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Who Meeee????

I got TAGGED By Maggie Moo!!

October 3rd 2007 6:39 am
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Snort Snort-- Hey MM -- I just "got" yore naim!! Meowmie luvs yore Icy Kreems!!!

Okie Dokie-- Heer are da rules: "Each player starts with five random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write the five facts and the rules in their diary. Then you choose five cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to p-mail them that they have been tagged and to read your diary."

Five random Fat Facts about MOI -

1)I am a very bad gurlie gurl. I like to HIT peepul and boss them arownd (har har! Just ask da Cat sittur and da Vettie!!!) but I am yewshually circumspect with my Meowmie -- becuz aftur all if I boss hur arownd NICELY, I get lots of neat things!! Like treets and snuzzles and my HAIRDO-- wicch I luv, and did I say I awlso get Treets?!!!!

2)I love to lissin to Dolly Parton singing and I like other types of mewzik as well.

3)I have to put up with dat Stoopid skary Harpeece named Cee Cee !! Ack! Blech!! Ugh!!!

4)I like to talk -- I look at my Meowmie and I say "MeowmeowMEOW????!

5)I LUV TO EEET!!! Dat's wy da Vettie puttid me on a Dye-itt-- not dat I wuz free-feeding cuz we don't free feed here-- but she made my Meowmie REDOOSS My PORSHUNS!!! Ack! Blech!! Ugh!!! and I lostid One Elbee already -- but I need to looz 2 more ElBeez....pooh.....

So now, Hoo do I tag dat has not awreddy been tagged???

If I tag dat Stoopid skary Harpeece named Cee Cee, she will think I LIKE her -- Oh!!!-- Ack! Blech!! Ugh!!!


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