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February 13th 2010 12:01 pm
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Cuz I wuz feeking SO yuckky for so long.... (oh, we had quite a few ups and downs throughout...says Mora)... and cuz I wuz feeking especially yuckky the past few days....didn't wanna eat nuthin'... didn't wanna drink nuthin... didn't wanna hang out with mah budz... Momma Mora and Dr Bends helped me go to the other side of the Bridge today...

It's SOOOO warm and sunny here!!! And there's even MORE 'nip than Momma Mora grows at home~!! and "just the right" temperature chicken just set out all OVER for me to nibble whenever I get hungy!! and fishies in the streams that just leap outta the water for me~~!!...and mice in the fields to chase and play with... and butterflys to catch! The sunbeams were just MADE for lounging in!!

Momma Mora wuz RIGHT!!! This IS paradise !!.... I guess I can hang out here until Momma and all my brofurs and sisfur & I can hang out together again.

I'll miss 'em...but I think the wait might not be TOO bad.....

Note from "Momma" Mora.... : Louie crossed the Bridge today, 2-13-2010 at just before 1:00 PM EDT after wrestling with Kidney Disease for quite some time.

Rest in peace, my dear Louie Kazooie. I will miss that "mouth" of yours more than you know. Happy Hunting, mah boy!!


It's all an elaborate trick to get good food....

November 22nd 2009 6:55 am
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You see... I like food. Always have. But I was getting tired of kibble all the time. Oh, sure, I get my spoonful of mooshey food in the morning with all my brofurs and the Punkin Princess, but... I want the GOOD stuff! Soooooo...... I decided a few months back to go on a hunger strike in protest. I didn't eat for FOUR days, by which time the Lair Mistress (Mora) took me to the V-E-T...and learned I had advanced "Kidney Disease". Bah. Whatever. The vet gave me fluids and shots and 'scripts for stuff.... I started to feek a little butter, but still didn't want to eat. Momma Mora started to get the idea... (after realizing I wouldn't touch the $$ rx food she bought). Knowing I always ate my hunted prey with gusto, she sliced and diced some raw chicken for me! Wow! That was the ticket...THAT's what I'm talkin' about!! I gobbled it down...but then, I guess my tum-tum rebelled from lack of food, so she squirted some dissolved pepcid in my mouff (yuck!) ...but after 'bout 20 minutes my stomach stopped making such a ruckus. So now I get chicken...and when I get tired of it raw, she'll roast me some, or poach me some talapia. (I oddly don't like red meat...just bird & fish). I did REAL well on my -not recommeded- high protein diet of real meat and fish...and actually GAINED two pounds!! Now I'm feeking butter than I was...and am burning out a little on the chicken, so now I just have momma open can after can of 9-lives until I smell the one I want that day. ... You see....don't tell momma Mora, but I'ze not really sick at all...I just want the "good stuff"!!!!

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