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Feet First!

January 10th 2011 8:42 am
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Today is Grooming Day at our house!!!!!
We all get a brushing, nails clipped, and a good checking all over!
Meowmy usually does me last, cause she knows where I'll be. I get in my house on the perch and that's where I'll stay! It's kind of funny, when it's my turn she will have a hard time getting me out. I will make myself as tiny as can be and make my legs stiff. This makes it hard to get me out! MOL! Grammy just stands there and laughs. I guess it, is funny to see Meowmy trying to pull me out! Since I'm front declawed, she only has to do the back paws. This is a task! I don't like it done and I give her a hard time. I growl like a DOG!, I wiggle like a WORM! And I am basically GRUMPY! Not me at all! As you know I'm the Good One in the house. Well not today and it's all Meowmy's fault!!!!
Hope you all have a Great Day!

Purred by: Abby (Catster Member)

January 10th 2011 at 10:17 am

We have those days in our house and we hate them too.

Love Abby
Purred by: Kristina R

January 10th 2011 at 3:18 pm

I's got bathed, groomed, & had the blow dryer used on me today, grrrrrrr!! Hopefurrrly we's will both recover from our rough day, hehe!!

Purred by: Sparky (Catster Member)

January 10th 2011 at 3:21 pm

Do you get treats like I do after getting a pawticure? I get so hungry that I end up running for the crunchies, not just running away, MOL. Sorry you got gussied up dude.
Purred by: Pipo (Catster Member)

January 11th 2011 at 8:41 am

I know how to do that growling and grumbling from deep within myself, when those 'procedures of necessity' get done...then afterwards, I come back to give headbonks and purrs to the perpetrator! Fickle me! MOL!

Have a nice grumpyfree day, today!





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