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Little old me

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First day without you :(

June 23rd 2016 1:59 pm
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Baby, Today was the first day without you. You went to the Bridge Tuesday, and I brought you home, so you were still with us physically, then I took you back to the vet on Wednesday, and today I woke up and you were not here. Went to do my daily kitty check and you were not in your normal spots. You were not peeking out of your cube, or living in your little apartment(Bedroom Closet)and Lady, Sammie, Cesar were really quiet. Your SisFur really misses you, as do you all of us. I went to the store, and while I was in line, it took everything from not starting to cry, when I made to the car I just broke down, Daddy misses you. We ordered you Urn today, we are hoping that you and your Urn come at about the same time. I am hoping you are doing ok at the Bridge, its still hurts Daddy that he can not help you anymore.

Love Daddy.

Daddy for this video, it how he feels about you.

Far away

Far away-Live


24 hours later.

June 22nd 2016 5:24 pm
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This morning Daddy took me back to the vet. He brought me home after I crossed so I could spend one more night at home, and my SisFur Lady and BroFurs Sammie and Cesar could say goodbye to me. It was so hard to watch everyone crying and saying there final goodbyes to me. Daddy was crying as he was carrying me to the car, and at the vet, they gave him time with me and he could not stop crying, he still feels like he has failed me, I try and tell him its not his fault, saying, Daddy, you gave me a good life, but, since he could not help me, he feels he still feels like he failed. So please Purr for my Family, they are really hurting. Every one was looking at the Urn and deciding what was going to be put on it, and then they noticed the time, it was the same time that I crossed.

Daddy wants to say Thank You for everycat and there families for the Purrs, Prayers, Gifts, Pictures, and well wishes, and Condolences for Daddy and me, and my family. Daddy plans to write every one back, when its not that hard on him. Daddy will also post a picture of my Urn, when it come backs.


I am at the Bridge

June 21st 2016 4:36 pm
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I cross over to the Bridge at 4:02pm cst in the arms of my Daddy, with my human Uncle Paul and Grandmother by my side. Daddy said, it was quick and peaceful, and I did not suffer. I feel bad that I am leaving my family, I am going to miss my SisFur Lady, and BroFurs Sammie and Cesar, but mostly my Daddy I was with him for 15.8 yrs, and had everything a kitty would want. Please Purr and Pray for my family I left behind.



Daddy is wondering, does anyone who can do wings for me?


Last Fathers Day

June 19th 2016 11:49 am
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This is going to be my last Fathers Day with my Daddy on Earth. The Battle with Cancer is winning. My eating has just about stopped, having problems walking, and daddy says I just look tired. Daddy thinks Tuesday I will be going to the Bridge. Daddy is praying that God will take me before that. When Daddy has the time and date, he will let everyone know. Please Purr for my Daddy, his heart is hurting.



Update: Daddy thinks I took a turn for the worse, if I do not pass on my own though the night(please purr that I do)then, it will be either Monday or Tuesday I will be heading to the Bridge.

6/20- I made it though the night, but am not doing any better, so, unless God takes me home first, Daddy will help me cross on Tuesday 6/21, he will call in the morning to set a time.

6/20-Daddy called the vet, I am leaving at 3:30pm cst. Daddy ask for the last appointment so he could have a extra couple hours with me, they said they only had one vet, it not like he was asking to get a check-up, so Daddy is very unhappy and upset with this place. Its amazing how places can not make a exception for sending a pet to the Bridge.


A small update

June 16th 2016 3:03 pm
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Hello evryfur, I am still hanging in there!! I am eating, drinking, pooping and peeing. Last Sunday, Daddy tried his first Sub-Q at home, well, it did not go that well, MOL, MOL. So, when Daddy took my FurBro Sammie for his weight/Heart check, he had them show Daddy again, and today he did it all by himself. I really hate to see my Daddy crying, he is trying so hard to be strong for me, and I keep trying to tell him, I will be ok. The worse part is he says, that he can not help he at all, he can not make me feel better. I keep telling him that's ok. So, please Prayer my Daddy and me, more my Daddy, will Purr everyone later.




Maybe my last vet Visit

June 11th 2016 2:40 pm
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Daddy took me to the vet yesterday, we got more bad news, one of the Tumors is pushing on my eye, so vet said there is a chance it could burst or spread to my other eye and go blind. So Daddy has more to worry about. There is some good news, I got pain meds and Daddy did the Sub-Q all by himself, :). I got my first pain med last night and one this morning and since then, I have eaten 6 times, Daddy is so happy, and I walked to the food dish all by myself too, also, have been going to the box by my self and drinking too. Daddy, hopes I am leveling out for a few, before I make my trip to the Bridge. Daddy, also got the Ultra-Sound report back and its not pretty. So, this is where I am right now, I really hate to see my Daddy crying, he feels so bad that he can not do ANYTHING to help me get better. Daddy will update everycat as these final days go by. I would like to Thank every Kitty and there Families for all the Gifts and well wish's of hope and condolences, Purrs and Prayers, it means a lot to Daddy and me. Here is a list of the Ultra-Sound of everything that came back Abnormal.

Both Kidneys
R Adrenal-5.9mm
Small Intestine
Lymph Nodes
Urinary Bladder


IT'S CANCER!!!!!!!

June 8th 2016 4:57 pm
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Hey everyFur, Daddy got the news today, I am riddled with Cancer. The vet said it was Lymphoma, also, in a few more organs. When Daddy gets the Ultra-sound report, he will let everyone know how bad I am. He did see the Ultra-sound pics, and saw everything. The vet said, since this a very aggressive form of Cancer, even if it was caught a little earlier, really not much Daddy could of done. The vet said I have around TWO WEEKS left, give or take. Daddy was Praying that I was going to make my 16th(8/8)Pawday, looks like that is not going to happen, so, when Daddy get more news, he will update everycat, more than likely Friday.

Daddy wants to Thank all the Kitties for the Gifts, messages of hope, and your Purrs and Prayers.

Right now, everything is a little overwhelming and Daddy feels like he is in a nightmare.




Not good news

June 6th 2016 5:06 pm
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Here is the update on me. Daddy took me to the vet this afternoon, at least 75% of my Kidney function is gone. One Kidney is larger than the other, so the vet was not sure if it is CRF, or a Kidney Tumor(Cancer). Took X-rays, confirmed that one Kidney was larger than the other, they were looking to see if they could see any Cancer and if it might have spread. From the X-rays, could see no Cancer, BUT, we are now going to do a Ultra-sound on Wednesday, which should confirm if there is Cancer. The vet said that such a quick weight was usually NOT a sign of CRF, but MORE like Cancer, 5.5 pounds in six months, but, we do not know exactly when the weight lost started. I got a Sub-Q too, so, this is were we stand, still up in the air for a couple more days. Sorry, I do not have better news, I know a lot of you were hoping for better news. Right now, still eating, drinking, purring and moving around.

Worst case(Cancer) Two Months maybe more

Best Case (CRF) A year, maybe more.

Daddy and me would like to Thank all of you kitties for your Gifts, well wishes, Purrs and Prayers, it means a lot to my Daddy that this many people care about us.



June 5th 2016 11:50 am
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Daddy found that I have CRF. A couple days ago, he picked me up and realized I lost weight, but, I lost about 5.5 pounds in 6 months, the blood work showed what we feared. The major problem what Daddy has, is the vet called 45 minutes after they closed on Saturday, so daddy could not even get me in, and the vet just ran the numbers over the phone, and a couple options, they kind of left daddy hanging. So daddy really does not know what is really going on in till Monday or Tuesday when he gets me in. Last night daddy did not think i was going to make it thru the week, today I am up and running around, and even got a bath(bad daddy, MOL,MOL). So, Daddy will update this when he can get into the vet. Daddy is wondering if i can get some Purrs.




15th Birthday

August 9th 2015 1:39 pm
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Yesterday was my 15th Birthday, how the years has gone by. Daddy thought it was next week, thats why we are a day later. We would like to thank all of you kitties that sent me a Giftie. We just wish Casters was running better so we could have Celebrate a little more.



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