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life as a poly in a small town


January 28th 2009 9:24 am
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we got about 8 inches of snow overnight. i'd like to know what you guys got along the lines of weather. rain? snow (how much)? nothing? sleet? i'd like to know! we're also supposed to get more snow, but not much. it's supposed to stay below 30F until Sunday, at the earliest. the most snow we got in Indiana was 12.8 inches. but don't know where that is. the Indianapolis International Airport got 12.5 inches. that's alot of snow! i got to play in it. :) but now what?


vet trip!

January 19th 2009 5:40 pm
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i go to the vet tomorrow!!! i can't wait. all the people, animals, colors, and other activity, it's so exciting! i like going, i get to explore the table and counters. i just don't like the pricks and poking, they hurt. but i like to see the people and traveling. i wish we could do cat shows. but the closest location is over an hour away. :( oh well, maybe my people will take me if they move after the apprentice is gone. i like the people and animals. it's so nice, to see so many people and get petted and cuddled! i bet it would be even better at a cat show. anyway, vet tomorrow! shadow got out the carrier for me, it's cozy. i like it.



January 15th 2009 8:53 pm
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it's been really cold lately, i haven't been out for a couple days. right now, it's -11F. so cold -shivers- Bear doesn't like it either, i think it hurts her bones. Harley is getting impatient, too. it's so cold, he's had to use the litter box. tomorrow, it's supposed to be below zero again. brrrr, it makes me cold thinking about it. i feel sorry for any cat stuck out this leaf-bare. hope you all had a good week and have a good weekend!


new year...

January 6th 2009 12:51 pm
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hi everyone! hope you all had a good holiday season. mine was fun! i got two toys from my people's family, and 9 rattle mice from them for christmas. we've had snow, i don't like it much. it hurts my hands and feet. Mushu (a Chinese Crested/Chihuahua mix) visited, he's fun to chase and smack. not much else really happened.
hope you have a good week and a happy year!



November 17th 2008 10:53 am
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hi all! i know it's been a while, my person forgets to update for me. but my thumbs come in handy, so it's my turn! hehe. it's been cold lately, so Harley has been mean. he can't go outside as much, his fur is shorter and thinner than mine and Bear's, so he doesn't like to be outside much in the cold. but my people want it to "snow", they want to see how i react. i don't really remember this snow much. i was little last leaf-bear. but not this year! i'm over a year old now. hehe. well, i think that's all. i found Bear, so i might pick on her for a while. hope you have a good week!



June 27th 2008 10:22 am
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i caught a snake today! it was a "gardener snake" i think is what they said. it was about 2 feet long, i think. they took it from me, tho. i don't know what they did with it, but they said i shouldn't have it. oh well. it was fun! i'm gonna go now, i just wanted to tell everyone that i got a snake. yay. have a sunshiny day!



April 23rd 2008 9:27 am
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i got a daily diary pick, yay! i'm on diary central. thank you everyone, who has given me a gift or star. i forgot to tell you that.



April 15th 2008 4:51 pm
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i like this weather. it was sunny and warm today! i got to go out for about 6 hours this morning/afternoon, then about another hour later on. i heard shadow talking about it. it's supposed to be even nicer tomorrow! yay!
shadow wants me to be a therapy cat. but she can't find anyplace to register me or anything. we found out i have to be a year old first, though. at least with the only program she could find that had the rules. they also only accept pedigree cats, which doesn't sound fun. being a therapy cat sounds like fun tho, even if nothing else does. i get to see people and go for rides. i like people and rides, so maybe i'll like this. but i heard some places require "declawing" i don't know what that is, but it sounds painful. shadow probably knows. there was also something about "soft paws" which sounds nice. but anyway, if anyone knows where in the state of Indiana we may be able to register me for a therapy cat program, would you send us a p-mail to let us know? or if you know where we might find some info about it? we did a search, but couldn't find anything. i better go, shadow thinks she needs to try another harness session soon, that way i will walk on the leash. she doesn't know i'm going to go to sleep!


Sleepy Day

April 10th 2008 1:42 pm
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today was windy and rainy. i didn't get to go out. Harley did, he always goes out. he's older. i'm bored. was sleeping, don't feel like it now. i don't know what else to type. have a purrrfect day!

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