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Age: 20 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 8 lbs.

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Kittie Kitty, Squeaky Meow, Squeak, MewMew, Spaz

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sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

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-mixed breed-cat rescue

September 8th 1996


Being petted, playing, grooming, watching the rats, sleeping in the dog kennel

Dogs, sometimes Cirrus, bugs, being picked up for long amounts of time, strangers, too many visitors at once, and not getting enough attention

Favorite Toy:
Feather teaser, scratch-matt, crazy spin thingy, boxes, paper bags, catnip mice, Mom

Favorite Nap Spot:
In the dog kennel, in boxes, on top of the chair in the sitting area, on the bed

Favorite Food:
Moist cat treats, deli meat, tuna fish, catnip

Running up walls, backflips, spotting bugs, endurance feather pouncing, jellybeaning, being a spaz


Arrival Story:
I used to be an abandoned stray. I would roam around some apartments looking for food and hoping someone would feed me and love me. One day I saw a girl sitting on her front porch and she looked nice, so I trotted up to her and demanded that she pet me. Of course my charm took affect and she fed me as well. I hung around all the time after that, and she would feed me and love on me all the time. Finally she let me in her apartment, and I realized how good the indoor life was. After that I never wanted to go back outside again. I'll just watch the outside world from the window sill, thanks.

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9 of 9

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Supah Spaz

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We're not sure exactly how old I am. Originally Mom thought that I was only about a year old when she found me, but now the vet thinks I'm much older than that. So for now, we estimate that my birthday is September 8th, 1996.

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September 20th 2004 More than 12 years!

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Kittie Explains It All


January 9th 2009 9:39 pm
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I'm toofless. Er, toothless. Ahem.

Mommy took me to the vet to get my teeth checked, and after a week of antibiotics I went back for a cleaning. Well they did some cleaning, and a lot of pulling. All of my back teeth are gone now, some had already fallen out and the rest were beyond repair. The vet estimates that I am 8 years old, and reassured Mommy that it was nothing that she did or didn't do, but that I probably have bad genetics predisposing me to dental disease.

At first I wasn't feeling too good about the whole thing. I had to be on antibiotics for awhile, and I HATED taking them. Mommy would have to chase me down and force the dropper in my mouth. Not only that, but after the surgery, she had to give me pain medicine too that got rubbed in my ear, and I HATED that too. But after we finished with the medicines, things turned out not to be so bad actually. At first I just thought I was being spoiled, but Mommy told me that the vet says I am never to eat kibble again since I have no teeth. Turns out this was Mommy's plan anyway, but regardless of who decided that I should only dine on delicious canned food, I'm LOVING it.

At first I thought I was just special, but soon after, my other feline siblings all started getting nothing but canned food. Oh well.

Yesterday, Mommy did something weird to my food. My yummy canned food was in my bowl, but there was something else mixed into it too. It was... (hopefully you haven't eaten recently, cause I know this is going to gross some of you out) RAW MEAT. Yuck, I know. I turned my nose up and wouldn't eat a bite. So after 30 minutes, Mommy took my bowl away, untouched. A girl like me can skip breakfast every now and then, no biggie. But then it was the same thing for dinner. GROSS. I went to bed hungry that night, but at least I still had my dignity. But it didn't get better for breakfast this morning either. I still refused to eat, but was really starting to get hungry. *pout*

When Mommy put my dinner bowl down tonight, I was really hoping that she'd give in by now. But no, it was still my canned food tainted with that raw chicken mess. I reluctantly walked away slowly. Mommy picked the bowl up right away, opened another can and did some mixing, and then set it back down for me. I sniffed it again... hmm, what was that smell? TUNA! She bribed me... but I couldn't resist. The hunger and the little bit of tempting tuna finally won me over. I finished everything in my bowl, including the raw meat.

It actually wasn't all that bad...



December 5th 2008 10:18 pm
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Mom has been very stressed out lately, especially since my vet appointment. She says she's very worried about me, and worried for what the future holds for my feline siblings. She says that she feels like she's failed us because all this time she hasn't been giving us the best care afterall.

Mom did a lot of research after my appointment, and learned a bunch of things about cat nutrition that she didn't quite know before, most importantly about how cats need to consume their water with their food, so cats fed kibble are slowly leading to chronic dehydration. Her favorite and most influential site that she read was and she printed a bunch of stuff out and took it to work to show her manager and her boss so that the store would start pushing the importance of canned food and the pre-made raw for cats. Mom is completely convinced that my feline siblings and I shouldn't be eating kibble anymore and has a plan now to switch us all to canned and then to raw. We'll use up the kibble we have and then not buy anymore. So far it's been great getting canned food every day. My siblings still have to eat the kibble for breakfast, but I get canned food at breakfast and dinner.

Mom is kind of frustrated that in general, customers don't want to do what's best for their pets. Mom feels so defeated every time she tries to get someone to put back a bag of Science Diet or one of the other low quality brands that the store has in stock, and she tries to get them to buy something better, but they won't listen. She's been trying to sell more canned cat food this week, but so far everyone's been resistant.

Part of this of course is Mom beating herself up. I wish Mom wouldn't be so hard on herself, because none of us like seeing her so depressed and anxious. I try to tell Mom that it's not her fault and that I'll be fine. I wish she would listen to me more.


The Vet and My Age

December 2nd 2008 6:54 pm
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Mom took me to the vet today. She noticed over the weekend that my teeth have really started giving my trouble. It's been an issue for awhile now, and Mom has done the best she can to take care of my teeth herself, but it was finally time to have some help from the vet as well. I lost a tooth this past weekend, and I finally let Mom have a look inside my mouth (I admit, I'm usually difficult about this, which is why Mom hasn't had any luck getting me to sit still for her to brush my teeth. Mom wasn't too happy about how irritated my gums looked, and although she couldn't see my back teeth too well, saw enough tartar and plaque to warrant a dental appointment. I've also for the first time been having some trouble chewing my solid kibble, and despite all her efforts, I continue to refuse to eat anything raw. Mom tried giving me raw bones to chew on to help clean my teeth, but I turn my nose up every time. For now I'm eating some canned Evo since it's easier for me.

So anyway, Mom took me to the vet, despite my protest. I made sure to yowl the whole drive there. The vet looked at me and said I'd have to have a dental cleaning/surgery to remove the teeth that can't be saved, and to scrape the ones that can. At first he said my yucky mouth was a potential symptom of Feline AIDS, and Mom got really scared as they drew my blood and waited for test results. Mom has had me for five years, and when she first decided to be my permanent home, she took me to the vet for a full work-up. Since I'm strictly an indoor-only cat, Mom hasn't had me back to the vet for the "recommended" annual shots - Mom has a more holistic perspective on vet care, and didn't think it was necessary to pump me or my other feline siblings up with chemicals every year. It was a stressful ten minutes or so waiting for the test results to come back, but everything was negative, thankfully.

The vet asked Mom if she was sure I was only about six years old, and Mom said "no, actually..." Mom always suspected that I was about a year old when she first found me, just because I was small and looked young. But, in the five years that I've been with Mom, I never grew any bigger. Mom and the vet now suspect that I was actually older when Mom originally found me, so I'm much older than six years old now. When Mom told Dad this, he said he wouldn't be surprised if I was more like 12 years old. This still is just a guess, but maybe when the vet gets a good look at my teeth during my dental, he'll have a better estimate of just how old I really am. For now, it's a mystery to the humans, and being the respectable lady that I am, I'm not telling them my real age.

So, my dear furiends, please keep me in your thoughts. I'll be dining on delicious canned food for the foreseeable future at least, but Mom and I still worry about my upcoming dental. I have to take disgusting antibiotics for the next 20 days, twice a day. Yuck. But hopefully it will make me feel better and help clear up this nastiness in my mouth.

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