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Picture of Pee Wee, a female Breed Unknown

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"I'm in Heaven looking at Pure Love and thinking of you always, Meowmie"

Home:NY DC And DE  
Sex: Female   Weight: 8 lbs.

Me holding PeeWee for one of the last few times..... HOw I hated to leave her behind (oh Mom ...... )

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"Me holding PeeWee for one of the last few times..... HOw I hated to leave her behind (oh Mom ...... )"

Baby PeeWee - 2 weeks old??? June 1960

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"Baby PeeWee - 2 weeks old??? June 1960"

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Micio Micio! -- Pronounced "meesho" -- (My Nonna Lucia would call her that -- I think it's a slang word for cat in Italian)

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Quick Bio:
-mixed breed-part feral-cat rescue

She LOVED banana peels and would turn over the garbage to get to them and then drag em all over the place.

Having to be locked in the bathroom at night and when we were away (oh Mom.....

Favorite Toy:
Anything she could get her paws on, including Mom's artificial flowers, which she would dramatically hold in her teeth as she dragged them into Grandma's big spaghetti pot to hide them.

Favorite Nap Spot:
My bed, the sofa, my lap.

Favorite Food:
Puss In Boots (Remember that? They still make it!! It' s hard to find!)

Opening the bathroom door by twisting the knob. Turning off the TV, wildly grabbing at the image of the umpire during baseball games on TV (yep, it WAS a ball, not a strike!)


Arrival Story:
This picture of me holding PeeWee was taken in 1961, shortly before we had to move away and leave her behind - for those of you who live in the Bronx, I lived on Pelham Parkway. I wanted Mom to take those pictures so I could at least have some memories of my beloved PeeWee. -----Pee Wee was born in an empty lot in the Bronx in May of 1960 (but the date on Catster does not go that far back). I took her home when her eyes had JUST opened -- the first person she saw was....ME!!! I guess she thought I was her mama. Under her baby fur you could see she was a grey and white tabby with exquisitely matched orange and white stripes on both rear legs and a white chin white belly and four white socks. What a beauty!! When I brought her upstairs, this little tiny tyke ran under the sofa, then when I mewed to her she emerged by running upside down under the sofa and hissing and spitting ("Pok!") at me. She couldn't run but hopped everywhere. I loved her so much! She was a grey, orange and white striped tabby with beautiful grey eyes; she was so tiny that I would walk through our tenement apartment holding her in the palm of my hand! I raised her with Pablum, milk and a doll's bottle (This was 1960 - I was 14, what did I know), and we both thrived. I even Gently burped her after every meal. ____ My very good friend Sonia taught me the finer points of raising a kitty. I am SO glad Sonia was around! I taught PeeWee how to use a litterbox, eat from a dish, and how to wrassle with me; we were both wild kids. She was so smart!!! And we both loved each other dearly! She thrived and grew into a BEAUTIFUL wild sassy ladykitty. _____ But I lived in an abusive household, and Mom had other ideas about cats. PeeWee could not sleep in my bed, and was locked in the bathroom at night, and when we were away. She would cry, and cry. Sometimes I would sneak her into my bed and we'd play and I was So happy to wake up and see her sleeping next to me! But those times were few and far between. ___ When PeeWee grew up, and went into heat, Mom refused to spay her. Poor PeeWee! I had no say in the matter and neither coudl my Grandma do anything..... When Mom said we had to move away to Virginia, I could not take PeeWee with me. Poor PeeWee! Poor me!! My Nonna (grandma) could not keep PeeWee, the shelter told me they would put her down if no one wanted her, and I could not find anyone who would take her.

In desperation, I finally had to leave her with a kindly old lady (whose name I never knew, but to whom I am forever grateful) who lived close to where PeeWee was born, but who let all her cats roam in her Bronx back yard. Although she fed her cats and loved them, none of them were "fixed" and none of them got any other type of care. I cried for months after we moved away. Mom eventually told me to "cut it out!". ___ I wish I had never left the Bronx. The first individual who ever showed me unconditional love, my Pee Wee, slept outside in the cold, the rain, the snow and ice. Pee Wee had one litter of kittens after the other. My Nonna would visit the neighborhood every so often. She would bring PeeWee some tasty treats, and would keep me informed. PeeWee always recognized Nonna, even after 2, 3, or 4 years. How I wished I could have returned for my kitty!!! Nonna told me that the lady took pity on PeeWee when one of the alley cats started beating up on my now-5-year old kitty, and she let PeeWee sleep in her garage. ___ I was still living in Virginia, and I knew PeeWee was still in New York. Nonna was still stopping by to look in on PeeWee whenever she was in that neighborhood (thank you, Nonna!). One night, October 1965, I woke up at 2 a.m. and felt PeeWee jumping on my bed, walking on my legs, standing on my chest and giving me a love bite on my hand. I looked -- I saw nothing but me, under the bedcovers. Then I felt PeeWee's death -- even though we were 300 miles away, I felt her fear, terror and knowledge that she was dying. I was still wide awake, and knew that PeeWee had come to say goodbye. She never forgot me, as I had never forgotten her........... ___ I will never get over that. After many years had passed, I had a dream of her -- she was standing in our livingroom in my old Bronx apartment, next to our piano that she loved to jump on and "play". She stood on the rug and looked at me, and I said in awe: "Oh!! -- it's PeeWee!". The very next night, I dreamed that she was at the foot of my bed, in my present apartment, and when I went to pick her up, my hands went right through her. PeeWee gave me a shocked look, and I too, was very surprised. I woke up crying. ___ I STILL cry a little when I think of PeeWee........ ___ Sometimes I still feel her presence. As a very thoughtful friend of mine once said -- "PeeWee is playing with her babies on the Rainbow Bridge, and waiting for you!" -- those were very comforting words. Because when I think of her (and other cats like her) dying an un-mourned death, to be thrown out with the next morning's garbage, I realize that much of humanity still has a long way to go before the word Man"kind" can mean exactly that!! ___ Sometimes people ask me why I worry about the animals when people are being abused day in and day out! Of course I never forget the human side of this sadness. How can I -- I was part of it, and it only makes me MORE sensitive to the plight of animals. Living in an abusive home was sometimes a terrifying experience to me as an innocent little child. It can strip the dignity from even the strongest-willed of us. I learned how to survive and I learned how to heal. Imagine, if you will, not only a little human being, but also a little innocent animal, who wants nothing but to give and receive love, who sees a towering enraged human being descending upon him or her -- this animal (or the little human child) has no idea at all why this is happening and usually suffers untold brutalities -- and is helpless to complain or cry out. This is why I care for and worry about the animals. ___ I believe that Adam and Eve were NOT thrown out of the Garden of Eden for anything that the kittens or the puppies had done..... The ancient Latin word for "soul" is "Anima". Just add an "L" to that............These angels have every right to the same peaceful and safe existence as we do.______ To read more about PeeWee visit RestInPeacePeeWee.html

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