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Who Meeee????

Iyam a PRIZZONER at da VETTIE'S!!!

September 21st 2012 9:00 am
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Big Bad Baby Twinkle looks up morosely... She sez :"Dis morning I play play played by chasing my tail and I gyrated on my Kat Tree and Meowmie play play played wif me and we had a giggly time and then... and THEN.. She sweetly picked me up and cuddled me and took me outta da bedrume and held me close and i was PURRING... and then.....

BBBT morosely con-tin-mewz: "And then SHE PLOPPED ME INTO THE KAT KARRIER!! I yelled and skareemed an moaned and PEED (I wuz glad there wuz a pee pad in da carrier) but nothing I sed wudd chainjj Meowmie's mind! So heer I am at da vetties and they R gonna look at my toofies..... Ihateyoomeowmie. And as for CEE CEE -- who was LAFFING at me -- I KNOW when YORE Vettie Appointment is -- and YOO don't!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

UPDATE- Da Vettie dun took owt wunna my left-side toofies -- she sed it wuz pritty GNARLY. Meowmie told her she had nottissed me scracthin and scratchin my left cheek (my FAISS cheek....!!) and da Vet sed "probbly becuz dis toofie (which was waaay in da back of my mouf) was a-hurtin her."

I rest in my caij and wait for Meowmie (hoo had to take da HUMUNGOUS Kat Karrier wif her on da Subway and da bus and now it's on her desk at wirk). I lie heer at da Vet's and PLOT my REVENJJ.


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Purred by: Gentleman Jack, An Angel Now (Catster Member)

September 21st 2012 at 9:18 am

Feel better soon BBBT! Glad that is over and your home now.
Hugs, Mister Micky, Gentleman Jack, Miss Minerva
Purred by: Big Bad Baby Twinkle (Catster Member)

September 21st 2012 at 10:05 am

* * * BBBT syrup tissushly hunts and pecks (like a cheekun) on da Vettie's puter** "I yam still being held against my will at da Vettie's. I yam sleepy -- I fink they puttid sumpin in my FOODIES (not that I can eat rite now, but I must be dramatik). Meowmie will come heer tonite, wif da DREADID KAT KARRIER in hand, on da bus and on da subway -- she will get smiles and staares. A guard wif his dogger alreddy staaared at Meowmie and da Hewj Carrier, dis morning -- she nonshelantlee sed "IT'S EMpTEE-- DA CAT IZ AT DA VET'S" and Meowmie kept walking by wifout missing a beet (altho she did miss da furst bus).
Wenn I go hoam I suppose I will sleep alot. Da lastist time I had toofies pulled I came home, Snaaarled at Cee Cee, headbuttid Meowmie and then slept for 2 days.
Uhoh-- da ENEMY (Vet TEch) has notissed sumpin iz amiss. I shall get off dis keyborde and pittypat back into my caij. I thank yoo sweet kittehs for yor kind thawts and well-wishiz.
Yore not-so-toothy-ennymore-frenn, BBBT.

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