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Charlie Anne's Diary


March 12th 2008 10:27 am
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My owners have been gone from the house lately and I miss them. They tried to give me "CatSip", cat/dog safe milk. I did not enjoy it. I prefer water. Snowflake liked it though, so Im happy for him. They tried to give me shrimp the other day and I did not find it delectable but Snowflake did. I do like tuna though, maybe I will eat some. They gave me treats today because I am so good. They are delightful. CRAB FLAVOR! Yum. Snowflake told me he likes "beef" or "pork" flavor better. Pork? But would he get it from the guinea pigs? I hope not! I love the guinea piggies, they are my kittens if I do say so myself. Katie, my girl, said that pork doesn't come from guinea piggies, but regular pigs. I was relieved. But still... I do not like the way snowflake looks at the guinea pigs. I will keep a better eye on both parties from now on.
Speaking of parties, Cimmaron (guinea pig)'s birthday is coming soon, as is mine. Oh, do I love a good party. Im rather happy for him- he will be turning two. =) I am two years old as well.

I wish my owners were home. I mean, Snowy is here to keep me company, but I love my humans. I like to be petted and cuddled. Hmmm... They might be home soon! Oh I hope so. =)

Well, I best be off, I have to go potty. Im thirsty too.
Lots of love from me,
and a sandpaper kiss,

Miss Charlie Anne

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