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Who Meeee????

I LOVE the Balcony -- oh yes oh yes I do!! (PS it's fenced in!!!)

September 16th 2004 9:37 am
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Meowmie spent DAYS with wood posts, heavy duty chicken wire, sweat, descriptive words, and she made a beautiful modular enclosure for us on OUR balcony. We can't go under it, we can't go over it. She says she has to change it every 3 years so next year we get a NEW one!! But anyway, I LOVE to go out on the balcony and sit on my chair and meditate. We even have a HUGE Rubbermaid bin that Meowmie turned upside down and made a big door in it so we can sit under it when it's not too hot but we want some shade. (PS -- Meowmie drilled some holes in the lip surrounding the upside-down Rubbermaid bin so it would not hold water after it rained; gotta watch out for those moe-skeeters!!!). And we have cat grass to eat (and throw up!) and plants to give us shade (nothing poisonous out there).

There are TWO squirrels and a Fox that SCARED Big Bad Me when I first saw them (garden ornaments) but now I know they're not alive so they won't eat me. And in the evening there are lights here and there and I LOVE to sit on the balcony ! When Meowmie comes out I look at her nervously and say "Meowmeowmeow????" which means "Do I haftacome in?!" And Meowmie usually says "nope!" , but when it gets dark we gotta come in. poo.

Meowmie keeps a dish of fresh water on the balcony for us too -- and she makes sure she NEVER locks us out on the balcony when she closes the balcony door!!

Once, as I was sitting on my plushie seat cushion on the balcony, I meowmeowed and the nice people on the balcony next door meowed back at me and then Meowmie came out and meowed at them and we all laughed. She took me to the front door to show them my hugeness but I'm a little skeered of strangers so they didn't get too good a look. I don't know why I'm scared -- maybe it's becuz I lived the FIRST TENDER 7 months of my life on the streets -- when I first came to live HERE Meowmie thought I was brain damaged cuz I walked REALLY funny on the rug (but she wuz going to keep me even if there WAS something wrong with me)-- as it turned out, it was becuz I had NEVER walked on a rug before!!

When it snows -- I LOVE to play in the snow -- hmmm --- Meowmie posted one piksha of me playing in the snow -- one more to come. If there are snow drifts on the balcony I will JUMP right into them -- Meowmie makes sure I come inside and get warmed up though. Miss Princess, she walks on the edges of the inner balcony and shakes her tootsies -- she doesn't like snow, or rain -- she's a REAL Princess. Me -- I LOVE to chase wild leaves blowing on the balcony on dark autumn days, and I like the rain too. But Meowmie always tells me to pray for the poor kitties and pups who are ALWAYS out in the rain, the snow, the cold. brr.........

When I was younger and svelter (but Groooowing into my pleasantly plump largeness) my Meowmie would take me out on a harness (a really cool leather one with two buckles on the top and which I can absolutely NOT get out of!) and a double leash (cuz I broke the single leash -- luckily I was in training, in the living room when I broke it). I learned how to walk on a leash but I would walk where I wanted to walk, natch. But then I got Waaay too big to handle when I was out on the street with Meowmie (I do throw a hissy fit at times, and then I'm a bundle of frenetic frantic legs and teeth), and once a very besotted person holding a six pack starting making wierd noises at us (from across the street but even so -- it was REAL Skeery and I got all pouffed up and Meowmie said "lets get the heck out of here" to me), so I don't go outside any more -- that's ok -- I can only go out on the (totally fenced-in) balcony which is ok with me -- I still gets to see lotsa stuff, even just from the windows, and when it snows here I like to belly-flop into snowdrifts on the balcony before meowmie shovels them into the bathtub to melt..


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