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Who Meeee????

Saint Big Bad Baby Twinkle - At Heaven's Gazing Window

August 29th 2013 7:44 am
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Saint BBB Twinkle pittypats over to the Gazing Window in Hevvin. She looks down at the Earth and SMIIILES and PURRRS as she sees her Meowmie!! Then she looks at all the pritty pritty flowahs on HER Balkonie, especially the Portulacas (Mowmies’ favorite flowah!!) and the GARDENIAS! (BBBT’s FAVRIT Flowah Forever!)

She sees her liddle urn sweetly reposing in her comfy beddie, and then…

She… sees.. CeeCee, hoo has just been given a MEOW-VELUSS Beeoooty Parlor Session from Meowmie, and hoo is rite now strutting and wiggling on her windowsill saying “Oh Boy Cats! Yoo Hoo! Hello!!”.. and… OH!! Did we just hear St BBB Twinkle HISSING???? Oh deer….

Then Saint BBB Twinkle syruptisshussly pittypats over to “DA WINDOW DAT SHUDD NEVER EVER BE OPENED!!”, looks to da rite and to da left and sloowly opens it. We heer not only hinges creaking but Angels Ska-reeming!! BBBT looks thru da window and her eyes get REEEL BIIG and her hairfurs POOOF out. And then she RUNNNS to St Pete ska-reeming : “OMC!! OMC!! Hoo is dat guy in da Red Pajamas!!!?”

St Pete slaps da side of his heed and sez to himself “Yeesh!!! I gotta put up wit dis for ETERNITY???!!” Then he gently sez “Get on my lap, BBBT and I will tell yoo all abowt dis (and.. St. Michael better get dat window NAILED shut fer shure!!)” ‘”Pop! Pop! Pop! Rip! Rip!” Rip! BOOM” BBBT climes up St Pete’s robes and sits on his lap wif a SMIIILE… MEANWHILE……

Noo arrivals are POUNDING on da gates of Hevvin, but St Pete can only say “I can’t get up rite now—I have a KAT on my lap!!” Many of the NA’s understand, cuz they too wuz Kat Peepul before they got Up Here.


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Purred by: Gentleman Jack, An Angel Now (Catster Member)

August 31st 2013 at 4:08 am

Comment from Gentleman Jack
Purred by: Big Bad Baby Twinkle (Catster Member)

September 3rd 2013 at 9:42 am

Deer Furrends -- I will look for dat Angel WeezerCat -- I HOAP he likes to WRASSLE!!!! And I will look for Saint Francis indeed!! In fack, he is Cee Cee's FAVRIT purrson -- she calls him St Francis of a Cee Cee...(Yeesh, dat kat Cee Cee....)
Purred by: Weezer (20 years of memories) (Catster Member)

September 4th 2013 at 11:03 am

Hi Angel BBBT Angel Weezercat here. I was/am a champion wrasseler! Hee, hee St.Francis a cee cee, himself will get a laugh over that, come on over to the wildflower meadow :)
Purred by: Big Bad Baby Twinkle (Catster Member)

September 4th 2013 at 12:14 pm

Da wildflowers iz very tall. They wave in da breeze in da meddow - green and yellow and orinj flowers, red and pewwss and purpull oh my - and sumpin elss is wavin just above them flowahs -- LOOK!! A tail, grey and black and white, and we see da tips of two grey ears.... as Jaunty BBBT pittypats thru da grass to hab an Adbenchur wif her noo frenn Angel WeezerCat!!!

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