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Who Meeee????

Whew!!! Da life of a sell-ebrittee!!!

July 22nd 2007 6:40 pm
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My word!! Evrywun was so nice to me Friday!!

They all wantid to reed my Diree and many wunnerful kitties contacktid me and wanted to be my frennz!! I wuz SO happy!!

I made alot of noo frennz and had sum wunnerful conversayshuns with them!

Miss Mercy and Sir Hansum Milo korrispondid with me ALL day and their nice Meowmie sent MY Meowmie a skreen shot of ME being honored on my speshul Diary Day!! Are Catster Peepul Nice or what!!!!

Thankyew Miss Mercy for speshul menshun of my speshul day, in yore Diary.

And sinss yoo sed "I've often wondered what it would be like to sit in a room while BBBT, Skeezix, and Jeter Harris were having a conversation with one another! Wouldn't that be fun?!?"

Yes I too can imajin all da fun we wudd hav:

3 oddly attired kats are hunkered under a tabul, staaring.....

"Is she gone yet?"
"Yep!! my Meowmie walkt owt da door and will be owt huntin for my dinner for EIGHT hours!!!
"OK--lets set up da table and get owt da cards"
"Heer'z da munny"
"Kool Beenie, Skeezix!"
"Lov yor Modor-sykull hat, BBBT!"

Da doorbell rings.... Rocky walks in and sez:
"Tirn on da TV- I wanna see sum Spie-see Vicksinz"
Spie-see Viksinz iz overruled - Da Yankees iz playin -- da TV blares da play-by-play.

"Wats in dat bole-- Fish n chips?"
"No sillee - FISH chips"

"Kare for sum tar-tar control?"

"Izzat water fresh??"

Da air gets THICK wit da smell of premium 'Nip. Cards are shuffled. Chips get stakked. Wunss in a wile sumwun yells "BIRDIE!" and evrywun runss to da window -- still holdin their cards, of corss.

Wotta day! Meowmie comes home to find 3 cats asleep in a 'Nip indoosed Haze at da card table, and wun lyin on his bak, snoring, in frunta da TV.


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