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Living with Crazy People by Martin

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I'm six and my page needs to be updated!

May 11th 2010 7:46 pm
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I'm six years old today! It has been far too long since mums has checked in here. She better come back soon and update my page.


I'm 4 Years Old Today!

May 11th 2008 10:47 am
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Wow, what a year its been. Ollie went to the Bridge and then I was alone, but then Ollie sent sweet Mischa to be with me and then I was less sad. We moved to a new city, mums started a new job, pops started a new job (working from home again with me!), I gained weight, I lost weight, I gained weight again (18 lbs baby!).

I have to think positively, but its pretty sad to be celebrating my first birthday without Ollie. He is here in spirit, I know, but I miss cuddling with my little bro. Also, popsy is gone on a trip (he felt terrible missing my birthday, but it was unavoidable, sadly....) and I am inconsolable. I LOVE popsy.

But mums got me some great presents - new chewies and a brand-new catnip strawberry. And new kitty food dishes (mums thinks I don't know about them because she hasn't given them to me yet, but I sneaked a peak in the gift bag!). And a cool rubber brush that feels soooo good when she brushes me. Of course, I was more interested in the bag of my old fur than any of the new presents. So was Mischa.

Happy birthday to me!


New Tradition - Snuggle Time!

December 23rd 2007 9:31 am
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Mumsy has started working funny hours at her job - sometimes at night, sometimes during the day. This means she sleeps funny hours too. So we have a new tradition - whenever Mumsy is sleeping, I go into the bedroom with her and we have some cuddle time before she falls asleep. She gets really stressed out and sad a lot, thinking about Ollie and other things, and cuddle time really helps her wind down. That's one kind of cuddle time.

The other cuddle time is when Mumsy wakes up - this is usually cuddle marathon time. She will move her pillow down to the foot of the bed and snuggle up by me - not TOO close, because she knows I will run! She pets me and gives me headbutts and kisses and we play the blinking game, which is the best game in the world because it builds trust - as if I could ever NOT trust Mumsy (except for when she tricks me and gives me heartworm medicine!). This will go on for at least an hour and it is fast becoming the best part of any day. It used to be that Mums could only do marathon sessions on the weekends but now she can do them on almost any day, since her sleep schedule is so weird!

In other news, its Xmas! Today I found a present! Hahaha - and I drooled all over it! Wanna know what it was, Catsters? A catnip strawberry!

Mums is kind of sad this Christmas because it is the first Christmas without Oliver. She remembers how great the last two were, when we all piled into the car and went to grandpawrents house and how Ollie got stuck in the ceiling - twice! Grandpawrents sent a great picture of me and Ollie from last Xmas recently - it made mums cry but she was glad to have it. Its in a frame by the bed now. I miss Ollie so much - he was my little twin and he is always going to be my best friend. But I know that he does not want us to be sad forever - just to remember him and think about all the times that he was happy and made us smile or laugh. And to try and give as much love to other kitties as we gave him. It doesn't diminish the love we feel for him if we love other kitties to - it honors him and what a sweet friend he was and always will be.

Ok, mumsy's eyes are starting to water now... I wish I knew what that meant.


Sigh....Mumsy thinks there's something wrong with me....

October 11th 2007 3:59 pm
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Mumsy thinks my eye is watering.... Poor Mumsy, she is so anxious about us kitties all the time. Popsy doesn't see it, so they have decided to keep watching me and see if it gets more noticeable. I hope there is nothing wrong with me - we have all had such a hard time of it recently...


No More Monsters?

October 8th 2007 10:48 am
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I'm finally done with my medicine and I hope that the monsters are all gone from my tummy and that I have no more icky poops.

There were all sorts of visitors at the house on Friday and I was scared so I hid under the bathroom sink for a while. Then mums came and gave me love and made me a fort to hide in in the closet. That mums - always making forts. On Sunday morning, I made her so happy - I jumped underneath the covers in bed and snuggled by her feet. Was I scared? Who knows...but it made us all happy!


Who is this stranger and where is my sister?!?!

September 21st 2007 5:32 pm
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So Mischa left today and I was all alone for the whole day! Booo!!!

Then some cat came back tonight who looks like Mischa and sure acts like a nutbar but doesn't smell right. I hissed at her - "where is my sister?!" And she says "I AM your sister, you fool! I got spayed, whatever that means, and now I don't smell like me anymore!"

I don't understand. Now she is hyper and she's supposed to be resting because she has a big scar on her tummy. But instead she's eating paper towels! She just ran through the room with a whole roll in her mouth - I don't know how she does it.


Mischa Barfed Again...

September 17th 2007 6:41 pm
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This morning my pawrents woke up to barf on their bath towels because Miss Mish threw up overnight all over the place! We were sleeping right next to it - she could have barfed on popsy's head! We think she can't tolerate Greenies, because she always throws up greenies.

I spent the whole day with my grandpawrents. I know they are nice people but I am a little leery of strangers, even if they give me chicken. Still they are really nice and mumsy loves them, so I'm sure they are not going to hurt me or anything. Grandpoppy keeps saying "What a gorgeous boy!" - I think he's talking about me, because I'm the only boy here now and I sure am beautiful.

But they are gone now and maybe I miss them, just a little bit.


Monsters Not Gone?

September 16th 2007 11:00 am
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I was doing really well right after my vet visit - the diarrhea went away and I took my medicine and was feeling fine again. But then a couple days ago, it started up again, so today as soon as the vet opens up, we are calling again and getting me checked out again.

In other news, Mischa and I have become great buddies - I love to chase her around all day.

Also, my grandpawrents are visiting! I am a little skittish, but trying to behave. Its hard with all the bathroom problems though - I keep embarrassing myself.

Edited at 2:30 Eastern:

Mums is annoyed. The vet might not be able to see me today and she doesn't feel like they are taking the situation seriously. I seem fine, other than the monsters in my tummy, but mums is so nervous after what happened with Ollie that she doesn't want to take any chances.


Monsters in My Tummy

September 2nd 2007 10:36 am
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I've been feeling a little yucky for the last couple days - no behavioral changes and I am still spunky, but I've had an upset tummy and diarrhea for a couple days. So mumsy and popsy took me to vet and they tested my poop and there is bacteria in it! Mumsy says "Monsters in your poop!" - that doesn't sound good. So I am on medicine and bland food for a couple days. I hope I will be better soon - I haven't had diarrhea since I came back from the vet, but I haven't gone to the bathroom yet, which worries mumsy....

Mumsy worries so much about me because of what happened to Ollie. I am going to be fine though - this is very common and minor, my vet says. Still, I hope Ollie is looking out for me.


My Little Fur-Sister!

August 11th 2007 1:07 pm
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There is an insane little girl cat in the house now! She has so much energy and she follows me everywhere, wanting to take my toys and eat my food. She bats at my tail with her paw and last night when I was sleeping, she came and laid down right next to my butt! Then she actually started grooming me! At that point, I jumped up and ran away from her.

She is pretty cute though. I am really glad that Ollie sent me a friend to play with. I miss Ollie a lot and my little sister Mischa is no replacement for him, but I think that she will eventually be a good friend to me.

Please send her friend requests once her page is ready, Catsters!

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