (and now Jerry), and Bruce and his family joined us as moderators and a few years ago Gimli's family and Sky and her family became mods.

Being a moderator was, we felt, a big responsibility and we took and take it very seriously. That it took us away from joining in various Groups' activities, we apologize. Although we belong to many Groups, prowling the forums gave us little time to engage in the activities of the Groups we belong to and we're sorry we never got to know you all better. Please know that we love all of you and you were always safe in the forums.

It breaks Mom's heart every time she comes here now, and her tears flow looking at the A Team's pages knowing that all the love we gave and received will be destroyed. All the special honors, the friends we made, those cats and humans that have gone to the Bridge and the music she managed to save. Yes, the song on my page was our song (Mom and I) that I had all these years and the song Mom put on Apollo's page the day he joined me at the Bridge because he did see something — all gone, but always in her heart.

We will be here through the last day.

Tail wags from our dogs,
Amber, B'Elanna, Kira, Sheba and Pharaoh

Kitty cuddles from the S Team:
Shade, Sterling, Sundance and Shannara

Purrs and Peace from Aragorn

Love ya, Catsters from Apollo

Purrs and Love from Athena

Love you all, from my heart and through the tears,


Good Bye

November 16th 2010 10:37 pm
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It has been one month since I made my journey to the Bridge. Mom still cries a lot because she's still in the habit of glancing at the chair under the table or the couch in the den to check on me. The other night she looked up the stairs to see if Apollo was coming outside with her and in the shadows at the top of the stairs she thought it was my face she saw on Apollo. Of course we do look alike except he is much bigger than me — the big lump!

Apollo still tests for my scent in the house but that is gradually fading away. He and Mom find comfort in each other — do take care of each other.

Thank you, everyone, for your purr prayers for me and my family. They are helping Mom through this difficult time. Thank you to The Drifter and family, AnnaBelle and Family, Sky, Merlin,Wilson J. Scooter, Kally Kat, Pepper and Family, Hunter, Kaci Sunshine and Family, Calvin, Nuk Anuk, Hooch, Milo, Tweetie, Rufus, Marina, Tosca and Velvet, Tweak and Family, Vincent and Family, Cody and Family, MacCallan and Family, Bella and Family, Buddie, Mercy, Rubert, Tommy and Family, Blade and Family, Ava Corrine and Family, Karma Kitty and Family, Arthur and Family, Catsy Angel Princess, Edgar and Family, The Olde Furts Group, Mr. Fuzz and Family, Twix, Misha and Family, Tabbie and Family, Little Bit and Family, Twix, Chai Latte and Family, Ele, Tigger, The Canadian Rainbow Crew, Delyte and Family, Hambone and Family, Pooters, Kitty, Eli and Family, Toffy and Vanessa, Hunter and Family, Bo and Family, Abbey, Gimli and Family, Maggie Moo and Family, Kitanna, Mr. Sam, Nala Sue, Elise and Genny, Casey, The Bush Furs, Howard and Family, Elsa, Taz and Family, Alabaster and Family, Ashley and Family, and Ginger and Family, Pigeon, Peaches, Tasha, Toby Aragorn and Family, Boo Boo and Family, and Spit Fire for the special stars and rosettes.

Thank you Scooter; Lexi and Family; Squeakers, Sandy and Munchkins; Bruce and Family for the gifts of Catster wings, Louis LeBeau, Ethan and Family for the Catster candle.

Thank you for the snail mail cards from Siouxsie, Ayla Bell, Luna Fae, Finn McCool, Jonnie Gato and Mom; Maizy, Tigger, Smithwick and Mom; Dashy, Lilly and their Mom and Dad; Pepper and Mom; Marina, Tosca and their Mom, even though it's hard for Mom to read them because her eyes are full of tears when she does.

Thank you to Willow, who gave me the beautiful wings in my pictures.

Thank you to Sky and her Mom for the card and towel with my name and hearts lovingly embroidered on it. And thank you to my dearest Toulouse and his Mom for the cards, floral arrangement and loving support.

Thank you, Natasha, Shade, Sassy & Pepper, Felicia and Family, Finnigan, Sophie, BK, Soc, Tucker, Critter, Tasha, Riley, Ludo, Cheyanne, Muffy, Ozzie, Dusty & Family, Bella, Shadow, Kiwi, Zoe, Miranda, Roxanne, Bumpurr, Cowboy, Cruiser, Truman, Wuss and Batman; everycat and everyone for your comforting words, purrs and love to help my Mom through this part of her life when I can no longer be with her. Forever in your heart — until we meet again —

Purrs and Love,

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