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It's A Fluffy Good Life!!


April 19th 2014 9:06 am
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I just found that we now have 25 zealies!! We haven't had any since we had to drop CatsterPlus & couldn't buy any since the Day of Doom March 3. Sooo, I think that HQ or probably a furriend who wishes to remain anonymouse gifted them to me! THANK YOU ANONYMOUSE! We'll try to use them well.



April 18th 2014 10:16 am
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Thanks to Jameson fur the pmail with COTD picture,
thanks to Cesar fur the pmail with COTD picture.
Thanks kitties!


Thanks fur my day as COTD

April 18th 2014 9:59 am
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I wish to thank all who sent me good wishes on my day as Cat of the Day!
Thank yous
to Harley, Cody & Raj fur the Big Hugs,
to Bluebell, Sapphire & Swirl fur the Big Hugs,
to Grace, Casey, Leo & Frankie fur the Big Hugs,
to Pounce, Benson, Paisley, Kingsley, Nickelby, Angel Dexter, Angel Sigmund and Angel Daisy fur the Big Hugs,
to Smiley Cassanova and Luigi fur the Big Hugs,
to Ali fur the Easter eggs,
to Angel LouisLeBeau, Angel Ethan, KirbyD, Tristan and Jory fur the yummy shrimp,
to the Divine Miss Pansy fur the fun ladybug,
to Jameson fur the pmail,
to Cesar fur the pmail.
I also received several furriend requests.
Thank you, thank you to efurryone who helped celebrate my special day. I hope I didn't furget anyone. This was a big job fur my typist!
WOW! What a day! I reigned supreme in my household yesterday! Efurryone had to wait fur me to get furst treats, furst special dinner, furst hugs & loves. Yes, finally I received my due as TopCat ALL DAY LONG!! Now how can I make this continue? Heh!


COTD!! Oh my! Thank you!

April 17th 2014 8:41 am
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We were looking over our Community page but didn't stop at the daily honours. We noticed that we had pmails & went right for those. THAT is how we found out that I am Cat of the Day!! Then we ran back & saw my beautiful pic on the main page!
OMC! Thank you Catster! Thank you efurryone!
My specific thank yous:
to GIBBS AND CASH AND ANGELS BUDDIE, MCKENNA, MOOKIE, ANGEL AND RICKI fur the concatulatory pmail & Happy Dance (what fun!),
to KiWi KaTT The KEESTER fur the pmail & bunny,
to Rory & Family fur the pmail with the lovely pic to put on my page!,
to the Family of ♥ Tony ♥ , ♥ Anna ♥ , ♥ Greystone ♥ , ♥ Sammy ♥ and more fur the pretty egg,
to Fuzz & Buzz fur the Big Hugs,
to the Family of KIBBLES, FRANCIS, Friskie, Homer & more fur the Big Hugs,
to the Family of Beepers Ashlynne & more fur the Trophy award.
NOW! What to do? Since I am COTD, I should be lavished with more attention than usual & more than any of the other furs, of course! I am informing my typist & staff that I wish to have treats, many treats....and wet food fur dinner....and lots of loves & adoration all day....and keep that pesky grey brofur far away from me....and the picture window all fur myself....and, well, my 2 orange sibs are laying on either side of me right now keeping me very comfy & adored, that's a good start!
Thanks again fur the honour. I'm gonna go enjoy MY special day, kitties!


I love my Mom

November 18th 2013 9:57 pm
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I looooove my Mom! :)
I'm snuggling next to her (ATMH* is elsewhere for the time being) while she types my diary entry! Ahhhhhh!
*see Alex's page under nicknames


One Year On Catster!

March 9th 2009 11:58 pm
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Hey! Meowm just noticed that I got my one year Catster cake on my page! Thank you HQ!
I, Fluffy TopCat, was, of course, the furst of my furmily to be admitted to Catster. Of course! The TopCat is always furst, yes? (Strange that LisaMom found Catster on Feb 29 LeapYear Day, so now my annifursary, only efurry 4 years?? Wait, that can't be right! Does that mean that this furst annifursary is actually my 1/4 annifursary??! Hmm, I'll have to think about this some more!! Meowmy! What did you do?!)
It's been a great year. Being welcomed by so many intersting furs, sharing their fun....and their sorrows. Ah yes, some of my very furst furriends went to Rainbow Bridge. It is very sad. But I was privileged to have known them fur even a short time. (You know who who are, kitties!)
And we joined the Pen Paws group! What fun! You just nefur know what you'll receive by snailmail! :)
Anyway, Catster is a lovely furriendly place. I & my brofur Alex (& our LisaMom) are so glad to have discovered this animal-centric social networking site! We are eagerly looking furward to the next year's happenings!
Love to you all, my furriends! XXXX.


My Adventure Beyond The Door!

October 13th 2008 11:20 pm
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Two days ago, my LisaMom was getting ready to "go out". I whined at her, "Please don't go! Take me!", expecting the usual response of "No Fluffy, get away from the door, guard the house, be safe til I get back." BUT THIS TIME LisaMom said, "Oh Fluffs, do you want to go for a ride? Do you think you'll be ok?"
I miowed & meowed back, "Course I'll be ok. I'll be with you! I want to see beyond the door!!"
To my utter astonishment, LisaMom said, "Well, maybe I'll take you with me & see how you handle the car ride.
While I was still trying to grasp that, she & the Mattzie grabbed me & stuffed me into THE TRAVEL BOX!!
I struggled but they shoved me in! I yelled, "Oh no! Those mean creatures are gonna poke me! Help!!!"
But out to the car we went.
We got into the "car" and I made sure that LisaMom knew how much I HATED being taken to those who poke kitties! I told her, yes I did!!
Much movement with LisaMom trying to placate me all the way!
Finally the "car" stopped. We got out & went into a place where.....another human (called Mom) fussed over me & said what a pretty kitty I was & stroked me nicely!! Oooo, yes of course!
I wanted out of the travel box, but suddenly there appeared another kitty!!!! A large black kitty! He looked me over, his eyes got big, & so I gave him a warning HISSSS! Stay back OR ELSE!
Black kitty hissed back, "The same to you! This is MY house!"
To make the long story shorter, Black Kitty (known as Shadow) & I hissed back & forth a few times, then he slowly SLUNK away! Even though I was still in the terrible Travelbox, he knew when he was beaten!!
So I & LisaMom enjoyed our short visit with "Mom" aka Lisa's Mom/My HumanGrandMom.
When we went back to the car-thing, I was feeling much better.
We took another "ride" & I happily miowed to LisaMom along the way.
The ride back to HOME was just fine. I didn't have to see the "cat-pokers", but rather someone who appreciated what a fine cat I am!!
And then I "rode" back to home with my loving LisaMom.
I might want to do this again!! Just as long as there are no cat-pokers waiting out there for me!'
Yes, I'm a travelin' cat,

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