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My Life, by... a Princess

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Da Mystery of da Missing Piksha!!!

November 12th 2013 10:04 am
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Deer Furriends. Somebuddy made me a BEAUTIFUL piksha in a frame wif flowers and Meowmie saved it to post it on my page and now she can't find where she saved it. BAD MEOWMIE!!
(To be ConTinMewed.. WE shall find it!!!)


Oh MY!! Diary of da DAY!!!

November 10th 2013 7:32 am
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"Purrr Purrr Purrrr ...and.... Headbumps to yoo, CATSTER!!!!
I, a humble grey Tabby Girlie, am buzz wif delite that yoo wudd consider my Diary -- the Diary of the Day!!!!Dis iz an Honor indeed!!

Meowmie just fownd out about this tewday, and is so happy!! She haz been at the Alley Cat Allies Conference sinss Friday to make sure that MANY Community Cats("Feral Cats" living on da streets! Like Madama Cee Cee and dat Rapscallion BBBT wunss did) get a chance for a GOOD LIFE, and to learn how to help them. She is making many new furrends and showed them my piksha and they smiiiled (LOL - she showed them BBBT's piksha too, and they all went -- OMC!! OMC!! HUH!! HAHAHAHAHA!!)"

(Princess purrrs, likks her paw, washiz her pritty faiss, then curls back up on her Heavenly Clowd bed to go back to her slumbers, as Meowmie, in da COnferenss Rume suddinly thinks beautiful thoughts of her beloved Miss P)


I came back to Meowmie to let her know something........

November 6th 2013 10:26 am
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Meowmie forgotted to write this down so I will tell you. In August she was standing by her door talking to her landlady neighbor (a very nice lady -- she even liked Big Bad Baby Twinkle!!! SHOCKING!!) and the lady said "HUH!! I just saw a CAT run by!!"

But MEOWMIE KNEW that BBBT and Cee Cee were behind closed doors and so she knew it was ME, (angel) PRINCESS who ranned by!! And she sed to me:"Oh PRINCESS!! If you want someone to see you -- LET IT BE ME, NOT the LANDLADY!!"

So Meowmie wentid to sleep that night, and she dreamed that she lived in a house and was coming home from wirk and was opening the screen door to the porch when she saw ME!! I peeked out from behind a corner-- I was wearing a pretty collar and I started walking towards Meowmie to greet her. Then she woked up.

She did not know why I came to her in da dream. But I did. I had come to tell her sumpin.

IN FACT, a few days later she dreamed of Big Bad Baby Twinkle - they wuz lying on the rug face to face and there was a grey fog, and BBBT smiiiled at Meowmie and gave her two long and lingering head butts. But even THEN, Meowmie did not know why she had DAT dream either.

But I did -- and so did my nemes-hiss, Big Bad Baby Twinkle....

A few days later, Big Bad Baby Twinkle ....died-ed....


A dream! A dream? hee Hee! I think not, Meowmie!!!!

December 7th 2012 6:27 am
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The uthir night afore Meowmie wentid to sleep, she said "Oh, I REALLY MISS my beloved Princess!" Then she wentid to sleep and had a dream.....

In the dream, Meowmie was lying in bed and suddenly I, ME, Miss P, JUMPED onto da foot of da bed and I was big and sleek and BEEEOTIFUL and I ran up to Meowmie and gave her ten scillion nosie bumps becuz I was so happy to see her and then she hugged me and then... she woke up. Or was she alreddy awake, Hee hee!!!


Meowmie STILL misses me!!!

August 15th 2012 7:50 am
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I hear her talk to me - she sez "Princess you were a very special purrson. I miss you so much but I KNOW you are very happy and I hope you hear me when I talk to you in my heart. I see your face in the faces of all the tabby cats who are doomed to die in the shelters, and I ask God to PLEASE Get them into GOOD HOMES -- ALL OF THEM!!. Oh Princess, YOU TOO were in a Kill shelter -- until I walked in one day and you, Princess, streeetched your furry arm out and reached out to me from your cage. I am so glad we met. I will ook forward to seeing you again when my time comes. Until then, play play play and please don't ever forget me! Love, your Meowmie"

Princess walks over to the Special Gazing Pond Under The Rainbow Bridge -- where all pets can gaze into it and see their beloved friends they left behind on Earth, and she looks for her Meowmie...A cloud parts, Princess purrrrrs "I see my Meowmie! And dat Rapscallion Big Bad Baby Twinkle and that Luv Starved Cee Cee hoo luved me so much!!!"

The sun shines. Meowmie is at her desk at wirk and she sez "What is that beautiful rumbling noise???? It reminds me of Princess's purrs!! Well, I must be hearing things.. Oh well..."


Meowmie, do yoo still Miss me????

October 24th 2011 6:55 am
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Princess lies on a fluffy cloud and speaks sweetly and softly as she make biskits...."it haz been SIX YEARS since I left this wurld. Does Meowmie still remembpurr me? I STILL bizit her in her dreams, and wunss, when she was not feeling good, I let her pet pet pet me as I lay next to her in da bed. In fact da very next morning I made SURE dat she found a piksha of me looking eggzakkly like I had lookt in the dream the night before. So I guess she DOES remembpurr me after all!!!"

Meowmie sighs and remembers Miss P and says "SIX years ago? It feels like it was only yesterday. Rest in peace my beloved Princess - play play play until we meet again!!!"


Oh LOOK!!! Two furrends are heer!!!

July 20th 2010 7:17 am
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Miss Princess wakes up on her fluffy clowd bed, adjusts her wings, plays wif her halo, and looks, brite eyed, at two dignified figures who slowly walk, tails high, eyes bright, down the path from THE BRIDGE.

Her eyes get wide and bright, stars sparkling from them -- as she recognizes who they are!


She JUMPS and run run runs to them, leaping from cloud to cloud ("oops!! Sorry! oops!! didn't mean to jump on you, tee hee!!") and skids to a halt in front of two BEAUTEOUS new kitty angels.

Purring, cheek nuzzling, gentle head butting ensue. Princess sez "Oh Miss Mercy!! Sir Blade, I am so honored to meet you at last! You both look so BEAUTIFUL!! Come with me, and I will show you around Heaven!!!'

As Princess turns to lead her two new friends to the BEST SPOTS IN HEAVEN, the three kitties suddenly see SCORES of kitty angels behind them, bright eyed, tails high, wings glistening in the morning sun - halos sparkling like a thousand suns -- waiting to meet and greet the newcomers.

And the three kitties walk, prance and dance, tails high, into their new FOrever Home.. As they walk into the distance, we hear Princess saying "Miss Mercy -- you wouldn't BELIEVE the wardrobe room we have up here!! And Sir Blade -- we built an Old English Prawn Bar", just for you!!! And we have a special Viewing Room where you can go ANY time you want to, to send love and blessings to the wonderful hoomans who loved you so much and miss you so terribly!! "

And as they walk towards the crowd, the crowd parts and lets the three kitties walk into their midst, where they are surrounded with the warmth of love, purrs and gentle furry cuddles. We can barely hear Princess now, but she is saying "And then there is "The One Who Loves Us All", who is waiting especially for you right now, to sit on the Golden Flowing Robes of Her Lap"

Dear Hoomans, you are not forgotten - as we speak, Miss Mercy and Sir Blade wish they could run home and tell their people what joy they are having right now!! Perhaps they will do so in a dream, or as the whisper of a soft breeze in the morning sun..... ?


Miss Princess Dun Vizited Meowmie

October 2nd 2009 7:50 pm
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Oh the other night Meowmie was sleeping and dreaming and...Woooh!! The dream was interrupted because suddenly Miss P was there!! And she and Meowmie were so happy to see one another-- there was cheek rubbing and kisseezz and general very good happiness!!

When Meowmie woke up she KNEW she had not been rubbing faces with HRH BBBT-- BBBT RAAARELY sleeps with Meowmie and rarely shows such affection.

Oh Meowmie thanks Princess from the bottom of her heart for that wonderful visit!!!


It's me

October 6th 2008 1:24 pm
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Have you wondered what I have been up to?

First, I miss my Meowmie.

Second, I miss my Meowmie.

Yes, there is the Beautiful One, Up here, who wipes away EVERY tear, on whose lap we can all fit -- but sometimes we play play play so much that we don't always have "time" to sit on the Beautiful One's Lap.

Yes, there are kitties and pooches and skunkies and SO MANY animals hoo wuz hurted real bad on Earth when all they wanted wuz to give and receive LOVE. Oh they get LOVE LOVE LOVE Up Here and they are Joyful and So Happy and Healthy and Whole -- they shine with beauty.

I am very Glittery Up Here -- they gave me little wings but I don;t use em much cuz I can just go where-EVER want to go by thinking abowt it. And I think abowt Meowmie and she KNOWS I hav bizitid hur in hur dreems. Yes Meowmie, yoo and I both know, dat wuz ME!! (* * Smiles and purrs * * )

PeeWee iz Up Here (with her babies) -- what a streetwise and smart kittykat!! So is Buttons and Puddy and all her kittens, and so many other kitties, hoo are still watiting for their Loved Ones (justlike I am) and we all play and do Funny Kat Trix -- what FUN it is to be Up Here!!!

Are there Mowsies up Here? And Butterflies too? AND...buzzy Flies??? -- yoo mite well ask.

Yes of course there are-- and we all chase wun annuder, and have fun -- but this is HEVVIN and no wun gets hurt.

We all have Jobs, Up Here -- sumtimes da Beautiful One -- or Da Anjels, ask me to go ovur to some kitty or pupper or skunkie or hamstur, hoo just walkt in thru da Purlee Gates - and wat I do iz gently go ovur to them and show them my smile and then roll over so they can see my fuzzybellee -- and we play and wrassle and cuddle and then I take em to meet the beautiful One.

But even though I am VERY happy--

I miss my Meowmie.

Yoo know what I want to do wenn Meowmie FINALLY gets here?

I will RUN ovur to Meowmie, and JUMP into her arms, and gaze into her eyes, and rub my cheek next to hur face, and we will both sing my favrit song - "The Flower Duet". I think wenn that happinz, even the Beautiful One will cry with joy.


Meowmie, I will ALWAYS love YOU!!!

January 22nd 2008 10:06 am
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I have been Visiting my Meowmie in dreams lately-- oh how happy we both are!!!

In wun dreem, I was standing on the commode, where I would ALWAYS stand to get my "Brush", and Meowmie was brushing me and she could hear me purring!!

And then she picked me up she could feel some of my Cansur Lumps (she was VERY surprised that I still had some Cancer lumps!!) ... and then she tickled my furry belly and then she said something VERY silly --

Meowmie said "I know she's dead, but I have no idea what explanation I'm going to give them when I bring her in to see the vet!!!"

Sillee Meowmie!!!

Then last night she dreamed of me again!! Hee Hee!!I was on my back, wiggling and wiggling and she was tickling my belly and I was smiling at her!!! Oh we wuz BOTH so happy !!

Meowmie KNOWS that she is not touching Big Bad Fuzzy Baby Twinkle when she is sleeping, becuz BBBT sleeps at the foot of the bed, or under the blankie (the NURV of that Biggius BRAT!! I usta sleep RIGHT on Meowmie's stummick and give her kissiz!!)

Meowmie, I will LUV YOO FOREVER!!

Sweet Shy and Gentul Smoochiz
Frum your Princess, the Queen of the Kitties

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