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Why me???

Christmas tree!

December 14th 2006 1:09 am
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My mum finally put again the Christmas tree. I was really missing it, since last year they put me in a place called cattery...they left me there! They said somenthing about holidays what ! Don't I belong to the family? I'm the head of the family!!!
I was with other pussicats, and we even had a private garden, and TV, and air conditioned, but I was missing my folks.
But anyway, back to Christmas, the tree is on, and I looooove to sleep underneath, with the ligths on... I feel like a present! Speaking of presents, I've heard rumours, well not exactly, I think there's another pussycat coming, hahaha it'll be fun to tease the guy, but if it's a girl? HA! She'll think I'm her role model, and we can then scratch the new sofa together....
I'm looking for a young model, I've had many girlfriends though *cough* And we can roll on our backs my sister can scratch the kitten and my mummy....i mean mum will scratch me


My Felix days.

June 30th 2006 2:43 am
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Felix The cat is back and looking for some action!
I have had allot on my plate lately, my sister got three new goldfish, its now the cold freedom, and my fellow brother and sister are staying home all day!
Not exactly torture, but I like to have a good cat nap.

So starting on the three new cans worth of tuna.
They keep teasing me to make me eat them saying things like "bubble, bubble" and that's pretty much all I hear from them, their voices are pretty much sounds of action. But I like to threaten them by jumping beside the big thing of....ugh.....water, how do the live in that!? It’s Suicide!!! Okay...well, they're not my usual type of prey I normally go for the chirp things um...birds! Speaking of birds the other day I was chasing one, and jumped high up, but then hit me on the head with its hard mouth! So...I spared his life and he...flew away.

Now my sweet, sweet freedom has come to the point of frozen ears, I don't really enjoy it now but I have now got a new interest, my new bed, I was so kind that I let my sister use it...for the night, so kind, any ladies like nice but tough cats?

And now to the part where my brother and sister have invaded my space, something called...........the school holidays? I don't know what SCHOOL holidays are, but I need a holiday.

Well, my friends, my adventures have come to and end goodbye! And I'll talk to you soon.



January 6th 2005 5:51 pm
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Early in the morning my mum, my dad and my brother an sister came .I felt relieved they were back, I was feeling so bed to sleep, no sofa to scratch...
They were really quick and put me inside the cage and into the car. I was screaming like a lion! I did not want to go anywhere, a this stage I was really nervous and stressed. They were trying to talk to me, explaining that I was going to fly in an airplane and if I was still screaming like that he pilot was going to hear me.
I did no care, after what seems an eternity the car stopped and they put me in a little trolley in a very strange place. You could hear dogs barking like crazy, birds in boxes and I just wanted shrink and disappear. My mum said goodbye to me. I could feel she was very sad but my dad told her I would be fine...
FINE? That was horrible, they put my cage in a little hole, I could smell the dogs! The plane was noisy, and I was really dizzy and confused.
After a while they took me out of that hole and my sister found me . I was totally depressed I couldn't even talk anymore. I was hot, nervous and dizzy. They put me again in he car, but a his stage I didn't' had any energy to complain, so I was snoozing all he way to my new home.


We have moved again!

January 6th 2005 5:32 pm
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It was HORRIBLE...I knew something was happening. My mum was getting nervous by the day and she was all crazy cleaning the closets and making suitcases. One day without warning, 5 men came to home armed with boxes and tape...they were destroying my home!
My mum put me inside a closet so I couldn't escape and the little humans were all the time inside the closet with me so I could be happy. I wasn't happy at all. When the men left I was hot, hungry and angry!!! My house was empty. My bowl was gone and the only thing left was that horrendous cage my mum use to bring me to the vet.
My humans left for the night to sleep in something they called hotel. I was left home alone and my flapping window was Closed!


October 13th 2004 2:06 am
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Today my mum decided to give me a bath. Just when the days are getting longer and I can have more fun playing with the lizards in the garden....
She just picked me up and sniffed my neck and without any warning I found myself submerged on the sink and smelling something she called shampoo....
I was soo upset I didn't talk to her in 3 days. She tried very hard to make me happy letting me sleep on her bed and giving me some treats... but I have to make my point. I don't like baths.
Anyway, I'b back to normal again. I think she thought I was part of her "Spring Cleaning".

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