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I can TALK!!!

July 13th 2008 3:53 pm
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I finally meowed for Mom last week. She was at that thing called a PUTER and I was laying on the floor looking cute. And I did it. I meowed. Two times. Mom just looked at me as if I was the most wonderful kitty in the world. I am but don't tell Bob. Anyway, Bob has been teaching me how to meow. He comes into the front room every night and sings really loud. Mom isn't a fan and usually yells at him to shut up. So I learned from Bob. Monday night I decided to try my hand at singing in the front room. WHOOHOO, I did it. And I as loud! Mom didn't yell at me, I think she liked it.

Things have definitely changed for me here. I let Mom start holding me in April, just before she started her new job. She was really excited about the whole thing. I'm not a fan of being held but I would like to sit on Mom's lap but not sure how to do that yet. I like to look cute and stretch to touch Mom while she is on the 'puter.

I now have full access to the house. I come out mostly after dark when I know the dog is asleep. I've moved from sleeping in the front room to the family room. Mom's room is right there. Hopefully I will be able to sleep in there with her sometime.


No more babies for me!!

March 11th 2008 10:08 am
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That annoying lady took me to the lady doctor yesterday. It was scary there but they treated me nicely. The shaved my tummy and took out my insides. Mom said I was in 'heat', not sure what that is but it wasn't fun. Now I won't have that to deal with again. I was really out of it last night when annoying lady brought me home. She just left me alone, checked on me a few times (I think she was worried). I am still feeling icky, the doctor gave me a long lasting pain shot, I hope it works. Today I let the annoying lady pet me while I purred. I think I scared her again, till she realized it was purring. sheesh. And just now annoying lady came in to sit with me. She even laid down on the cold hard bathroom floor so that I could feel her hand on me. It made me feel safe and loved. She is an annoying lady but I think I will learn to love her.


I'm going to get fixed on Monday!!!

March 8th 2008 9:59 am
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I am not sure what it means but Mom says I am getting fixed on Monday,they are going to make it so that I NEVER have to have babies again. Thank goodness, I am just a little thing, I shouldn't have babies. I know Mom is worried about this operation but I am sure the doctor will do good.

I've let Mom pet me. I swear she was crying a little bit when I allowed that. We've progressed a lot in 3 weeks. When I first arrived here I was so scared, I just hissed at her and looked at her scared like. Then Mom brought out this back scratcher thing that came from her parent's house. That was nice, to be touched and just know that maybe, just maybe, I was loved. Then my Aunt Adele, Mom's big sister reminded her to use the brush. OMG, that is the best. It was great. After a couple of times of that I allowed Mom to really touch me. And now, well, yeah, I like it. I let her pet me a few times a day and I think Mom likes it. Of course when I have had enough I push away from her and might even swat at her.

I still won't come out of the carrier when Mom is around, she is scary to me still but I am going to do it. I know she loves me, it is just taking some time for me to trust her.


My new home - 2/24/2007

February 24th 2008 10:34 am
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I am trying to learn that the lady is nice. She does bring me food and fixes me fresh water. And she left me treats last night on the counter. I got up and ate them. I made some noise too, enough to wake up the lady so she came and checked on me. We all went back to sleep and then at 5 am I decided to run around the room a little bit. I must have hit something cause it made a lot of noise. The lady moved my hidy hole today (my carrier), she said she had to clean the room. I got to sit in her office for about 5 minutes while she did that. I think I might like this place. Even though there is another kitty here and a doggie. I only met them the first day but I don't remember that very well. I hope I can become friends with everyone, or at least just exist. I don't have to be friends but I have to be civilized.


My Arrival - 2/16/2007

February 24th 2008 10:31 am
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Today that lady and her dog found me. I was so scared. I was sitting on the side of the road, next to the fence. I tried to be invisible but the lady, she came back for me. I tried to fight her but I was not feeling very good so I let her put me in that box and take me to her house. Then I had to go to the doctor's office and be checked out. I know the lady was worried that I was going to have those awful diseases but I was clean. I am tiny for an adult kitty but I haven't had real good food for a little while. That doctor lady gave me some shots and sent home antibiotics for the lady to give me. When I got home (I have a HOME!!!) I went back into the safe room and slept. The lady kept coming in and talking to me, I was just not feeling good. She put out really stinky food but I wasn't much interested, I think I had a stuffy nose. Finally the lady got me out of the carrier (I didn't fight her too much) and she held me and I fell asleep in her arms for a little bit. Then the lady stuck her finger in my mouth...and there was food on it!!! FOOD!!! Real kitty food. Yummy kitty food. I was so happy to have it, I gobbled up all I could. It made the lady very happy. Then I went into my safe place (the carrier) and slept the first real good nights sleep I've had in a long time.

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