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My goodness!!

I Yam a LAADY in DHiss-Tress!!!

August 3rd 2008 7:06 am
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Oh my dearz!!

Sattiday wuz NOT a good day fur me!!

Meowmie nottissed dat I wuz hissy and hidey and sinss I do dat wunns in a wile (I WUZ an abandond haff-wild kitty libbing on da streets for a few yeerz, yoo know!!), she just gaiv me my spaiss.

Well, aftur I had been hiding for half a day and HISSSING wenn she pikkt me up, she lookt at me carefully, and EGADS!! Tan and green likwid wuz running from under my tail !!!

She lokkt me in da cat rume until she cudd get da Kat Prizon (carrier) reddy and then she realized dat da Kat Rume has LOTSA Hidey Plaissiz (heh heh) and she had to taik apart haffa da Kat Rume to find me! And I Raaan and hid in side da kovird littahbokks and HIssssed, so she knew sumpin wuz VERY wrong.

Well, I got grabbd and lokkt into da Kitty Boodwar Bafroom, and THAT iz ware Meowmie saw…..Lotsa Blud….under my tale.

It only took THREE tries to get me into da Kat Prizon. Meowmie kalled a Kab, and we got to da ‘Merjincy vetties soon —evin tho da Kab Drivur wuz a KREEEEEP, abd wuz trying to taik da LOOONG way there.

I got wisskd me into da Xamining Rume and Meowmie paced paced paced da floor and wated and wated… and then they called hur in and there I was, waring a Lizzy-Beethin Kollir and sitting kwie-etly in da Kat Prizon.

“She had a CYST under her tale and it popped and dat iz wy yoo saw da PUSSS and da blud!!!” sed da Vettie.

So I gottid summa my butt harez klipped and my -- ahem -- Aynalz eksspressed and I gottid kleened up and Meowmie and I went hoam. A freend droav us bakk.

Now Iyam LOKKT into my Boodwar and I kvetch. Iyam getting my foodies, AND a liddle bit of my FAVRIT Junk Foodies (haha sez Meowmie - I put her Aunty ByeOttix in a liddle bit of her junk foodies), and wenn I yam not trying to ESSKAIP frum dis Boodwar, I sit primly and kvetch.

Meowmie snugged an EKollar on me becuz I awreddy dun puttid my arm thru it and PANIKKED! So Iyam ONLY waring it wenn Meowmie iz HERE to soopervize me. Thankyew Meowmie

My butt has bluddy sores on it but I get a nice (ah) warm compress a coupla times eech day. And Moewmie haz promisst me we are going bakk to da Vetties in a cuppla weeks- oh wat FUN! (NOT!)

BBBT comez ovur to my gait and HISSSIZ at me. Da NURV!!

Oh..... I wish I had my nisse boyfrenn kitty heer with me to snuzzle and cuddle with me and nibbul my eerz…..(flutterz I-lashiz, sighs…..)


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