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Who Meeee????

Sub (marine?) Kewtayshun

April 3rd 2013 6:31 am
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Da uthir nite, Meowmie caim hoam and greetid me so sweetly and lookt at my littah bokks and sed "OH GOOD!! YOU POOOPED!" (WTC????) and then she put me in da bafrume and shuttid da dore (there iz a litterbokks and water and beddie in there) --- And then... AND THEN... she opined da dore and pikkt me up and put me rear end - buttiuss furst into da CAT CARRIUR!! OMC OMC!!!!

We wentid to da vet!!! Da stoopid cab driver trid to taik Meowmie to da Peepul Hospital and she told mhim _I alreddy told yoou -- da ANIMUL HOSPITAL and turn off da meter!!" But he didint tirn off da meter and Meowmie just took out the extra mileage charges in da tip.

Da Vet Tech lady at da vetties remembpurred me frum wenn I wuz a Blud donor (9 yrs ago!) and she waz verry nisse to me even tho Meowmie sed "She bites, she scratchiz and she hits peepul". So da lady took dat into konsiderayshun and she put a BIIG blakk letthir muzzle wif silver studs on it -- on my faiss!! I asked da lady -- "Do I get a WHIP wif dis?!!Hahahahahahha!" Da muzzull had a biig hole to breathe thru and I was Ack! shually kwite kalm. Then da lady showed Meowmie how to Sub Q me and then wenn DAT wuz dun she STUKK ME IN DA BUTT wif a NEEDUL fulla Auntie Bye-Yottixx!!

(I hab a Bladder infekshun; Meowmie found BLUD in my pees last week, and da Noo vettie saw me last week and she knew ALL abowt my badness, but hahaha I didint hit her but I hitted Meowmie, and then Meowmie took me hoam last week and gaibe me Auntibiotix and I startid frowing them up after the 3rd day -- are you still with me here?)

Ennyways, da Vet Tech was So impressed dat I was such a GUD girl, and then Meowmie puttid me in da carrier, maiking sure her hand wuz outta slapping range but I did GROWL MOST FEERSUMLEE and everywun sed "OOOOH There she goze!!"

Then wenn we gottid hoam, Meowmie flee kombed me and then remuved da peepads and then washed da carrier (I didint do nuttin not even pee or puke - dat's why she was SO happy I had alreddy pooped, hahaha!) And I wentid into Meowmie's rume and I galumphed around and Meowmie sed "OMC!! Lookit dat BIG LIKWID SubQ LUMP on her showlder -- is she gonna be side-hevvy and fall off her Kat Tree?" ...sigh...Moewmies, MeowDads, thankyew for yor konsirns....

Ennyway, she fed me and patted me and da next coupla days I peed a river in da littahbokksis. Meowmie haz da SubQ stuff alreddy set up in my bafrume and so I'm gonna be subQ'd by Meowmie frum now on. I hoap I behaiv. Meowmie duz not wanna gib me tranks becuz she is wurreed my CRF kid-knees mite not be able to process them and filter them as quickly as they normally wudd. But se IS gonna get me a BLACK MUZZUL WUF SILVER STUDS!!! Meowmie can I wear it so I can SKEER dat Cee Cee thing????


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