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The Lazy Cat

My Birthday Celebration @ Rainbow Bridge.

March 1st 2014 1:26 pm
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MOm-katt is sitting @ the computer while I whisper into her ears of how great it is to celebrated my birthday with all the furs @ rainbow bridge. Mom, I had an exciting day here. All the furs, no matter who they are came up to me and said Happy Birthday Athena. I was just so much in awe of who was here to celebrate with me. Of course my real mom-Ginger was here and so was my real sisfurs, Callie, Misty, and my real fur brothers, Tiger, Zeus. The day was glowing with the sunshine on all of us. But you know what mom-katt, it is always a furday here! It is a never ending party. For you see, there are other furs that celebrate their birthdays here too! So don't feel bad mom-kat that you couldn't be here to have fun with me. For I know that you thought of me on my special day. I will always think of you and when that day comes for you to be here, I'll will look out for you and await for you. Love you always mom.

Oh Athena, I miss you so much! Your constant pawing at me or dad-kat for that special attention to be petted. You were an amazing girl. The way your walked around the house real fast was a "hop" like a bunny! When that day comes Athena, I will be looking for you along with the other furs that have been in my life. Miss you sweetie. Until later......Mom-Debra


Diary Of The Day! Oh My!

March 2nd 2013 5:07 pm
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This is an awesome honor for ME to be picked. I hardly say anything as I have been a very quiet angel here @ rainbow bridge. I cannot tell you how much this means to be in this position of the dairy pick. But I can tell you that I am going to spread this honor with all the other furry ones here at rainbow bridge. Remember, there are a lot of furs here who has never had a home, a life in one, much less been loved. Something has happened to them that caused them to be here with no one to honor their lives, their terrible days, their terrible illness. So I shall share this with them in hoping that all of my earthly furs and heavenly furs who read this diary that I say, be loyal to your furs. Be lovingly to your furs. We have a very short life on earth and our love, our loyalty and our gratitude is without honor for what you have given us.
Again, THANK YOU ALL.......for this honor. May you all be blessed with the power of love, happiness, and joy!

Most sincerely,
Angel Athena


Happy Birthday To Me!

February 26th 2013 4:35 pm
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I will always be celebrating my birthday here @ rainbow bridge. But it is not only me that is being celebrated, but a whole lot of other purrs and pups too! But today, just for me, I will be in my mom-katt/dad-katt's memory of the day that I was born. My mom Ginger (who is here with me and my other siblings too) all are remembering the day we came in the lives of our humans. Our little meows and trying to get around to snuggle to mom so we can drink her milk that she has store in her body. The loving kisses as she cleaned us all off. The constant moving around in the box for my mom to make us comfortable. Oh how wonderful those memories are. I will always treasure them until my mom-katt/dad-katt comes here when it is their time and then we can celebrate again, and again, and again! So for now, I will just enjoy my life here with all the other furs and celebrate my birthday with them. In the meantime, I'll send down my love, happiness and gratitude to my family on earth for giving me the best years of my life. Thank you all, my family for loving me, caring for me and giving me your unconditional love. Not only today, but forever!

Your Angel,


1 Year Anniversary of Being @ Rainbow Bridge.

December 18th 2012 8:58 pm
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Ahhhh yes, it was a year ago today 12/18/11 that my tired, weak body gave up. My mom and dad gave me so much love on earth. The day I was born it was such sweet divine says my mom/dad. They both held onto me after I took my first breath and meowed! I was such a fat little baby. The years gently have gone by and I grew up into the most gentle loving fat little girl and into womanhood, I kept on my weight MOL! Then the older I got the more lazy and loving I became to all the other furs that have come into my life.

But my last year on earth took a toll and finally I had to say good-bye to my human parents and the other furs. And finally I meowed one more time and went to sleep forever in my skin-moms arms.

A year ago today, I came to rainbow bridge and found my real mom Ginger, my other furs that have gone before me, and my other siblings. And of course Brewster who left earth just months before me. We are all together here and especially this holiday season, we have gather together to sing our hearts out in Glory of the annual celebration of his holiness's birth that has been taught all around the world.

I will always be around my mom/dad in the spirit and will always send down my unconditional love. Mom/Dad, as you walk down memory lane about me, may you find peace and hold me in your mind until we meet again.

Love To All,


Happy Birthday Athena!

February 26th 2012 9:39 am
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Boy oh boy, me and all the furs here in rainbow bridge will be celebrating my 17th birthday here. Though this is the 1st one away from my furamily's and meowmy. Well the celebration will be going on all day! There is a lot of fish to eat, cream to drink, and catnip to go crazy on. Then we will fly around on the cloud above earth and let the clouds carry us to another place in rainbow bridge to party again! Oh my, this is some excitement for sure! Of course me has my little brofur Zeus to blow on the horns and have fun with and my other fur-dog Brewster to bang out the drums (good player he is)to get a parade going on to celebrate. And when this is over, well I'm sure that there will be another pawty to celebrate some fur here too.
Alright furs, let's pawty!

Meowmy here: Athena, may your celebration bring alot of furs around to enjoy. Let my memories be sweet. As I remember when you were first born. Your little face so gentle and rosy. You were such a fat little girl. Your name is graced with love and adorn through out your life here. Relive your life again precious. And one day we will meet at rainbow bridge with all the other furs in my life. Love you and miss you soooooo.


Nothing Important

February 25th 2012 1:51 pm
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Here at rainbow bridge it is just another universe of fun, happiness, love, play, naps, eat and more fun. Every where on earth where there was rain, we sent a rainbow through the aftermath. "G" wants to make sure that things are growing and also trying to get rid of the awful pollution that the humans have made on earth with the rain. But the humans are up and at it again.
Bouncing around on fluffy clouds from earth atmosphere, we see all the things going on, good and not good. We cover our eyes when the bad is going on. Some day that bad will answer their almighty when judgement day comes.
Well, just thought I put down a few words for anyone to read and hopefully the humans will wise up to their bad and their mistakes.

Angel dust sending down to all........

p.s. Meowmy, I love you! puuuurrrrrrsssss


Happy New Year !

January 16th 2012 6:50 am
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O.K., so here I am at rainbow bridge. The slim girl that I used to be. That is because I am running around, trying to catch the butterfly's, and going down to the pond to see the turtles swim and the frogs croaking and of course trying to catch them too! MOL! The place is just beautiful. I am hanging around with my other brofur Brewster and we both met up with Zeus and other furs that were in my life and my hoomans life.

Mom, I wish that I could tell you not to cry. I know that it is hard and no words will make you feel any better. You have given me the best of a life that any fur could have. And for that, I thank you.

We will meet again in the future. And when we do, it will be the biggest, most wonderful time that you have ever had. For now I will always watch over you and the furamily. When you get sad,lonesome, and ache in sorrow, go out back and look down under the tree and then look up into the sky. For we all will be watching over you and every other fur and hoomans until we meet again.

Love Ya Mom,

Love you too Athena,


Thank You All

January 8th 2012 7:46 am
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for it has been very, very difficult time that I have left my skin parents. My mom was distraught the whole month. With my death and then skin dad's heart problem and a lot of wondering if my furamily and skin parents were going to lose the house they are all living in. But all has changed (or some of it has), but mom/dad and furs are fine in the home.
Mom comes out back where my skin brother buried me. She crys and said that I have always been a good kitty. I try to let her know with the wind blowing a little that it is o.k. and that I am fine. She knows now and I will always be there for her through the tough times and the good times. Me and brofur Brewster here at rainbow bridge will always be her strength and keep mom from being down.
We love you mom and will always be there for you in spirit and in love.



Good Bye : (

December 18th 2011 7:22 pm
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My body has finally shut down. I laid in my mommy's arm. I had a couple of spastic attacks and then I took my last breath. My mom cried. She was telling me to look into the light and go onto Rainbow Bridge. That Brewster will be waiting for me and so will Zeus.
Wow, it is beautiful! I see my 2 brofurs. They are walking up to greet me and tell me how I will like it here. But I look back and see my mom still crying and holding me. Oh mom, I'm fine now. I am young again. Please don't cry. You loved me with all of your heart and you gave me a wonderful life. Be happy! I am o.k. I love it here.
Love you mom & dad. May the holiday be joyful to you and the rest of the family.

Love & sandpaper licks,


I've Been Tagged!

November 11th 2008 6:49 pm
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OMC! Someone name Rosie (my furiend) has tagged me and this being my very furst time entering into the diary is too much to think about of myself. But try as I can, I'll do my best to list 7 things about me.
1. I'm F A T! yeppers!, but I can't help it. I don't do anything except sleep and eat and get meowmie to pet me as I pur to her.

2. I like to eat! Now what kitty doesn't MOL!

3. I lounge around outside the back porch/yard to soak up the sun

4. I'm a calico cat, but my colors are white, sandpaper, grey/black (mixed together)

5. I am mostly a quiet kitty in the house.

6. Some times I feel lonely, but that is I am not too sociable around the other kitties. But when I am around them, I groom them like a mommy does.

7. Some day in the future, I hope to see my real meowmy, sisfurs and brofurs at Rainbow Bridge.


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