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Cat tales by Tailer

What IS that thing??

April 29th 2005 11:08 pm
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So the other day my mom and dad came home with something new. I knew it was something interesting, but they wouldn't let me in the room to see it. Later on in the day, I managed to get in the room...I walked into the bathroom (where my food and litterbox used to be) and....WHAT IN THE HECK IS THAT THING???????

I wasn't too sure what it was, but I knew I didn't like it. I didn't see it again for a few days, but I couldn't get in the room to investigate. Mom and dad were keeping the door closed. This didn't make me very happy. You see, my cow was in the room. You know, the cow I like to nurse on? What was I going to do??? FINALLY, my dad wised up and brought the cow out in to the living room. I walked right over to that cow and started nursing on it. Man....after I got my fix, I felt much better!

Anyways, I finally got to see what it was they brought home. Turns out it's a kitten. Pesky little thing, if you ask me. Purrs ALL THE TIME. Boy was I pissed at mom and dad and I let them know it too! Everytime that little kitten was around and they picked me up to give me hugs and kisses, I growled and hissed. I'm pretty sure they knew I wasn't very happy with the situation. But, what I soon learned is that he smaller than me. ..and I can ALWAYS beat him at Smackdown. I like to run up behind him and flatten him under my belly. His little legs flail all over the place! He usually gives me a bite or two, but it doesn't hurt. I just keep him pinned down until he cries uncle. Boy is that fun!!!! But, mom butts in every once in a while. She says I am a little too rough on him. I guess she doesn't remember what it was like for me when I first came to live with them. Dumb and Dumber were always ganging up on me.

Now that he has been around for a few weeks, I'm learning to like him. I mean, having a kid brother isn't too bad. I know that mom and dad still love me...they tell me so all the time. I think I'll let him stay...for now.

I'll let you know how things progress...
Meow for now!


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