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Who Meeee????

Saint BBBT's SPESHUL Day!!!

October 1st 2013 7:14 am
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Two HEWJ angels are primping in the Angel Locker Room in Hevvin. Wunna them sez to the othir-- "Tee Hee-- does my robe look OK?" The othir Angel ansurz "Giggle Giggle -- The stock market pages look GOOD on yoo!! and wottabowt MY robez?" "Othir Angel sez "LOL- Yoo are waring da Fashunabull Want ads!!!" (They are wearing NEWSSPAPERS so that they can LEND their Sparkly roabes for a SPESHUL SPESHUL Occasino!!! They are WISE not to wear da Sports Paiges -- St Pete wudd turn PURPULL if his beloved Sports Pagez wus missing!!! But the Stock MArket. The want ads? Who needs em Up In heaven, eh???) SUDDENLY...

A liddle fat kid wif tiny wingz zoooms in and sez "IT's TIME!!" Da angels GRAB their HEWJ sparkly tablecloths (their REAL robes!!) and two HEWJ pakkajis and Run owta da rume, giggggling. Meenwhile.......

Saint Big Bad Baby Twinkle is sitting all plump and happy and furry and smiiiling (look—she has All her toofies!) on da flore, and she iz surrowndid by fat fuzzy spiky tailed KITTINS who are wiggling and rolling on da flore, their phat fuzzeebellies jiggling becuz they are laffing becuz BBBT iz regaling them wif ALLA her Adbenchurs! (“Da Gyiant Wabbits, and Don Don and Vito, and Da Spaiss Alyeens, Da Mobbie Star Doggger Sophia, Da PYRRITS-aargh!! and da …huuhhhh! INBIZZIBILITY POESHUN!!”). Dis is gud becuz summa dem kittins came to Hevvin WAAY before their time….sigh… but St BBBT iz makin em Giggul and laff and purrrrrr!!!

***But WATE!! Suddenly there are SCILLIONS of kitties as far as da I can see! Big wuns, phat wuns, skinny wuns—eyes aprkling in Hevvins light, and they part to make way for --- TWO Anjels carrying sparkly roabs and… a HEWJ BURFDAY CAIK FOR BEE BEE BEE TEEE! Yes. Tewday wudda been her 18th Burfday on dis Urth!!

****They spread their sparkly robes on da table and say “It’s OKIE DOKIE FOR EVERYKITTY to JUMP ON DIS TABLE!!!” The caik (Mmmm!! Pouncie flavored layer caik wif Pownss Icing!!!) iz placed in the center of da table and dis caik has 18 SPARKLY LIGHTS on it! STARS FRUM DA HEVVINS!! (Meenwhile on Urth, Astronomers are going crazy – (“What happened to Alpha Centauri? And da Constellation Leo??? And part of da Milky Way iz missing!!??”)

*******BBBT sits at da hedd of da table. Wunna dem Angels comes over and sez “I hab a message frum yor Meowmie!” And wif dat, da Anjel TWEAKS BBBT’s BUTTIUSS and makes FOG-HORN NOYZZIZ!!! MOL!! MOL!!

********Da Uthir pakkige iz opined and in it are SCILLIONS of.. KAT Toys!!! The angels are wize enuff to plaiss dem toys on da FLORE!!! Heavenly bedlam ensues. BBBT takes da FIRST BITE outta dat caik and everywun sellebraites.

*****On Urth, Meowmie waiks up and sez “I hope dem angels got my messij…oh look—it’s 3 am and DA SUN IS OWT?? Hmm.. strainj, but nice. HAPPY BURFDAY MY BELOVED BEE BEE BEE TEE!!!!”


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Purred by: Xena Princess Warrior DG#23 (Catster Member)

October 1st 2013 at 8:55 am

Wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sending you our love and lots of hugs on this very special day!

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