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Home:Mülheim/ruhr, Germany  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 16 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 15 lbs.

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THIS CAT PAGE IS NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 18! topics include, ADULT cats, Thier ADULT owners and the everyday life. If you dont wish to be offened, then discontinue reading this cats diary! thank you!!!!

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Quick Bio:
-pound cat-cat rescue

plays WWF with his unwilling brother Cain. stalking Cain, etc. Sleeping all day during the week waiting for the ´´spoiler´´to get home. Ignores ´´wasderface´´ all day. eating anything that finds its way to the floor.

Squirt gun, doorbell, Cain on the bed, cigarette smoke,loud noises, men, kids, other cats, dogs, basicaly hes anti social

Favorite Toy:
Cain,but after the hair gets to much, he moves on to stuffed mice toys, pens. flashlight beam, spiders that make it into the house .things of that nature.

Favorite Nap Spot:
The bed. bathtub, top of the stairs. inside closets dressers. the iron board, on top of the dinning room table. the floor, under the table. The back of the couch, better view to stalk Cain with i suppose.

Favorite Food:
Cheap stuff from plus. He tends to not like the gourmet from whiskas. chicken, pizza, beefies,mushrooms,ham,pickles(only for a action toy) tuna, whipped cream, ice cream.

He can clear the room after a vist to the cat box in under 30 seconds. Excellent spider finder, though he wont eat them. good back up alarm clock. Breaking things, biting toes,shedding, making ppl sneeze, drooling over worn bra´s (dont ask)


Arrival Story:
Murphy was adopted from the pound along with his brother Cain. Though the pound lied and said he was indoor kitty only, its taken him 3 yrs to stop attempting to make a break for the front door, or the balcony door. His moods swing from happy pet me to touch me and I will destroy your hand mode. Very jellous over Cain getting any affection from the ´´humans´´. Murphy loves to have his belly rubbed and play ´´lets rub my hair all over freshly washed linens´´

I am not sure of his breed. I like to think hes a splat breed as his coat is of many colors. Also, who ever had murphy and cain prior, really made these cats stressed out. Even today they jump at the slightest noise.

Lives Remaining:
5 of 9

Forums Motto:
Come to think of it, I like everyone!!!!

The Groups I'm In:
CATS ARE FLUFFBALLS, GLOBAL CAT CHAT incorporated!!, Luck O' The Irish, Wild Whiskers

I've Been On Catster Since:
September 17th 2004 More than 12 years!

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BEEFIES its whats for DINNER!!!

Proper Etiquet 101!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING- FOLKS!!!!!

November 22nd 2006 6:02 pm
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oK for folks reading this , yanno that iam not really on catster diary(journal) thing anymore. But as i told the catster folks, i will make my rounds back on here come the holidays! and well Thanksgiving is one .

So for folks out there, that recently hooked up with a boyfriend or girlfriend or married, or found a new partner, and were asked
to like come to thier parents or aunts or relatives homes for the holidays,heres a list i made for the new ppl going into a new situation and hoping that things work out for the best.

Lesson ONE.

chewing while talking! sure sure,, maybe Uncle JR did that all his life at the dinner table and no one minded, course he was sitting at the end of table . If your sadly, sitting next to em for your first meeting at a family dinner, please tell this person to chew with thier mouth shut! and dont talk either when chewing! hes not GWB and wont be thank god.
maybe it was cool back then, but if your a GUEST, ducking projectiles from Uncle Jrs mouth as he talks , is something you can indeed gripe about! If all else fails, using one hand as a shield, wont be viewed as rude iam sure.
also be warrned over TUPPERWARE WARS!!!!!!!! so in so borrowed one from 1989 and never returned it. ASK for simple paper plates for any left overs you humans might be asked to take home!
also seran wrap works wonders for such a bounty :)

Lesson two.
ok here comes the hors d'oeuvre! please dont fight with some one over the last olive. Those little forks can be quite nasty if poked by accident. Let the person who heart is set on getting that lone left over olive, achieve this victory! Mind the ritz crackers with cheese. A large glass of water is advisable as to not choke and have your possible new family memebers, all 13 of em rush over and perform the famous maneuver called Heimlich!

The center piece! well if its the turkey and nothing else flower wise, then i guess, just comment on oooooh it looks great! course after the meal its looking like a dead camel with ribs and stuff. Focus on other things,, such as the now melted candles that have dripped all over the table cloth or the yummy color the curtains are in the dinning room! if , this is corrected with such as,, they arent, yellow its the cigarette smoke, smile nice wise, excuse yourself and go outside for a very long LMAO! moment. compose and re enter.

lesson three.

The old fireplace stories! folks this can date back to 1880. be prepared to listen, learn and hear the stories about how so in so married this and that and how it didint work and well since then they have been removed from the family 6 times over! Mind the EYE! when the folks talk about ppl being uppity due to thier new spouces,, just snuggle closers and hold hands. If theres any pets in this household, make sure you saved fido or the cat something from dinner, BONUS points are a must in this new enviroment!

lesson four.

eating habbits!
ok you made it thru dinner, with some slurping from you partners used the napkin on your lap, and made sure you picked your wine glass up from the stem and not the cup.
who wants icky turkey grease stains on wine glasses. Plus you didint use the salad fork to shovel yams down either. Yes one of the other ppl did but well, be glad your not them! Come dessert time, if the cakes are hard to use with fork, cover the side of the plate you intend to use and pray it wont shoot off the cake plate and hit your neighbors lap! choke jobs are great for this time of the yr. ask em GOT MILK!!!!!!!

lesson five.

even if they say no no its ok,, force your way inside the kitchen and help! otherwise, it will be gossip central ,, trust me folks. my owners been there and have done that. if you dont force help, then you branded a dead beat who ate alot and didint even help with the clean up!
plus come xmas time,, your gift will consist of oven mitts and paper clips to match the seasons!
and ACCEPT ANY LEFT OVERS!!!!!!!! even the burnt pumpkin pie!

like it, love it , say thank you over it and on the way home DUMP IT!!!!!!!

once home,, kiss the person your with humans and ask them how did you turn out so normal and the others??!
so thats my ADVICE to new family members ! and remember, hang close to the person that stays far away from the family gatherings!, yanno the one that makes jokes about everything and can be found at the bar! , take your hands from your pockets,, look strong and lo and be hold,, your going to find a freind in that person!
all the do s and DONTs in this new family that you humans,, just enterd!
good luck and have a happy thanksgiving!!
I hope it went well for everyone, pets included :) !!



MY NEW BLOG SITE!!!!!!!!!!! :)

November 12th 2006 3:52 pm
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OK heres the URL for it.

http://murphys-ponders-from-the-litter-box.blogspot.c om/

type that into your browers bar and ya should be seeing me in my new blog.
enjoy and leave a comment if ya want. Its easy now,, via HALOSCAN! you dont have to register or anything. drop in, drop a comment and leave!
no register nor nothing :D!!!!!!!!!!!

take care folks :)
AU REVOIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


IAM MOVING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it hurts and sucks- like needle to the buttocks!

November 10th 2006 6:05 pm
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It wasint a idea that sprang to mind out of the blue. Nor was it something that iam looking forward to, cause iam gonna miss all my friends i made here on catster and whatnot. i really mean that, I WILL MISS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!
But folks,, i think its best that i branch out and get my own blog and do my own thing . This way, no bad feelings are left nor can new viewers of my journal be shocked at my, no holds barred tell it like it is , attitude.

I just cant fight with nitpickers and things along those lines. I am happy that my two yrs here were funny, some tears were shed and i learned alot from the kitty forms and what other cats had to offer and share!! i made so many friends that i was like wow! i go back and look at em and think , hey i remember that crazy sob!! and hey look at her,, shes grown up now what a cutie!!
sure its going to suck like iono,, the sequel to a great movie. But i just wanted to let you fine folks know, that next week , starting on monday, you can find me on
the google beta version. iam kinda of new to this blog thing so i want to make sure that i LIST EVERY ONE OF MY CATSTER FRIENDS on this new blog thing
no cat left behind !!! and No Iam not looking for awwww murph stay, or awwww stuff. its just my decison to like avoid anymore static, and at the same time give great tribute to all my friends on here!!! cause ya all are,, :)!

sure it hurts,, worse then when i was fixed!! and that was mighty painfull yanno, well if your a male cat then ya know,, i cant speak for a girl kitty cause, that i dont know,, and DONT TELL ME EITHER!!!!
Cains going to stay on catster!! so yeah!! ya can read his diary and stuffage and from time to time he can update ya on my well being.
and my owners wont delete any diarys ive typed in the past either. I also offerd the catser folks,, some advice to like say have a over 18 yrs and older version for a pet journal? yanno so no one gets offended ? i dont mean to like swear like a trucker with a flat in a snow storm either!!!!!!!!!!! but yanno,, this way,, parents and kids cant be shocked over diarys etc.

so now,, as i paw my face dry, i shall bid you all, a goodnight and wish you a excellent future with your owners ,and for the little guys, new borns,, that you find homes that are filled with love and for the strays found, that you get to stay! and for the old cats with aches and ouchies,, you find comfort with your owners body heat ;) and get adopted too!!! and for every cat born,, there is a chance for that cat to get a good life like us and myself have ! and for the love of the cats, get your cats fixed and report any abuse to your local humane society!

ok time for me to fly. take care all of my friends here and ill do the same like wise!!
look for my brother cain and his diary ok?

god bless and MEOW BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love and head butts,, ear licks and butt sniffs
your buddy MURPHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
smile its not over, its just a solution to a new direction in life :) !!!!!!

The smile has never left my eyes! now its too late for some to realize, the smile will never leave my eyes!!!!
Nor should it ever leave yours !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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