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At Rainbow Bridge

Another Birthday @ Rainbow Bridge.

March 1st 2014 1:42 pm
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Hello earthly furs and "hi" to all my furiends here @ rainbow bridge! I had such an exciting birthday @ rainbow bridge. You wouldn't believe just how many of us furs got together to have a blast! I had my real family here to celebrate along with other extended furamily to sing praises of my life on earth and up here @ rainbow bridge. We just gather together to meow out our lungs of cheer and happiness. The heavenly food of love, the drinking of joy and the feeling of peace is all together without some little bit of sadness too. But I know that there will come a time when I will be together again with my earthly skin family. And when that comes, oh boy will it be a bigger than life of a party! So skin-mom, always think of me. The good, along with the bad. You gave me a wonderful life and I wouldn't have asked for anything more from you and Dad. Tell all the furs down there I said "hi" and will see them in the future. May the love, happiness and gratitude that I had on earth be with you always and forever. Gotta go now, I see my skin-mom's mommy and daddy coming over to pet me and Athena and all the furs that were in her life. See ya skin-mom/dad.

Love, Zeus


My Crossing Anniversary

April 25th 2013 8:46 am
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The years have gone by so fast since I have been here. And so much has been happening down on earth to my skin family. I have been sitting at the special window on the bridge looking down on my furs and my skin family and see all that is going on and wish that I could come down and give them my purrs and sandpaper licks to all of them. With this said, I will continue on from time to time looking out that special window and send down a gentle breeze to them all to let them know that I am thinking of them always and I know that my skin pawrents will be thinking of me.

Skin mom talking here: Zeus, I remember you so much! The baby pictures of you playing with Kimmy and playing with all the other furs in the family. How much you have growing in the years you were on earth. I miss you so much sweet boy. Your crossing day has been rough to think about you, but I kept my tears inside as I couldn't break down as there is so much medical problems right now with your skin dad. You were a great boy and how I wish you are here to cuddle. May you continue to look down on us with love and may your job at rainbow bridge fill you with honor as you welcome all the furs to rainbow bridge with your love. For you are gone on earth here, but you will not be forgotten. Love, your skin mom-Debra


My Birthday @ Rainbow Bridge

February 23rd 2013 6:35 am
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Who would of have thought that us furs can't celebrate our b-day because we are not on earth to really celebrate it???? Of course we can! We are angels of "G" and can have just as much fun here as on earth. There is the clouds that are fluffy, and the rainbow of colors. Mix them together and we have cotton candy to eat! Then there is the far away Milky Way that can give us milk to drink and make vanilla ice cream to eat! Oh and let's not forget the Sun with the heat, as it can bake our special cake that we enjoy to eat!
So all of us furs are always celebrating one another's b-day here without any guilt. Without any sadness, without any crying.

But do know that we are at that special window looking down on our family and seeing what is going on. We take our time to send our special wishes to each and everyone who was in our lives to send down our love, our gratitude, and our fond wishes of happiness for all that they have bestowed upon each one of us furs. Therefore mom and furs, happiness to all of you for giving me a wonderful life and for all the love you have given me. I do miss you as you miss me, and we will be together one day. I am celebrating my b-day here with Athena, Brewster and many, many more furs today.

I'll always be around you all, in the spirit and in your mind. Miss all of you.

My love always,


2 Years Today :~(

April 22nd 2012 6:18 am
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My meowmy has forgotten that I left her. I understand. For being an angel, you learn to forgive and try to be the best angel in heaven. For I have complete love for meowmy and I would never, ever be a unhappy kitty. There are so many kitties and doggies here who never had a human touch a human love a human home to live in. I have all of that and more. And for that I was very grateful. Meowmy, you will always be in my thoughts. I have Athena here and Brewster here to keep me happy. Never, ever think that you are wrong for forgetting my day I left you when you held me in your arms and I took my last breath. You showered me with your crys, your emptiness, and your grief that day and days afterwards.

I LOVE YOU MEMOWY. Don't ever forget that.


Happy Birthday To Me

February 23rd 2012 12:16 pm
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My skin mom almost forgotten about me birthday. And she feel very, very sorry for it. She keeps on remembering the day that I left to come to rainbow bridge. The awful cry I let out while I was in her arms, and then I left to go to rainbow bridge.
Mom here talking:
Oh Zeus, I remember when you were just a little baby. How you and your sisfur came into our lives. You two were just wee little babies, but I loved you and gave you a wonderful home. Little did I know that your sisfur would be stolen from us. It just seems that when I got you two fixed, they would have taken you, but wanted your sisfur instead. But I have you and the love you gave us all was no monetary value. It was priceless. The years have gone by and then one day, you and your new brofur Binx got a hold of something and it almost killed the two of you. I was able to get you two well, but not one of the other sisfurs.
And now, here I lose you again to something someone had put out. I know it had to be poison for you to get a hold of through another thing outside.
I miss you dear boy. I miss that good looking tuexdo you had on. I miss the lazy unique way you lounge around. I miss you gliding around my legs. I miss you so.

So, here is my birthday wish to you on this special day, may you forgive me for not saving you again. May you find in your heart to forgive me. May the day I meet you again that you find it in your heart to forgive me. I'm so so sorry Zeus. I have never forgotten about you, my furry son.
HAPPY Birthday to you @ Rainbow Bridge.
skin mom-Debra


Happy Halloween!

October 31st 2010 3:05 pm
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As I see from above, my sisfurs Kimmy, Mollie, Lucky and brofur Brewster and newest member of the furamily Rusty getting ready for Halloween. I can see my older brofur Brewster just laying around and trying to be cheerful of seeing little skin kids coming to the house for candy. This might be Brews last time to watch the kids and I know that one day, he'll be coming here with me at R.B.
Mom, welcome the little skin kids. Make sure they are safe. I will watch from above and jump from star to star to make them twinkle for you so that you know I am near.
Love you and miss you so.....

your fur-son,


My "Thank You" To All

May 16th 2010 7:00 pm
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Mom is surprised and wants to send her "thanks" to the following:
Ms. Olive Grace; The Family of Boo-Boo, Leonidas, Scobie, Baxter & more
Ms. Daisy; The Family of Luke, Tully, Sammy & Natasha; The Family of Wanda, Norman, Tess, Rupert, Mitchell and more; The Family of Ava, Corine, Andy, Arli, Augie, Lilah, Alexis Oreo Wesley Bush; Casey; Jessie; The Family of Onyx,Cinder, Rose, Horus, Daisy May & rest; The Family of Mia, Milo, XenaPrincess, Queen Tallulah, Zeke.
Mom knew that I didn't participate in a lot of the groups, but I was there in spirit since my other furs did the most talking in the groups. Your condolence made mom feel sad, but glad that you thought of me and wished me happiness at Rainbow Bridge.
I'm still trying to get the "hang of it" being here. So many cats, and dogs here to play with, talk to and just hanging around them is o.k. But I still do miss my mom and others on earth.
Thank you.......everyone for the rosettes and words.

Zeus & mom-Debra


Mother's Day 2010

May 9th 2010 2:27 pm
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I was accepted as an angel and now I have my wings. The furs here at Rainbow Bridge welcomed me with open arms. I'm still in awe as to how I died, but then again, it just happened.
Mom, please have a good Mother's Day. I know that I can't be with you, but you gotta think about the other furs in the house. They still need you. Especially Brewster. Take a lot of time with him. I'll see him sometime soon. For now, enjoy, snuggle with all the furs. Count your blessings that you have given me a wonderful life on earth. Remember, I was only here for a short time to give you love, happiness, and head bonks. It was time for me to go back. You are one heck of a mom and I will always be grateful for it.



Miss Everyone

May 6th 2010 7:50 pm
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I miss my life on earth. I see mom crying tonight for me. She has been trying to change my site. She has no clue as to arrange my set-up. She keeps on saying, "Zeus, I miss you big boy". Mom, I know you do, but you have my other furamily to take care. I'll be watching from above. I know that it has only been 2 weeks since I left. But life goes on Mom. So please, stop crying mom. I will be watching over all of you. You have given me a good 9 yrs of love, happiness and treats and a warm home and again love. I will always cherish it. I'm sorry that I had gotten into something out side that made me sick and passing away in your arms. I'll will always love you mom and some day, we will be together again.
I see the other furs that I lived with when I was a kitten. They have greeted me and are showing me around. So go on with your life. I am fine. Just don't forget me. As I will always remember my life on earth with you and all the furs.

I love you mom
Your fur-son,
p.s. Thanks for the little bird that you buried next to me out back in the yard. You know Binx wanted to give you a prezzie so that you wouldn't be sad.

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