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Bear's story

I have been "LOVE TAGGED"

February 2nd 2010 7:56 pm
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I am supposed to tell 10 things I love or like a lot and then tag 10 furiends - so here goes

1. I love Mom

2. I like my sisfurs MOL

3. I absolutely positively love TUNA

4. I like being the boss

5. I like going outside when Mom will let me

6. I love it when Mom scratches me under my chin

7. I like to nap in Ruby's bed

8. I like to sit on the desk and help Mom work on the computer

9. I like to splash the water in the toilet, then drink it

10. I love all my furiends on Catster and Dogster

I am tagging

Robin Hood


Valentine Tag

January 28th 2010 4:15 pm
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Thanks for Tagging me Cupid (Jerry) ! Cupid asked ...

1. Do you have a Valentine?... If so... who?
Not sure about that

2. If not... do you wish you did? ... Is there anyone particular?... Or would you rather be single? ...
I've always been single, but a girl furiend would be nice

3.What's your favorite Love Song?... Who sings it?
Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton

4.What would be a Perfect Valentines Day for you?
Lots of treats and snuggles, being spoiled all day, a new bed with a comfy pillow, MOL

Now I'm off to tag some pal's. Have a great day !


Ice Cream Tag

June 22nd 2009 6:30 pm
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I was tagged by my good furiend Toby to tell if I was ice cream what flavor I would be.

MOL, I would be Jamoca Almond Fudge

Jamoca cause I like coffee at my Breakfast Bar
Almond cause I like nuts
Fudge - who needs to explain that MOL MOL

I'm tagging 5 furiends

Claw, Robin Hood, Femi, Miss Dixie, Duffy


It's a new year

January 2nd 2009 9:17 am
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Well, here we are, the start of another new year. I haven't decided about resolutions yet. I try to be good each and every day, so do I really need to make resolutions?

A lot has happened this year. My sisfurs and I joined Catster last March, and we have had such fun. We have made so many furiends all over the world, have been on cruises (which makes Mom jealous cause she's never been MOL) and all kinds of trips and pawties.
I went to Captain school and now I'm a ship captain, MOL.

I got a lot of great pressies from my secret Santas, and I let my sisfurs play with the toys too. I also got 42 Christmas cards from my furiends. Mom is going to take my pictures with my toys and cards.

Oh, I'm getting a furless nephew in about 7 or 8 weeks. I can teach him all kinds of fun things to do. I'll have him trained in no time, MOL.

Guess that's it for now,,,,,,


I've been tagged by Bear Bush

November 16th 2008 7:35 pm
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I've been tagged to play the Thanksgiving Tag Game

I will list 5 things I am thankful for and then tag 5 furiends

1. I am thankful for my furever home. I was abandoned as a tiny kitty and Mom feel in love with me and gave me my home.

2. I am thankful for good food and treats. My very favorite food is Tuna fish. My sisfurs and I always get some tuna on Sundays as a special treat.

3. I am thankful for my 4 sisfurs. They're not too bad, as sisfurs go.

4. I'm thankful for my new favorite place to sleep, the tub in the hall bathroom.

5. I'm thankful for my Mom, she loves all of us very much, and spoils us with toys and treats. I love to snuggle with Mom.

I'm going to tag 5 furiends

Miss D


I've been tagged by Molly Woggins

November 15th 2008 2:44 pm
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Ok, my furiend Molly Woggins tagged me to write 7 cool, neat or weird facts about myself. So here goes

1. Tuna is my favorite food

2. I have used up 3 of my 9 lives

3. I am a Maine Coon and weigh 20 lbs

4. I am a big snuggle bug - I love for Mom to hold me and let me snuggle up on her neck.

5. I have 3 sisfurs and a kitty cousin that live with me

6. I love chasing my feather toy

7. My new favorite place to sleep is in Mom's tub

Now I have to tag 7 furiends

Robin Hood


My walk with Marybeth by the lake

November 4th 2008 4:35 pm
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My furiend Marybeth invited me to go on a walk with her, and she wrote a story about it, I hope you enjoy reading it.

"Marybeth and Bear go for a walk by the lake"

Simon is sleeping on his balcony so Marybeth tiptoes on by and heads for the
lake. On her way she sees Bear and asks him if he wants to go for a walk by
the lake. He says he would be delighted and so off they go. On their way
through the park they see the peacocks merrily snacking on seeds they find R98228-2-peacocks.jpg
"Hello Peacocks ," waves Marybeth"they are so beautiful and they seem happy
here..i think they roost in the trees by the stable and chat with the
horses. "
"It is a wonderful fall day for a walk, i am glad you asked me...I have not
been down to the lake lately" says Bear. "Oh, I come here a lot, it is so
peaceful and lovely, I love to watch the swans and of course the geese are
migrating this time of year" muses Marybeth.They come to the shore and see
and swans swans_lake_forest_autumn_majestic.jpg
"Lets go sit on that big rock in the sun and watch the geese and swans, I
brought a tuna sandwich I will share with you" says Marybeth
"T hank you Marybeth, this is great to sit here and warm ourselves in the sun
and watch the birds and eat tuna" say Bear as he takes a big bite of tuna
sandwich. "I am glad we don't have to migrate like some of the birds do..I
am glad we get to stay right here in Cobblestone Square with our friends,
aren't you Marybeth?" "yes Bear..It is good to be here and have fureends
like you, a day like this and tuna...what could be better?"
Back at the bakery Bear comes in to help Marybeth. "i think Simon is
going to sleep all day" says Marybeth" you can help me make goodies if you
want" So Bear puts on an apron and is soon covered in so much flour it is
hard to tell he is a black cat and he and Marybeth are laughing hysterically
when Simon come wandering in. "Soory to be late, overslept' says simon.
"That is fine, Bear is helping me make goose cookies
and swan cookies 02/cookieswan.jpg
and swan cream puffs
"They are great,, lets take them all to the Breakfast Club" says Simon..and
so they do


Bear's adventure with Simon and Daisey Mae

June 25th 2008 4:38 pm
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Simon is meandering through the park and sees Bear and Daisey Mae. They all
decide to go for a ride on the ferris wheel. /brodie_ferris_wheel_450x338.jpg
Daisy Mae sits in the middle and up they go. "Look at the view, you can see
everything from here"says Bear. "Makes me a little quesy..don't rock this
thing"says Daisey Mae. Simon being the obnoxious sort starts to make the
basket rock, but then thinks better of it as Bear pokes him. "Oops, sorry, I
just have that impish streak in me I guess....oh look, out on the lake, the
swans and their signets, you can see them from here...they are so beautiful"
"I love to watch the swans" says Daisey Mae. "Look at the Square...all the
gardens are so beautiful this time of year, all in bloom. Arty has been a
gardening fool, running around weeding the flowers and the vegetables and
planting catnip everywhere, he even has catnip in with the petunias, which
is a good thing" laughs Bear. "well , we need lots of catnip to make the
ale and beer at the catnip brewery" The Ferris wheel turns round and round
and finally they get off and weave dizzily through the ride area. "shall we
ride on the Merry Go Round", says Daisey Mae,"I love the merry go round" and
so they all hop on the colorful ponies and around and around they go.

When the ride is over Simon says"I have to go bake some stuff for the
breakfast Club..I will see you there later, Ok, unless you want to come
help." "Oh we do , we do.." giggles Daisy Mae and so they all head for the
In the Bakery Marybeth is already making biscuits for dogs _1_b_285_1.jpg
and so then Simon and Bear and Daisey Mae decide to make swan cream puffs
cause they were watching the swans from the ferris wheel esserts/DanielsSwans.jpg
and they decide to make some carousel horse cookies to rememeber their Merry
go Round ride selHorses.jpg
and they make some biscuits for biscuits and gravy akery/wheat-biscuits-ck-357614-l.jpg
and then they head for the breakfast Club...


I've been tagged by Tessa

June 14th 2008 3:50 pm
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These are five things I like:

1. I really like tuna fish, Meowmy gives it to us on Sundays for a treat
2. I like to sit in Meowmy's lap and give her headbumpies and whisker kisses
3. I like to chase my sisfurs and let them know I'm the boss
4. I like to go outside, although I don't get to very often
5. I'm very friendly and I like everyone

I'm going to tag five furiends



March 8th 2008 1:19 pm
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Bear was abandoned as a tiny kitten about a week before Christmas 1998. I had a old blanket on the back porch and he settled there, so after a couple of days he moved into the house. He used to go outdoors during the day, but when he was 18 mos old he was hit by a car. He was hit on the right side of his face. It fractured the bone that held his eye socket in place, broke his palate and jaw, and loosened his teeth. Amazingly, the vet wired his palate and teeth back in place and fixed his eye. After that, he became an indoor kitty.
In 2005, again at Christmastime, he slipped out of the house when company opened the door, and I searched all night for him. But I couldn't find him, my friend and I posted reward posters all over the neighborhood, but no response.
Thirty days later he returned and we discovered he had been kidnapped by some neighbors. So now I am very careful when I open the door.
Two years ago Bear was very sick and I had to feed him with a feeding tube for 5 weeks. It was a challenge, he didn't like it one bit.
So after all this, he has used up 3 of his 9 lives.
Now he is well and healthy and is my special kitty. I tell him every day how much he is loved and how beautiful he is.

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