Recipes from a Stale Marshmallow

Guess what I'm doing?

February 20th 2010 7:17 pm
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I'm sitting on mommy's lap helping her eat the cream cheese off of her crackers. You know my birthday picture with cake on my face? Well, I got cream cheese on my cheeks and chin and mommy is giggling about it.


DDP! Wahoo!

February 20th 2010 10:28 am
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Valentines was great, my birthday was great, and did I mention that our furiends Tasha, TT, and Ellie sent us some of their favorite things? It had Da Bird, which we never tried that before and all of us had so much fun with it. There were soft balls, crinkle toys, and fuzzy fur balls. We have had crinkle toys before and every couple months daddy moves the oven and the fridge so we can get them back. There was a kitty nip fur and feather toy, but Chewie claimed it for her own and we haven't seen it since. There were these yummy chicken treats too. Mommy said they had vitamins, but they sure didn't taste like it. Even Lucky ate them and he doesn't usually like treats, not even the wet stuff. I'm such a lucky to kitty to have furriends like Tasha, TT, and Ellie.

An update on my ears. Mommy and daddy decided against surgery for my ears. My vet is going to post a picture of them on a website and see if any specialists can think of a non-surgical treatment that might help.


Birthday Thank You's

February 12th 2010 8:40 pm
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Wow, what a memorable birthday! I wish all my caster furriends could have come to our birthday bash. I have lots of thanks to give for all my presents. I got a forever star from Nonny to always shine on my page. I got a yummy cupcake from Kitty and Pride. Tasha's family and Grace's family gave me juicy shrimp. Beepers and Ashlynne gave me a heart. And some special anonymous furriend gave me roses. I wonder who it could have been? I don't think I have any secret admirers... Although, Valentines is just around the corner. QT, Xena, and Zeke gave me a lovely rose. Also, I have a million treats, which mommy knows it must have taken a long time to give me all those treats. Someone must think I am pretty special! Thank you to all my furriends!


My 8th Birthday!

February 10th 2010 7:47 pm
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Today is my 8th birthday! Pretty Girl is my sister so it was her birthday too. Mommy says a kitty's 8th birthday is like a purson's 40th birthday. So we are over the hill now. Since Pretty Girl is such a diva kitty, she tells everyone she is only 6. Mommy says we should let her get away with lying about her age because its just something girls do.


Funny Video

February 7th 2010 7:56 am
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You should watch the funny Valentine Video on my page


What did she just call me?

December 31st 2009 3:32 am
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I was taking a nap on the bed when mommy came up and started giving me loves. Her and daddy where talking about how much weight I've put on. Mommy said I'm like a big soft marshmallow... although, not soft and doughy as much (because that might hurt my feelings), more like muscle. Dad laughed..."a muscley marshmallow?" and looked at mom like she was crazy. "Yeah," she said, "He's more firm.... like a stale marshmallow!" So now my new nickname is the "Stale Marshmallow"


Diary Pick and huge announcement!

December 16th 2009 6:43 am
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Wahoo! I am a diary pick today and the timing couldn't be better because we have a big announcement! Last night, mommy came home with a new kitty. Mommy let me see him for a minute but then put him in the spare room. She wants him to get settled in and take it easy because he has some health problems. The breeder asked mommy if she wanted him, or else they were going to put the kitten down. The breeder said the kitten stopped growing and they did bloodwork and found it had pancreatitis. So they gave it a shot of steroids to treat it but the kitten had a bad reaction and had a huge seizure. It was so bad they had to sedate him. After that happened, they were going to euthanize him, but the little guy kept fighting and seemed to pull through. Mommy is going to watch him and if he has another episode she will do the humane thing, but we are hoping it was just a one time occurrence and he gets to stay with us.


so many thanks

December 8th 2009 8:11 pm
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Thank you everyone for your thoughts and purrs. I don't have any kind of update because mommy is still thinking about it and collecting more information. My catster friends gave me alot of great advice. Mommy talked to my breeder last year because my breeder was also a veterinarian. My breeder sent out lots of emails to her other sphynx buddies and veterinarians and they had helpful information. Thats when we decided to biopsy the bumps in my ears, so we could know for sure what they were. The biopsy came back saying they were apocrine gland cysts. What mommy has researched hasn't been too reassuring. Kitties can have facial paralysis because there are many facial nerves in the path of this surgery. Muppet had this surgery and has given mommy alot to think about. (if you are reading this muppet, mommy has meant to write you back but hasn't had the time yet).


I'm a mess

December 3rd 2009 12:23 pm
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So a while back my mom found a lump on my back leg. The doctor poked it with a needle and looked at it under a microscope. He thought it could be cancerous so we took it off and sent it to a lab. It did turn out to be cancerous and was caused by a vaccine. Luckily, mommy caught it early and I had a very good surgeon that was able to move it all.

About 6 months later, I had all my teeth (except my big 4 canines) removed because of stomatitis. My gums were always swollen and red because my body was rejecting my teeth. It made it painful to eat. Mommy wasn't so sure about having all my teeth taken out, but I'm glad she did because I feel so much better now. My mouth doesn't hurt anymore and you should see the weight I've put on!

Now mommy is trying to make another decision about my health. I have little blue growths in my ears that have been there for years. It started out with just a few, but they have grown and spread. The doctor did a biopsy and said that the only thing they could do was surgically remove them. The doctor even talked about removing my ear canals and closing up my ears so I wouldn't have any more ear problems. This is pretty scary because its a big deal. I would loose hearing and its a major surgery. Are there any other kitties out there that have had this surgery done?


Health Scare

June 16th 2008 7:02 am
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My mommy had found a small lump on my back leg last month. She made an appointment for the doctors, and they poked my leg with a sharp needle! "Ouch!" I said. when the doctor came back, he explained to my mommy that the lump looks cancerous. So I had to go back the next day for surgery. The doctor also took a biopsy of my skin and my ear because I have weird blue spots that the doctor can't diagnose. So now I am sore. But the doctor said the the lump hadn't spread to my muscle yet, and he is pretty sure he got all the bad cancer out. The doctor sent it to the lab to make sure, so I will hear back in a couple days. Hopefully he can find out what the blue spots are too, because my mommy has taken me to lots of doctors and no one has ever seen it before.
Oh yeah, and when I was at the doctors for my surgery, he told my mommy that we should maybe pull out all my teeth! Can you believe that! how will i eat? My mommy reassured me that she wouldn't do anything drastic yet. We are going to try a steriod treatment first to see if it will make my gums not so swollen and sore. But the doctor told me i might feel lots better without me teeth, so me and mommy are going to think about it.

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