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Picture of Princess   Queen of Kitties, a female American Shorthair/Breed Unknown

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"3 years old -- sitting on her tail, about to lick her belly"

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Sex: Female   Weight: 9 lbs.

Oh! DIARY of da DAY TOO!? Thank yew Catster -- and Thankyew my furriend MANYTOES!!!

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"Oh! DIARY of da DAY TOO!? Thank yew Catster -- and Thankyew my furriend MANYTOES!!!"

I hab such WUNNERFULL FURRENDS! Thank You baby for making THIS for me too!!!

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"I hab such WUNNERFULL FURRENDS! Thank You baby for making THIS for me too!!!"

It is an honor to be so honored by TUNDRA Kitty!!

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"It is an honor to be so honored by TUNDRA Kitty!!"

Thank you Dear Catster Frennd Baby for making this for ME!!!

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"Thank you Dear Catster Frennd Baby for making this for ME!!!"

October 2005.  She was 13 years old -- lying in a warm place, on one of many rugs set out for her, near her food, with her head on her little plush heart toy. This was a few days before she left this world.

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"October 2005. She was 13 years old -- lying in a warm place, on one of many rugs set out for her, near her food, with her head on her little plush heart toy. This was a few days before she left this world."

This statue that I painted represents  how Princess looked when she appeared to me in that

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"This statue that I painted represents how Princess looked when she appeared to me in that "Dream", Feb 2005, when she almost died after Surgery. I placed the statue on the exact place she was standing in the dream. Notice the crescent moon on her chest."

Princess and her jungle (the thermometer is broken)

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"Princess and her jungle (the thermometer is broken)"

My Beautiful Princess, 6 yrs old

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"My Beautiful Princess, 6 yrs old"

Miss P, dressed like an Angel -- with Santy Claws

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"Miss P, dressed like an Angel -- with Santy Claws"

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Miss Pootzy

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Rainbow Bridge
Quick Bio:
-mixed breed-pound cat

January 1st 1992

Brown Tabby

Me..... ahhhhh.........

Big Bad Baby Twinkle and Sweet Cee Cee Kitty

Favorite Toy:
Her toy mousies, which she loves to sing to and place in my shoes and near my bed.

Favorite Nap Spot:

Favorite Food:
Pizza, which I wouldn't give her cuz it made her sick.

Sings to her toys ("Where's Mousie? Go get mousie!" -- and in a matter of seconds, the song, the cat, and the toy come floating down the hall)


Arrival Story:
Looking for a cat in the shelter -- suddenly, in a cage, there was... a big hairy belly.... a paw stretched out of the bars, beckoning to me, two green eyes below a sweet kitty smile. She was charming me upside down. She had been there for almost a MONTH!! How could I have missed her!!!??? She of course went home with me!!!! The first couple of weeks in her new home, if I was in another room and she couldn't find me, she would call out to me in a special way, sounding like a little lost soul. Of course I'd say "Princess -- here I Am!!!" and she'd quickly come trotting over to the room I was in. She warmed my heart so much.

She misjudged her jump and fell off a bookcase one night -- ended up at the emergency vet's. Turned out to be shaken up but ok. The vet yelled at me for having a fat cat (she WAS 13 pounds then - but now she is a svelter kitty), but then told me that the only thing that kept her from breaking a rib was... her fat. (!!!) When we got out of the vet's at midnight we ended up stuck in a sobriety checkpoint - I told the cop "I'm ok -- but you better check HER (Princess) -- she fell off a bookcase!" I found a lump on her bosom early in 2004 -- it WAS cancer. They think they got all of it out. It took her a long time to recover but she is running and playing and being crazy again. Unfortunately, 7 months later she had another operation to remove another lump and almost died from shock, after surgery. They had to put her in an incubator all night. That night I dreamed she had materialized through the bedroom window and landed on her favorite file cabinet, where she looked at me. She was "dressed" in the night sky, wearing the stars, the clouds and a crescent moon (I looked thru the Farmer's Almanac months later and discovered there really WAS a Crescent Moon that night!) - Her face was a greyish blue, and I could not see her eyes or nose or mouth because her face was all one color-- BUT her whole being was SO ALIVE and VIBRANT that I knew beyond a doubt (and with a great deal of AWE) that this was Princess. She looked at me, and she looked young and beautiful and healthy. I woke up and said "OH NO!! Did she die?!" but she had not - and I picked her up and took her home from the vet's the next day. She was SO weak, and I nursed her back to health. Months later, an animal communicator told me about that night -- "Princess was on the "edge" - she could have crossed over and died, but she decided to come back to you instead, because she and you still had some things to work out together". Wow..... When she came home from that operation she had a shunt, and was very weak. I gave her the very best care -- setting her up inside a BIG 16 foot square doggy playpen with her bed, lots of warm blankets, litter box and food -- it was a big area and she could not get out or jump over, so she was comfortable and I waited on her hand and foot and she recovered. But 2 months after that, she had a third operation... What a BRAVE kitty she is!! ------ Unfortunately the Cancer metastisized and she has fluid in her lungs -- One day, she jumped on a bureau with p-a-i-n in her eyes and meowed very sadly so I knew she was hurting -- we went to the vet and found out the bad news. The vet gave her two weeks to live ("Take her home, show her around the apartment and then bring her in to be euthanized"), and I was SO SO sad!!!!! And I was so ANGRY at the Vet -- Princess was NOT going to get put down after 2 weeks!! (With love, care and special attention, she lived for another 3 months) But she is a fighter -- and I want her to have a QUALITY life until SHE is ready to go (and she DID!). So she and I are fighting it as best as we can, mostly holistically. It's been 6 weeks or more now, and I know her time is limited but her quality of life so far is GOOD. And once in a while, I still get a SMOOCH from Miss Princess, who then looks SO pleased with herself!!! ***** Update - well, Princess and I tried very very hard to make things go back to the way they were -- but Cancer is terrible -- and Princess left this world on October 19, 2005. I have a TERRIBLE hole in my heart. She is VERY much missed.

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I was love personified, now I'm an Angel

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My Life, by... a Princess

Da Mystery of da Missing Piksha!!!

November 12th 2013 10:04 am
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Deer Furriends. Somebuddy made me a BEAUTIFUL piksha in a frame wif flowers and Meowmie saved it to post it on my page and now she can't find where she saved it. BAD MEOWMIE!!
(To be ConTinMewed.. WE shall find it!!!)


Oh MY!! Diary of da DAY!!!

November 10th 2013 7:32 am
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"Purrr Purrr Purrrr ...and.... Headbumps to yoo, CATSTER!!!!
I, a humble grey Tabby Girlie, am buzz wif delite that yoo wudd consider my Diary -- the Diary of the Day!!!!Dis iz an Honor indeed!!

Meowmie just fownd out about this tewday, and is so happy!! She haz been at the Alley Cat Allies Conference sinss Friday to make sure that MANY Community Cats("Feral Cats" living on da streets! Like Madama Cee Cee and dat Rapscallion BBBT wunss did) get a chance for a GOOD LIFE, and to learn how to help them. She is making many new furrends and showed them my piksha and they smiiiled (LOL - she showed them BBBT's piksha too, and they all went -- OMC!! OMC!! HUH!! HAHAHAHAHA!!)"

(Princess purrrs, likks her paw, washiz her pritty faiss, then curls back up on her Heavenly Clowd bed to go back to her slumbers, as Meowmie, in da COnferenss Rume suddinly thinks beautiful thoughts of her beloved Miss P)


I came back to Meowmie to let her know something........

November 6th 2013 10:26 am
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Meowmie forgotted to write this down so I will tell you. In August she was standing by her door talking to her landlady neighbor (a very nice lady -- she even liked Big Bad Baby Twinkle!!! SHOCKING!!) and the lady said "HUH!! I just saw a CAT run by!!"

But MEOWMIE KNEW that BBBT and Cee Cee were behind closed doors and so she knew it was ME, (angel) PRINCESS who ranned by!! And she sed to me:"Oh PRINCESS!! If you want someone to see you -- LET IT BE ME, NOT the LANDLADY!!"

So Meowmie wentid to sleep that night, and she dreamed that she lived in a house and was coming home from wirk and was opening the screen door to the porch when she saw ME!! I peeked out from behind a corner-- I was wearing a pretty collar and I started walking towards Meowmie to greet her. Then she woked up.

She did not know why I came to her in da dream. But I did. I had come to tell her sumpin.

IN FACT, a few days later she dreamed of Big Bad Baby Twinkle - they wuz lying on the rug face to face and there was a grey fog, and BBBT smiiiled at Meowmie and gave her two long and lingering head butts. But even THEN, Meowmie did not know why she had DAT dream either.

But I did -- and so did my nemes-hiss, Big Bad Baby Twinkle....

A few days later, Big Bad Baby Twinkle ....died-ed....

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