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End of the Royal Line.

September 24th 2007 11:13 am
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Well everyone, there are some things you just don't see coming and can't do anything to stop. I haven't eaten on my own since I was at the vet Thursday and I keep my jaw clamped shut when they try to force feed me. As much as they'd like to be able to force feed me and keep me alive until the cancer progresses too far I just won't let them get in more than a fourth of what I need to gain back my weight and live comfortably, so right now it's just leaving me to slowly starve to death.

I remember King Rambo in his final days... He was a little worse than I am now but he died on his own the Sunday before he was going to be euthanased on Monday and I think he would have been happier if they'd gotten him in on Friday or Saturday. It does not feel very dignified and royal to hardly be able to walk and I would be much happier if I could let go and have some peace and let my family start the healing... Tonight I'll go to the vet one last time and I won't be coming back.

I hope that everyone can be happy for me. I tried to help. The foster kitten Dominic came up to me the other night and gently hugged me like uncle Jürgen did when I was his age and I purred with approval like I haven't done for another cat since Jürgen went missing. He really gets along with everyone, not quite like me, but that is better for the harmony of the household and I'll admit it. Besides being kind to the other cats he loves the people and is always comforting them and making them laugh; he'll definitely help their spirits heal. They really didn't want to keep him and have a whopping 15 cats but now I'm leaving and giving them permission to have him take my spot, and it seems like fate that up until now he hasn't managed to be adopted despite being so sweet and photogenic. (Now there is something he does take after me with!)

I don't think there will be another Queen when I'm gone. Morgan is the oldest but she only cares about ruling over Stormy's heart. Then my big half-sis Cricket but she's too anti-social to want to be a queen. Auntie Cali likes authority but she'd rather be the sheriff running in and breaking up fights than the Queen sitting pretty on her thrown with a look of disapproval. Little sis Heidi is just to shy and scared of things to take over as Queen anytime soon, and dear little Hillary just wants to get along and fly under the radar. I'm not worried for them though. King Uncle-Kyle does all the real work taking care of the cats in our Kingdom and I trust him to keep doing a great job.

Thank you to everyone who was pulling for me when we found out how sick I was; I hope it doesn't make you too sad that I won't make it. My name is Lucky because I survived so many things that could have easily killed me in my kittenhood so you'd all better be proud of how long I did manage to live. If you're feeling blue please watch my video with the sound on, it's been known to cheer people up! I'm leaving this world with my legacy of a fruitful reign, funny videos, hundreds of super cute pictures, and all sorts of special memories for my humans. I'm still the proud and stubborn little Taurus kitten I was born so I'll go "do it for myself!" and catch up with my sisters and all the other relatives who will be waiting for me. I'll see everyone I'm leaving behind eventually and I bet that when Cricket and I don't have earthly territory to fight over we'll get along like sisters really should. I'll be looking forward to that some day. Wish me "luck" in my new adventure!

Farewell everyone!

All my love,
~ Queen Lucky the Lucky-Poosie ~


I've fallen very ill...

September 21st 2007 6:09 am
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Hey everyone. The Queen has been having some problems. The last few weeks I've lost two pounds, which really isn't a flattering look for me. I've also stopped grooming myself and I lay around most of the day with my belly half-exposed even though I'm on the floor where passing cats could come up and attack me. (They haven't, but the Lucky of a month ago wouldn't have trusted them not to!) Luckily I was due for a little bloodwork this week and went in to see my vet yesterday. When she walked in she said something like, "Hello little old lady!" and my people could only protest, "She's not old, she is only 4!"

The vet couldn't tell just by examining me what was wrong. My kidneys weren't very palpable so it's possible I could be suffering from renal failure, but my urine was pretty normal and most kitties with renal failure lose weight when they are at a point where they have no appetite- I downed 2/3rds of a can of high-calorie prescription food and only stopped because they took it away not wanting me to get diarrhea from it. Leukemia is a possibility although there were no palpable swollen lymph nodes or chest masses. They took a bunch of blood, gave me some sub-Q fluids just as a little pick-me-up, and will see where we go from here once they get the bloodwork back today.

But the story doesn't end there. Last night they tried to give me my food again but couldn't get me to eat more than a teaspoon, my appetite might not be doing as well as we hoped. And then this morning the scariest thing that ever happened to me took place- I had a seizure! Now my muscles are all shaky and I feel just awful. Only good thing is all the other kitties are being very respectful of me and the humans keep making a fuss, sitting with me and waiting on me hand and foot.

It's very uncertain times for this Queen so I hope everyone sends their good wishes that my name holds strong in this one and it's something I can easily get over. I just want to keep lording over this household and making videos of me getting high on catnip. It's really not a lot for a kitty who was born in a little wooden box in a suburban backyard to ask for- Queenhood and catnip.


"Peesie" no more?

March 9th 2007 3:58 pm
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My little puddles got worse recently... So today the humans took me to the vet since the elder human was making rude comments about how I might prefer to rule over someone else's kingdom if I wouldn't stop.

Well they took some samples... and found out I have a bladder infection! Ah-ha! Now the elder human regrets her harsh words. The vet did say that the spraying was more of a rude territorial Queen issue though... but they're going to try me on a different medication to mellow me out and get another litterbox for under the royal Kitchen Table since I like to pee in the kitchen so much.

Please wish me luck in curing this annoying infection and stopping my little habbits that while no bother to me seem to upset the humans and cause them a lot of extra work, meaning less time to spoil me. Thank you!



March 22nd 2006 3:47 pm
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Well, my older half-sister Cricket and I have not always gotten along so well. At one point our vet had to put us on anti-anxiety meds to calm us down a little since the fued was getting so bad. After that we calmed down a lot and then we kind of started fighting more again and I came up with a new method of dealing with it. I just lick my pretty little queenly legs whenever I'm worrying about her attacking me. That worked pretty well even though my people thought my legs were starting to look funny since I'd licked most of the hair off, but then I guess she saw the error of her ways because we stopped fighting so much. I even stopped licking. But recently she's started trying to provoke me with staring contests that the humans have to break up, and I've had to start licking a little.

So how does a queen deal with a jealous big sister? I just don't know. The people still say I can't banish her from the kingdom...


Presenting her Royal Highness, Queen Poosie!

February 26th 2005 4:14 am
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Finally my humans have realized my full majesty. That's why I like to sit so high up you see, I'm surveying my kingdom. gotta keep an eye on your subjects, especially when they are all as nuts as mine are. I'm much smarter than them, so I need to oversee. Speaking of my not-so-bright subjects, Cricket sure is getting on my nerves! I'm trying to be everyone's beautiful and gracious leader, and I have to worry 24/7 about the next time Cricket is going to attack me! And to make things worse she's a big liar and makes it off to be my fault. I start one fight for every 8 fights she starts... big sisters, who needs them! I could do it by myself if my silly humans would just let me banish her from our kingdom! "No, we love her, she's part of the family, she has to stay, we can't lock her up in her own room... Blah, blah, blah." They're weak, that's why I'm the queen!

Guess what else? My humans don't even like it when I pee all around the house! I'm trying to leave little reminders that the great Lucky was here and they just clean it right up! We're trying to negotiate, to fulfill my urge to urinate in public (It's a power trip, you should try it!) they've put a litterbox out in the living room just for me to show off in, and I'll try to use that more often than the walls if they call me "Queen" and tell me it's my house more often. And they can't mess with my head! (It still hurts from when those blasted dogs got me!) And ideally they'd let me banish Cricket... but they said that won't happen... so I'll still pee everywhere but I'll try to do it moderation. I feel more loved now that I'm the offical Queen though... I think I'll romp'n'stomp on the humans more often, maybe even give them a lick or two... They try!


My first Day on Catster!

September 24th 2004 3:14 pm
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Wow, my mom FINALLY added me today! The put my Hannah-mama up ages ago and kept saying she'd get to me soon. Well today Stormy was "cat of the day" so she felt inspired to get the rest of us up and eligible for consideration as cats of days? It's neat though, he's gotten lots of requests as the almighty "Cat of the Day" but I've gotten almost as many just being a new kitty! I think it's because I have some good pictures, I can be very photogenic in my smiley face, slightly cross-eyed with tongue hanging out kind of way!

Right now we all have to wear these goofy things around our necks 'cause the 7 foster kittens downstairs have flea eggs on them that keep hatching, and we don't want to get them when they sneak upstairs. They ALWAYS sneak upstairs. Yeah, I was a runaway at their age too, but I always respect the human's doors. These "collar" things smell funny, and they're all the same color- off white with a powdery residue... Yuck! The good thing is that Cricket looks dumb, too, and I get to look at her more than I look at myself! Haha, Cricket, that's what you get for beating me up! (She's a very bad big sister. Personally, just because she has the same colors, marking shapes, general features and scars on her face like my dad, that doesn't prove anything! Her father could have been lots of cats! Pat knew he was my dad though, 'cause he was the only cat around, and he played with me and Eleanor all the time! He never played with Cricket... And not just because she was hand-raised inside after she was a few days old, I swear! He's just not her father! ...Though that still leaves her as my great aunt...!)

Oh yeah, Cricket's sick right now, too! That's what she gets for beating me up! But she's acting the same, getting into fights and all... except she's sleeping on MY mommy's bed! She never used to do that, it's supposed to be for me and the cats who like each other and love mommy! Cricket doesn't care about mommy, she likes mommy's sister who took her away to some far away land called Arizona and was supposed to keep her there! I think mommy's sister went back to Arizona and left Cricket here with me! No, I can't live with her any longer!

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