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My goodness!!

It has come to my attention

July 14th 2005 10:16 am
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That I have NO diary entry to speak for myself! Well, let's take care of that once and for all.

For Starters-- I AM a tortie and Torties RULE! I extend an imperious paw (claws out -- no one taught me otherwise and I am now too set in my ways) , grumble and meow, and point to that which I want-- well, I paw it anyway -- claws out. I want- foodies, Miss Princess to love me, free rein of the apartment -- and I want to be petted alot.

I am still skeered of strangers -- most of Meowmie's friend only see my BIG eyes looking out at them from underneath a chair or sofa or hidey hole -- cuz I was wild once and lived near a BIG highway out in the open and I had to search the garbage for food for me and my babies......and strangers were VERY VERY scarey (some of them for good reason.. how sad -- Man"KIND" is not always very KIND.....)

But my babies and I were rescued and I was taken to one home and the lady there was very nice to all of us -- and then Meowmie came and took me to live with her -- and even though I would let meowmie touch me and brush me (I LOOOVE being "Beeoooty Parlor"ed!!!), boy was a SCARED for a year and then one day after all that good food and love and brushing I said "I can play with my tail - I can! I can!! And I can play with this mousie toy! And CATNIP makes me act funny hee hee! And yes I WILL let Meowmie pick me up and I will nestle my little round fuzzy head under her chin to let her know I am happy!!!")

Anyway, now I romp and jump and play when I see Meowmie -- or when I see Miss Princess -- (whom I ADORE -- but she don't love me and she SMACKS me silly and I look at Meowmie with big sad eyes but she can only say "Unrequited Love, Miss Cee Cee -- and we can't do anything about it....!")

And sometimes I Ruuun crazy thru the house (most gracefully -- I am a long haired lady kitty and my fur swiishes when I run the right way!!) - I run for no reason at all, except for the reason that I am a cat!

Time for a nap.

Purrr...Ack Ack.....


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