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It was my turn to go outside!

May 31st 2009 6:09 pm
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It was my turn to go outside and for a stroller ride. This was my 1st stroller ride today. I love it. My family thinks I've done this before. I just sat in the stroller and said go. I looked all around and didn't try to get out. Meowy took me a ride in the backyard and than took me to the cat enclosure. I loved that also. I could be outside and free to play without worring if Zeeke was going to get me. We have a cat tree condo in our encloseure and I was in that, out of it, on the bench, off the bench, eating grass, rolling in the grass and than I fould the cat nip. OH! DO I NEED TO SAY MORE!!!!!!! Then it was time to go in. SAD! SAD! SAD! Grammy told me she would take me out again. Trouble is we all take turns, and their are 18 of us. I just might have to wait awhile, unless someone doesn't want to go out. It was a GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone had a GREAT DAY!



May 23rd 2009 10:55 am
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Today is cleaning day here and Grammy was up extra early today. Our beds, blankets, some cat trees and our baskets are all being washed and hosed off. It's a great day to hang wash on the clothes lines and for the sun to freshen everything. We are kind of lost in the house with things being outside. Grammy had the windows open all night, what a treat! She left us on the porch around 6 o'clock in the morning. We forgive her for taking our stuff.

Zeek has been nice to me for 3 days now. Meowy and Grammy told him if he wants to go outside and take walks he has to be nice to me and the others. So he's trying. This morning Grammy had to warn him, cause he was staring me down and had me cornered. Other that that he is being good. I have been able to go on the porch, lay in the sun and walk around the house without him terrorizing me. He has about 4 more hours before Meowy comes home from work. Hope he will be good the rest of the day.


Croak! Croak!

May 20th 2009 1:37 pm
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Today is a beautiful day in Maryland, in the 70's. Momcat was off work today so Momcat and Grammy went to Aunt Brandy's house for the morning. Grammy was visiting her other Grandbabies (the DOGS). When they came home Grammy opened the windows and porch for us. She also had a BAG. We got STUFF! We were all lined up waiting to see what we got, while they cut the tags off things. It took forever. We got new balls with bells in them, new fur rats, some tail chasers and a little green thing that makes noise. I myself stayed in my house on the cat tree and watched everyone make fools of themselves. Then Momcat put this little green thing in my house and it made this Croak! Croak! Sound. Well it got the best of me and I had to play a little bit with it. I really like it. (I'm not one to play much) They got pictures of me with it. So when Momcat unloads the camera, Grammy will put them on my page. As Grammy is writing my diary someone has the frog. I can hear the Croak! Croak! This has been a really good day at our house.


Happy Mothers Day

May 9th 2009 12:09 pm
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We would like to wish all the Mothers at Catster & Dogster, a Happy and Safe Mother's Day.


Happy Cinco De Mayo.

May 5th 2009 8:36 am
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Good Morning to Everfury.

It's rainy again today. However it has finally stopped for a short period of time. Grammy gave the birdies some bread cubes, so we can watch them come and get them. We are so excited to see more birdies. We also have a Mockingbird's nest in the Rhododendron Bush. The bush is beside Grammys bedroom window. It's so exciting to see the birdies up close. When Grammy opens the window you can hear them squawking. They can make a lot of noise. We take turns watching from the window. (day and night) This is the life.

Happy Cinco De Mayo to all.


Happy Day/Sad Day

May 1st 2009 6:58 am
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Today is one of those Happy/Sad Days. Today is our sister, PJ our brother, Kahless and our nephew Fozzy Bears BIRTHDAYS, it is also our niece, Tigger's 1st Birthday. We will celebrate all their birthdays, but must celebrate Tiggers at Rainbow Bridge. We feel better knowing she is with her Uncle Yoda and her friends at Rainbow Bridge Celebrating. Oh, how we wish she were here on earth with us to celebrate all the Birthdays together.

We Wish everyone with a Birthday today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY where ever you are.

Have you loved your pets today?


A Better Day

April 29th 2009 8:30 am
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We are missing our Tigger's, but know she is in a better place. We would like to Thank All of you for your purrs, prayers, emails, pawmails, and gifts. They are all treasured and we know they come from your hearts. It's great to have so many furiends and friends.

Today is a little better day.
Earlier this morning the babies were running up and down the hallway. Just being silly, and chasing each other. Breakfast was like always. The babies rush to eat theirs and than think they can go steal the others food. We have a rule at feeding time. If someone leaves their food dish than anyone can have what's left. The babies, like to change this rule by, taking their paws and pulling the bowl out away from who's eating. When they get caught, however they are warned and told if they do it again they go to jail. Sometimes they listen and somtimes they don't and must go to jail.

It's a much cooler day and the clouds are hiding all the sun. We have had some rain and may have more later today. Most of us are just laying around for our morning naptime. Hope the sun comes out and we can open the windows and the doors. We want to go on the porch.

We hope everyone is having a great day. Stay healthy and safe.



Sad News

April 28th 2009 6:48 am
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We have some very sad news to report to our friends today. Tigger went to Rainbow Bridge today. She was such a GREAT LITTLE GIRL. She fought a hard battle and looked to winning until today. Early this morning she could not walk and was spitting up fluid. We knew this was it. We called the vet. and they helped her cross over. However before we went Grammy took her for one last stroller ride, which she seemed to enjoy. Even thought there our 18 cats in the house, it's so quite. We will miss Tigger, but will never forget all our good times. Rest Peacefully Our Little Angel Tigger. We Love You. If you would like to send condolences to her, this is her ID#828689.

We love you Tigger,
Uncle Kibbles, Uncle Francis, Uncle Yoda, Uncle Zeeke, Auntie Cleo, Uncle, Tator Tot, Uncle Kahlass, Auntie Moo-Moo, Auntie Tommie, Uncle Harley ( her adopted mommy), Uncle Davy doodles, Uncle Roemo ( her eating partner), her real mommy PJ, brothers Fozzy Bear, DC, sissy's Onyx, Toe, Mishka, Zelda.
Her Momcat, Grammy, and Dadcat


I've In JAIL!

April 27th 2009 6:32 am
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Yes, I have been send to Jail. I was a bad boy today. I peed somewhere I'm not supposed to. I got caught this time so Momcat said I must go to jail. I don't like it in hear. My brother Zeeke is the one who usually gets in trouble and put in jail not me. It's not right he gets to go from room to room and I can't. I guess I'll try to be good and go in the box next time. LET ME OUT! CAN ANYONE HEAR ME! LET ME OUT I SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What A Beautiful Day!

April 16th 2009 2:57 pm
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It's almost 60 today, the sun is shining and the birdies are all over the place. Grammy opened the windows and left us on the porch today. What a great time we all are having.

Hope tomorrow is just a nice so we can go on the porch again.

I Love Spring. Hope everyone in Catster Land is having a great day also.


Love, Kibbles

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