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My Life, by... a Princess


February 26th 2007 6:34 am
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Thank you, kind purrson who left that Rainbow Rosette for Miss Princess!!

I am always remembering things she did and what she might be doing now as I sit on the bed, pay bills, sit at my Computer (I know what she'd be doing -- she'd be jumping on my lap and patting the keys!! How I miss that!) or when I sit on the (Catproofed, very well-fenced-in) balcony, on her favorite chair.

Our pets truly are very special beings. (Even a tiny goldfish is QUITE capable of giving and receiving love and letting their human person know that they ARE very much aware of them.)

* * * This happened to me several years ago -- One night when I was very sick with a strep throat, I was in bed in agony -- despite antibiotics and bed rest, my throat was so sore it felt like it was about to crack in half. Princess and Big Bad Baby Twinkle were hunkered down at the foot of my bed. Without a word, Princess got up, walked on my chest, lay down on my throat -- she had NEVER lain on my throat before!! My throat became so HOT, I thought it was on fire. And right then, the pain in my throat TOTALLY went away-- it NEVER came back!!

Then Princess, her work done, calmly got up, walked back the the foot of the bed and went back to sleep.

I would have said "Thank YOU!" to her, but I was still so hoarse I was unable to speak at that time. However, you can bet I was extremely grateful and extremely awed by the love of such a beautiful little creature. I can only hope she did not absorb any of my illness when she did that unexpected and wonderful healing for me.

PS -- She NEVER aftwerwards lay down on my throat.

Bless you Princess, wherever you are now.

Trust me, there is no such thing as a "Dumb" Animal (where DUMB means "stupid") -- did you know that back in the old days, "Dumb" REALLY meant -- "Cannot speak" !!!! And that is why and that is WHEN that word was applied to animals -- for they do not speak like humans (in most cases), but they truly are NOT stupid!!!!


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