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Sunday news

August 23rd 2009 8:13 am
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Good morning all! We are only having a light breakfast today. Grammy made muffins, blueberry, lemon poppyseed, cranberry, corn, plain and of course some catnip muffins. She also has donuts and donut balls for the little ones. Ice cold Bowls of milk to drink.
Last night we had a storm and lots of rain, than it got foggy. It was hard to see, Eddie May saw something glowing and was scared. Zeeke went to check things out and came back to let us know it was just the deer walking through the yard. They were going to the field behind us. Things settled down, we were so tired from the days fun we went to sleep.

Today is beautiful, the sun is shinning and the sky is blue. After Breakfast we will start packing our gear and get things ready to go home. Isabelle will start flying us home around 6.

Grammy didn't have any plans for today cause she knew we would want to lay around and just enjoy each other before we go home.
Our last meal here (this time) is in honor of Tanis and Kibbles. Grammy knows they have a favorite thing in common and it's TURKEY, TURKEY, AND MORE TURKEY. So she is having a Turkey dinner with all the trimmings. It's in the oven and we can smell it. Ummmmm

The birdies, butterflies, and bees are busy around the flowers and bushes. The butterfly bush has about 6 Goldfinches in it. They are jumping from it to the Coneflowers eating seeds. They are so colorful. Grammy left Parisian and Precious help feed the goldfish. The baby fish is really growning. Grammy even has one white goldfish. It's big.

Sunflower and Baby G went over to the neighbors again to see her 2 cats and ask if they could pick some sunflowers for our dinner table.

All in All I think we all have enjoyed our sleep over and Grammy wishes we all lived closer so we could be together more. But she promised we could do this again sometime.


Saturday Morning at the Sleepover

August 22nd 2009 5:13 am
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Well it's Saturday morning at Kibbles house. We all had a great time last night.
Now that it's morning we are all waiting to see what Grammy has for breakfast!!!!! Oh my gosh!!!!! She has tables of food. One table has bowls of milk for each one of us. She must have borrowed the neighbors cow. There is a table of everyfurries favorite BACON, one table of eggs, pancakes, waffles, sausages and for the little ones she has their favorites donuts with sprinkles on them. Well this a feast.
After breakfast we are going to watch more birdies, chase butterflies, and watch the fishes in the goldfish pond. Grammy said we can look just not eat her gold fish.
Grammy made a special pancake for Sunflower cause she one of the DDP todays. She made a pancake that looks just like a Sunflower. How cool is that! Sunflower is having so much fun. She keeps going over to the neighbors house to see their cats and lay in the sunflowers the neighbor has. She is so cute.
Later today We are all getting in a couple of vans and going to the nearby lake for a boat ride and if we want we can fish, or go swimming. All our Angel friends here are excited to go and fly with the eagles that have nested at the lake. Bye for now, see you later.
Have a great day all.


Friday Night at Kibbles Sleepover

August 21st 2009 7:14 pm
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Well just about everyone is here and we are having a ball. We just finished eating PIZZA. Yes it was delivery. Grammy said she never seen so many pizzas and drinks. That poor delivery guy had to bring them in a van. We had Thin crust, thick crust, square pizza, Cat Nip pizza, just about any kind of pizza you could want .
We are getting the camp fire going cause later we are going to roast marshmallows and make s'mours.
Right now everyone is just chillin. It's been great seeing everyone again and meeting old friends for the first time. Oh what stories we have.
Hooch made it here and we are excited to see him. He is eating and doesn't have to be force feed. I think he just needed a chance of scenery. He is with the guys playing and running around. Looks like he is having fun.
It's getting dark and the lightening bugs are blinking on and off. Boy those little bugs sure can blink alot.
The weather is great, cool just right and clear skies. Just what we wanted. We can see all the stars in the sky. Sounds funny but some of our friends don't get to see stars this good. We can see the big dipper, the little dipper and the Milky Way. No It's not the candy bar--- Cheese.
Well got to go cause I don't want to miss the fun.

See you all tomorrow as our Sleep Over Continues.
Nighty- Night


More Thank You!

August 20th 2009 5:26 pm
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I would like to Thank everyone who has pmailed me, and my Grammy. I would also like to Thank The family of Lilly, Boingo, Perky, Chance, Tigger, Poo, Oreo, George, Odie, Oingo, and Chardon for the Ice Cream. I love Ice Cream and today was humid here so it tasted extra good. Have a Great Day.


Thank you all

August 20th 2009 4:50 am
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Yesterday was a very exciting day for me. I was DDP and I had many friends pmail and send me gifts. I want to take the time and Thank each one of you for making my day so happy.
Family of Chai Latte-Capone for a Blue Ribbon
Family of Edwina (Eddy) for the Ice Cream which was my favorite flavor.
Reebok & Family for the delicious steak
Hooch and family for that cold glass of lemonade and making me 2 ddp pictures for my page.
family of Tony, Anna, Greystone, Sam, Stormy & more for cold watermelon
Jasamine, Isabelle, Pumkin Pooh for a beautiful beach ball
Karma Kitty and family for my 1st trophy and a crown to wear on my head
Luke & Tully for a red ribbon
Family of Sir Sonny Bono for my cold glass of catweister (MOL)
and to all my friends who pmailed me and left comments .

Thank you All and I hope each and everyfurry has a beautiful day.


Thank you ALL!

August 19th 2009 12:21 pm
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I want to Thank everyfurry and their families for all my comments, gifts and pmails. I will get back to each one of you later.
Grammy is so busy getting things together for the sleepover, but she will not forget anyone.


I'm a DDP today!

August 19th 2009 4:56 am
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Boy was Grammy and I surprised when we saw I am a DDP today. I hope everyone enjoyed my diary. I would like to Thank the Diary Person at Catster for picking me. I would like to Concats all the others that were picked as DDP today. This is my 1st DDP and I am so proud. THANKS!!!!


Big Week End Coming Up!

August 18th 2009 3:55 pm
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Oh Boy! I can't wait! We all are so excited here at home. Grammy is letting us have a sleep over. That means all 18 of us and some of our friends. So far Pumkin Pooh, Jazzy, Isabelle, Tanis, and his family, Precious, Paisan, Sonny Bono, Paris, and Presley are coming. We hope Pumpkin & Gabby and their crew get back from fishing so they can come too. Isabelle is flying everyone here. Grammy has a rather large menu planned, and we are going to have lots of time to tell CATTAILS. We will be sleeping outside in the cat enclosure, so everyone has to bring their sleeping bags. We are going to see the lightening bugs, butterflies, birdies, chipmunks, fishies in the pond, etc. We are even going to have a camp fire so we can make s'mours and roast marshmellows. I know we will have fun. It's so nice when you can enjoy fun with your friends. We can't wait!!!!!!!!

Have a good day.


What a Fun Filled Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 9th 2009 4:45 pm
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This was a wonderful day, yes it was hot!hot!hot! It started to cool off by the time Isabella, Jazzy, Pumkin and the rest of the group got here. We had a wonderful dinner and than we went in the garden to see all the butterflies. The fish in the pond were hiding so we didn't get to watch them swim. Grammy got the crochet game out and we all played. I think we all had a good time and must do it again. It's great to have your friends over for a fun filled day. Grammy sent everyfurry home with a bunch of fresh capnip that she picked from the garden. We got some too. Like I said it was a great day!!!!!!


We're having Company Today!

August 9th 2009 9:22 am
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We're having company today. Our friends Isabelle, Jasmine and Pumkin Pooh are flying to see their friends, Pumpkin, Gabby & family & Tanis & his family. On the way back home they are coming to see us. We are so excited. Isabelle and Jazzy came to see us a few weeks ago and we had watermelon and a great time, but they couldn't stay to long. So this time we hope they can stay longer. Grammy is grilling us some pork chops, broccoli, and potatoes, and cold cantaloupe. It's a very hot day hear in Maryland, hope it cools off when it's time to eat, otherwise we will eat inside where it's cooler. This time I want to show Isabelle all the Butterflies we have in the backyard. We have blue ones, yellow, orange , white, and black. They are beautiful. It's so exciting to watch them flutter by. Well must go and get ready for our company. Fly safe Isabelle, see you soon.

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