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A day in the life of Figaro...!

❤❤❤~~Figaro is an Angel ~~❤❤❤

November 11th 2011 11:11 am
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Figaro crossed to the other side of the Rainbow Bridge this morning, at 8:15 AM with the gentle help of his Dr.Bends, who was fighting back tears herself. Even she loved what a special boy he was. We both knew we had tried hard to help him feel better and now he does.

I was afraid I had waited too long for mah boy. Around 4:00 PM or so yesterday, he was resting comfortably. At 10:30, I gently carried him into the bedroom, but the movement caused him to be nauseous and sick . . I purred for him, and he seemed reasonably comfortable the rest of the night, but I can just imagine how sick to his tummy the poor guy was. But it was definitely my “sign”.

On our way to see Dr. Bends this morning, he meowed mournfully just once. I cupped his sweet lil’ head in a hand-headbutt and promised him that nobuddy would be poking him in the butt or making him take meds….was just gonna help him feek all the way butter. He slept quietly the rest of the way.

After Dr. Bends first saw us, then went in the backroom for meds, I knelt down and softly head-butted Figgy and stroked him. He purred for me….and continued to purr and purr louder as the anesthesia took effect ~ already feeking butter….he was even purring, very softly, when his final sleep came.

I love my big Fig and I know he is far, far happier waiting at the Bridge for me, than he was being so sick. He can roll in all the nip fields and find shady bushes to hide under and watch the world go by….until we can cuddle again. Louie and Molly and Sugar are there, I’m sure, to greet him….along with all our lovely Angels.

I actually feel lighter of heart now that his suffering is over, but I will miss him terribly. Already do. Setting out 10 plates of mooshy food when I got home…. I sure miss that odd-number 11 “clink”.


Being "GOOD" isn't easy...

April 9th 2008 6:59 am
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Mora says I musn't fight with the other kitties. Mora says I musn't lay in the doorways, 'cause the other kitties are afraid to pass me. Mora says I musn't stake out the kitty-window and not let the other cats in or out. Mora says I musn't eat everyone else's wet food. Mora says I musn't attack HER when she's making another kitty growl trying to give it medicine (I'm just trying to be protective) and that I musn't THEN turn around and attack the first kitty I see. Etc., etc., etc.!!!

Boy, this living in a warm, safe, home sure does come with a bunch of rules. But I'm trying...(really, I am)!


Oh! Jeez, you guys! You're too much!

April 3rd 2008 8:44 am
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I just learned that I was selected as "Cat of the Month" by my SOMC CCLs in GP's group!! I didn't even know I was nominated! I was SOOOO excited.

That same day, my lair-mate "Mora" took a video of me and two of my new furbuds outside rolling in the sunshine & a bit of 'nip... the video is posted at the bottom of the SOMC CCLs in GPs page...

I just want to thank everyone for being so nice to me. It is SO nice having a home...Mora just took me off the "adoptable" list, so I guess she's gonna let me just stay here....I am SO glad! All the other cats here pretty much ingore me, except Jack and Louie... and I kinda like chasing Tigger and Romeo, but just 'cause they seem afraid of me... I don't really attack them, and Mora says I shouldn't do it... I guess I'll try to be good, for her sake.

Meow at ya's later!


Well THAT was no TREAT!!

March 30th 2008 5:37 pm
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Ahhh.... too late, I found out what happens at the "neuter clinic"... had I known, I certainly would NOT have let Mora put me in the little blue box with the "fence" door yesterday morning. Not a treat at all!

Then, she put me in the car and we went for a "ride" ... I actually didn't mind things too much to this point, although that Da*# Siamese Kittty was in another box next to mine, and I had to listen to him catterwaul the whole trip (boy, is he LOUD).

Then, she took us both into this *place*, where they did unspeakable things to us... uh, I really don't remember too well...they injected us with some drug...and all gets a little fuzzy after that...

We were still mostly snoozin' still when Mora came back for us and took us back home. I woke up, finally, and started to do a little "freshening up"'s a little differnent in know, "down there" area...hmmmm... I think I'll go back to sleep... must'ave been some WEIRD kind of dream.....


Mora says "We're waiting"...

March 25th 2008 10:23 am
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Our human around here, MoratheMerrier, says we're waiting for paperwork from the clinic so I can get neutered. I'm not really sure what that means, but Mora seems kinda anxious for these papers to arrive, so maybe it's some special treat!

But, I dunno.... she also says this to the Siamese cat, and I don't think he deserves any treats at all...he hisses at me and wants to fight. I'm still getting over my last fight injuries, so I'm not really anxious to deal with him yet. Mora says I'm not supposed to fight him anyway, we can BOTH hang here. Yeah. Right.

Anyway, I'm not hangin' around the house's too nice and sunny out... I think I'll go check out the next street over and hang with these two nice calico's I used to eat with...

Catch ya'll later!


Fresh 'Nip in a basket - Oh, JOY!

March 21st 2008 12:14 pm
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March 21, 2008

I was just snoozin' in mah' favorite basket in the bedroom, when my new lair-mate, MoratheMerrier, brought me in a treat.... Oh, BOY!!! It was some of the fresh catnip that's starting to sprout's INSIDE...IN MY *BASKET*...!!!!

I just rubbed and rubbed my head and munched some and rubbed some smelled SOOOO good!!! MtM (I really like her) made silly cooing noises at me, and I think she knew I liked the treat she brought me... I really like having a place to relax and be out of the cold... I think my human lair-mate is gonna let me stay... I sure hope so, cause I could get used to having a home!!!

I'm trying to get along with all the other house-cats, but they still sometimes growl at me... I stay mostly in the bedroom where the kitty-door-window is, but I just can't HELP going out to the kitchen in the morning when I hear all the other kitties starting to fuss while waiting for breakfast...!! Mora gives us scrumptious "wet" food in the mornings... a whole TEASPOON each! It's a yummy way to start the day, and I just want to make sure she doesn't forget to give me my share (she wouldn't, tho'...she always brings me in my dish if I don't come and get it).
(Mora interups..."any more cats and I'm gonna have to start opening TWO cans per day...").

Anyway, that's all for now. I just want to say I'm glad I came to the right house when I needed help... it just seemed like any human who would let so many cats hang out with her would just HAVE to give a bloke a helping hand... I just never even hoped it would work out this well! I feel sooooo goooood!...

Goodnight, everybody... I think I'm gonna nap with my nip!
(Mora says ... "You can watch the video clip of Figaro's "Nip in a Basket" on his home page.").

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