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Who Meeee????

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November 1st 2016 6:38 am
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Meowmie forgottid to post this Yestidday!! SHAIM ON YOO MEOWMIE!! She wuz bizzy running arownd wif GROWCHO GLASSIZ ON DA BAKK OF HER HEDDIE!! DA NURV!!! OK, Meowmie will RITE NOW SIT DOWN AT DA PUTER AND WRITE DIS!! Rite, Meowmie???!! Mwah hahaha.................

October 31, Heaven

What a glorious day!! Da sun rises, da boidies choip, da sky is BLOO, da trees are gold and red and purple and (summa them are) green and there iz much merriment and song in everyone’s hartie!! Becuz tewday is HALLOWEEN in Hevvin!!!

St Pete wakes up, looks at da calendar and groans…. “MUST stay in bed tewday!!” he groans, but a liddle Voyss sez “YOO gots da KEYS!! And sumwun will need to get in tewday!!!” And so St Pete reluktintlee rises, grabs a cuppa cawfee (“Heavenly Cawfee!”), da Baseball Newz, and gets to wirk….. Knowing, wif DREAD, dat a Larjiuss RAPSKALLION IZ gonna doo sumthing tewday!!! But what???

Meenwile, Madama Cee Cee, accompanied by her wiggly pewpill kittins, looks into her clozit, KVETCHIZZ, and scratchiz her heddie (danetily). “Sumbuddy haz been going thru my ballay owtfitz!! And da kittinz’ ballay owtfitz too!! What.. could.. be missing.. and WHY???!” She floofs owt her hairfurz in distress, wile dem liddle fat an fuzzy spiky tailed kittins look up at their beloved Madama and wiggul wif worry.

Da Sekewrity Anjul caarefullee checks Hir monitor, looking for ENNY sines of Mischiff!! (From You Know Hooooo!!!!!) and uneezily settles down for a LOOONG day of watching da monitors……….
Happy residents dress up and run abowt, looking forward to partays and Trikk or Treeting. A Liddle Voyss is hurd to say “Ooh! I LUB yor Ghostie Costoom!!”….Annudder liddle Voyss sez “It’s not a Costooom”….oh……

So far da Day haz begun wifout enny sheets or anjul roabs or treets being Purrloined by Yoo Know Hoo, but NO WUN IN CHARJJ RELAKKSIZ THEIR VIGILANNS!!!

Oh!! Ballay Mewzik gently flotes abowt in Hevvin, and in da distinss we see a LUVLY BallerinaKitty Purr-oh-etting and Gavotting and Pranssing in a LUBBLY LACY Owtfit wif a Poe De Swah hood on her heddie, wile liddle fuzzy kittins (som wif durty faissiz?!! Huuuh SHOKKING!) prannss and run and giggul in their LUVLY bally dressiz, summa wicch are a liddle too big, or too small…. for them… Uh oh…

And speeking of a Liiiddle too big… we noettiss dat DIS Madama Cee Cee iz waay too big for dat BEEOOTIFUl Ballay Owtfit!! And she danssiz in a weerd fashun – galumphing while Gavotting, and pitty pattying instedd of Pranssing!! And summe doze baaad kittins are now holding onto Madama’s dress and climbing up her bakk and giggling wile Madama continmewz to pranss as if NUTTIN is happening…

Many of Hevvin’s Denizens gather to watch dis lubbly ballay, altho summa them DO mention dat Madama must hab been eeting a lot, sinss she is now pritty PHAT!!!

Oh!! Da hood comes off – and we see………A wite hedd wif grey SPOTS on it and, HUUHH!!! Da Bad Wun has assoomed da identity of La Madama and haz been purrforming a Cownterfitt Ballay Rootine!!

A LOWD KVETCH comes from bakkstaijj as Madama runs (wigguls wigguls fast) owt and confronts dis IMPURRSTOR!!! A bevy of Madama’s liddle kittins run owt to confront da kittin impurrsonators but they all end up giggling and laffing and wressling, haha. In fack, they ALL run off (liddle fuzzy butts a-wigglin) to da TREET RUME, where an anjul dressed up as a Furry Godmothir is dispensing treets. (No tricks/ -Well, BBBT is ENUFF of a TRICK !!!)

Meenwile on da danss flore, a wide eyed (“Iyam INNERCENT!”) BBBT sits down (“BOOM”) and smiles as Madama bops her on da butt wif a Poe De Swah Ballay Slippah, and Skareems “Yoo hab ROOINED (as in intensely streetched) my BEEOOTIFUL dress wif your Biggiuss Buttiuss and your HORRIBLE DANSS MOOVS!!” (Oh deer, WHAT will dis leed to? A Hewj FITE??) St Pete and da Sekewrity Anjul are holding their bretth and turning BLOO!!

Ah no – SUDDINLY, Fifi Le Vieux (wif her fancy schmancy lorgnettes) runs up to Madama (da REAL Madama) Cee Cee and brings her a Bally Dress EGGZAKKLY like da wun dat BAAAD BBBT Has purloined and (ahem) Streetched a liddle. “Look!! Dis iz Hevvin and you now hab da EGGSACK same dress in noo restored condishun!! And yor liddle kittns hoo hab lostid THEIR dressiz hab ekksack dooplicats! Dis IZ Hevvin, yoo know!!”

Meenwile, sinss Hevvin is VERY VERY BIIG, La BBBT and her pewpils silently pitter patter en pointe to another area where they can hab FUN and hab a HEWJ awed-dienss. Evrywun is so interested in Cee Cee’s noo dress that they don’t even see da Miscreant and her delinkwint pewpillz leave.

Madama and her belovid pewpills purr their appreesheeyashun to Fif Le Vieux, and wif da help of dem Phat liddle anjuls wif tiny wings, they don their ballay owtfits as da band strikes up luuvly Ballay Mewzik and they danss in front of a Hewj crowd of ghosties, goblins, fairies, witchiz, spooky beings (oh, summa dem are NOT in costooom… MA!!!) and St Pete, hoo needs dis in order to calm down. Da Sekewrity Anjul heaves a big sigh and turns All da monitors in da direckshun in wicch owere Miscreant and her kittins have traveled, only to see them eeeting foodies VERY peesefully. S/he smiiiles, not realizing dat if she had tirned up da volyewm she woulda hurd Hevvinly denizens skareeming “DAT’s OWER FOODIES!!”

But all ends well – dis IZ BBBT’s favrit time of da yeer (as is Eestur, Crissmiss, Noo Years, Thanksgibbing, Groundhog day…oh dear) and maybe ower victims are over-reackting anyway… Maybe
And da Hevvinly Ballay of Madama Cee Cee and her enrapt, devotid pewpils makes EVERYWUN’s cares go away… And, oh… look hoo is now sitting in da bakk of da awedienss—ower Rapscallion and her snoring overfed pewpils… still waring their wunnss lublly ballay owtfits.

MOL, Meowhahahahah!!!


SANTA BBBT????? Uh oh......

December 23rd 2015 8:56 am
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Wat an ACKsite-ing day in Hevvin, for kittins and kittins-at-heart!!! All them little cutie-kittenz wif spiky tails and fuzziuss buttiusses and biiig eyes are lined up wiggling wif impayshinss, waiting to talk to SANTA BBBT!!!

And sitting on a modified (reinforssed) Kat tree iz a JOLLY PHAT PHUZZY WITE CREECHUR in a FUZZY RED SOOT and a Jawnty Red Santa cap --- um….we THINK dis iz reely BBBT, hoo LUBS dem liddle kittins (becuz they are phat and fuzzy and misschivuss LIKE HER!!! ). BUT......

But – Santa BBBT haz a wite BEARD, and it iz …wigguling??? How can dis be?

Dem kittins are OH! Bliveeuss to da fackt dat there is sumpin STRAINJ abowt dis beeard—sinss they are so delighted, fritened or stoopified when they get to sit on Santas Larjiuss Lappiuss dat no wun nottissiz…for a wile..

Yoo see—dat “BEARD” iz REALLY da fluffy tail of a liddle SKONKER hoo is sleeping sweetly wif her liddle heddie tucked under BBBT’s hairy chin. BBBT, hoo didnt hab time to run to da Partay Store to buy a faik beerd, , KNOWS dis and sez wif clenched toofies “I HOPE DIS LIDDLE SKUNKIE DUZZINT HAB A NITEMARE!!!” So........

So…da line moovs slowly cuz kittins hab a LOOONG list of things they want, and by da time da 1,8379,443rd kitten wisspurrs into Santa BBBT’s eer “I want dis and dat and more of these and TOYS and unlimitted jumping and biting privillijez and I want to bite onto da hem of St Pete’s roab and slide behind him…“ and uthir rekwests and long lists of things dat bring joy……. BBBT is starting to nod off, thus distirrbing da sleeping skunkie. Meenwile, A few of dem kittins hoo hab been ekkstra nawty are told to beehaiv or they will get MILKBONES!! Blech! In their stocking!!! (haha they know they wont, cuz dis is HEVVIN!! But they are still a liddle skeered becuz BBBT iz after all… a bit …um…imposing) .But SUDDINLY......

…..Suddinly……….Wunna dem kittinz sez “Um…Santa—Yor BEARD iz SNORING!!!” And da beard starts to waiv ominussly cuz da liddle skunk got skeered and waiks up an as da beard waves and wigguls ominussly everywun Skareeems and runnns outta there, including da tree topper angel hoo has dropt her harp and flown away . THEN...

A tidal waiv of wide eyed kittins wif BBBT not far behind (she dun run RITE OUTTA her Santa Soot and hat!!) RUNS WIILDLY to Madama Cee Cee’s Maison de Ballay, skaring hur and her prim pewpils so much dat Madama KVETCHIZ most lowdly and dis in tirn attracks da attnenshun of FiFi le Viuex who drops her Lorgnette (Dis is Hevvin- nothing breaks). Hansum Muskewlar Guycats in lion (hahaha) cloths and clompy Roman Sandals administer smelling salts to ower kvetching (oh!! Tirning da air BLOO!)Tortie. Meanwhile.......

St Pete iz dubbled over wif laffter. Da Sekewrity Anjul puts hir hedd in hir hands on hir Oh! Fish Al desk, as alarms on monitors go ballistic. Da Wun hoo Lubs Us Deerly laffs so much dat rainbows and spektack!mewlar sunsets appear randomly all over da wirld!! And.....

And dat liddle skunkie (Hoo, BTW lived to be 12 years old on Urth, and was DESTINKED wenn she wuz a liddle baybee skunkeenie!!) – is sleeping sweetly under BBBT’s warm Santa Cap wich was left on da HEWJ Santa throne, cuddled wif a liidle baby kittin hoo aint afeered of nuttin!!

BBBT, hoo iz embarrassed, to say da least, ambuls innercently away from dis mass of hysterics, wissling a toon, wif her front paws behind her ample phuzzy back. And....

Feeling sorry for herself, La BBBT sez “I aint got nuttin—no wun lubs me..blahblahblahblahblah.......well, ok I gots eternal life, LOTS of foodies, da Cream Fowntain, a Phlupphy clowd bed, da Gazing pond, da ADMEWLAYSHUN of Millions of kittins …….” And as she cownts her blessings, she gets sleeepy and phlumps on her soft clowd bed. And....

And as da sun sets, da mob scene at Madama Cee Cee’s Maison Da Ballay is slowy kwieting down, as Pownnses fall from Hevvin, thus distrackting evrywun peessfully. A Liddle Voyss iz hurd to say “SURELY we can coreyograff a TRAJIK Ballay frum dis –ahem- unforchoonate episode!!!” And Meenwile...

And meenwhile gentle stereeyofonnik snoring emenates frum under Santa BBBT’s hat. PEACE TO ALL .



March 17th 2015 6:47 am
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Oh……. HAPPY ST PATTY’s Day!!! In Heaven all are rejoicing, even the Snakies!!! St Pat is there signing autographs, and everyone is wearing green hats and saying “KISS ME I’M IRISH!!” and everywun iz having a WUNNDERFUL time!! Oh! The breakfast bell rings and all the Citizens in Hevvin line up in an orderly fashun (NO pushing in Hevvin!!) and from the kitchen we hear an Angel Cook SKAREEEMING- “ ALL DA FOODIE IS GREEN!!!!!!”

Liddle Voyssiz say “Da Aigs are GREEN!! Da HAM is GREEN!! Da Orinj Juice is …GREEEN!! DA KRANBERRY Juice iz a DISGUSTING GREY!!! Da CAWFEE and da English Muphins and da BAYKON and SAWSIJ and da BEIGNETS is all GREEEN!!! Da Dogger food iz GREEN (but da Kat Fud iz not??? Huh???!!) WHO DID DIS!!??? LIKE WE DON’T KNOW???!!!”

NEWCOMERS to Hevvin are saying: ”WHAT IZ dis -- da FUN HOWSS??”
Meenwhile FIVE LEAF KLOVIRZ start RAINING down from abuv, and EVERYWUN looks up!! A Phat Phuzzy White Creechur waring a beanie wif a rotating propeller on it is flote-ing above their hedds and flinging FIVE LEAF CLOVERS into the air!! Summa dem clovers break on impact and da creechur sez “Ooops! I didn’t put enuff GLOO on those clover leafs!!!”
Hands REECH to grab hur – but BBBT (BIG BAD BABY TWINKLE) WHOOOSHES herself away and finds herself on…. FIFTH ABEN-MEW in Mew York City!!!!! And peepul are CHEERING as she flotes above da crowd wif her propeller beanie! “Iz dat a Macy*s Parade Flote?” sez a buncha Liddle Voyssiz. BBBT flotes abuve da WHOLE PARADE and soon she is full of green streamers and oops—wunna them gotted stuck in her beanie propeller and she softly FLUMPS to da grownd and is IMMEDIATELY surrownded by Admirers and well wishers!!

Heer – hab a green bagel! “ sez one “MY home baked SODA BREAD!” sez annuder, “My speshul Corned beef and Cabbage and Taters!!!” sez annuder wun, and oh LOOK! A liddle Italian Nonna comes up to BBBT and sez “Eh, MICIO! Mangia la Pizza Verde!!!” -- and BBBT is So happy EETING all dis wunnerful foodies as she iz smiling and purring and walking along da parade route!! A kind pigeon jentlee unravels da streamer from BBBT’s beanie propeller (“For my nest! For my baybees!” tweets da Pigeon, as she flies off, to go lay an aig or two in Herald Skware), and BBBT (slooowly, cuz she ated lots of foodies) rises into da air again – but HEAVENS!! St Pete sent owt summa dem liddle PHAT angels wif Tiny wings to “FIND DAT RAPSCALLION BBBT!”, and THEY JUST…DID!!!

Da Crowd goze WIIILD!! “The SAINTS BE BLESSED—the ANGELS hab BIZITED US!! (with a …hairy SHMOO??)“ They yell wif JOY, as they spy these cherubs and BBBT!! Meanwhile BBBT, surrowndid by dem Phat liddle angels, reeluktantlee slowly flotes back into da sky to await her stern talking-to in Hevvin—does she care? … No!! Espeshally sinss dem angels, who hav just passed Times Square with all its joys and temptayshuns NOW decide to take a detooor and check things owt _”Thank YOO, BBBT! “ they yell as they LEAVE HER to flote bakk to her parade!! Their liddle voices trail off as they yell to her - “OBOY! OBOY!! Da Wirld and da Flesh and da …. Dev…… oooops – hey BBBT -- Doan’t tell St Pete! AND Doan worry – we NEVER FOWND YOO!!“ and so….

Dem Liddle Phat Cherubs flote towards temptayshun…and hoo are we to say anything!! BBBT, hoo knows it wudd be best to get bakk to Hevvin LONG AFTER everywun has digested their brekkfist – smiles, purrs and flotes back to da Parade. And as da Phat Phuzzy White Creechur flotes happily down 5th Avenue, we heer her say “I wish Meowmie wuz heer!!” Meenwile, Meowmie has wokin up from a plezzint dreem to find some 5 leef clovers on her pillow. “Hmmm….. Did Cee Cee pewk??? Hey Cee Cee—did YOO do dis?” she sez……

HAPPY ST. PATTYS DAY EVERYWUN!!! BUT…. On Da VERY Next day - March 18 – VERY VERY Urly in da morning:

In the dim grey lite of a morning sky we see wat looks like a Sumwat Deeflaitid Phat Phuzzy White Weather balloonie flote-ing up towards Hevvin. It is BBBT! Wearing her beanie with a now slowly-revolving propeller, she lazily flotes upwards, in great need of SLEEEP. Meenwhile in Hevvin…

da Sekewrity Angel licks hir Green Lips wif her Green Tung, and while watching the monitors, suddinly sees this BBBT Apparishun on da bank of monitors. “BOY ARE YOO GONNA GET IT!!” Yells da hewj anjul, who suddinly sez “Well, WTH—NO, I’m not gonna do anything about dis miscreant. Even tho Easter is coming up soon and God knows what kinda stunt she iz gonna pull off then.” (SUDDINLY!! HUUH!! HEWJ wirds appear on All da monitors – “ACK! Shuallee - NO, I DON’T KNOW WHAT SHE’S GONNA DO!! Do us all a favor and just ignoar her for the next 33 days.”) And So ...

BBBT flotes lazily bakk to Hevvin, a bit nurvuss of corss, after her St Patty’s Day caper, and all she wants to do is EET and SLEEEP. Lukkily there iz a NEWCOMER (no green lips) at da Purrly Gates and s/he lets BBBT in with a “Well, hello how are you! (OMC, WHAT are you!!??)” SUDDINLY! Liddle hands GRAB BBBT and she is whisked into da KITCHIN!! What is going on!! Oh!! It’s them liddle phat anjuls wif the tiny wings ….. and sirkulz under their eyes (they are da wuns hoo had left BBBT to her own devices at the St Pattys Day Parade in Mew York City, when they desided to go on an all nite bender in Times Square) AND…

They broughtid bakk a TAKE OUT bag of FOODIES for La BBBT!!! “Look wat we gottid for yoo!” they trill – as they open the bag and pull out a Strami Sammich, and A Ripper in a bun from Coney Island, and….. a LIVERWURST SAMMIE from Cats DeliCAT-tessen, and Bon Bons - most of wich are given (at BBBT’s rekwest) to Miss Princess, Miss Mercy, PeeWee, Puddy and oh look-- A Treacle Cake for Sir Blade!!! BBBT is delite-id wif HER foodies! She makes Happy Eeting Noyzziz and devours everything, gratefully licking her chops and daintillee washing her faiss afterwards – and… dem liddle cherubs, hoo see dat BBBT iz getting VERY sleepy, pik her up (“OOOOF!”) and gently fly her bakk to her soft clowd beddie. LOL....WUN liddle boddle of Green Food coloring rolls out frum under BBBT’s beddie and wunna dem liddle anjuls grabs it and stikks it in hir pokkit.

Da Sekewritee Anjul has seen all dis on da monitors and smiiiles. “It was SO Boring UP here before she came!” sez da Anjul, hoo likks hir still-green lippsss wif hir still-green tung, pulls out a Strami Sammich from hir desk drawer (dem phat liddle anjuls dun bribed hir) and kicks back to enjoy a nice lunch. This episode ends sweetly as we hear BBBT gently snoooring, and St Pete, who is behind his very-soothing sports page, repeating a gentle mantra “The green will wash out. The green will wash out. The green will wash out…” And ……

….a Liddle Voyss sez to da anjul watt pikkt up da bottle of green foodie coloring and stukk it in hir back pokkit: “Hey Phat liddle annjul—wy is yor butt tirning green?” And…”Oh Dat BEE BEE BEE TEE and her Imajinativ mischiff - haha….Wat will she do next??? I can’t wate till EESTUR……”!! BOP!!!! “oooops!! heh heh….!”


HOO iz Audrey?

January 9th 2014 12:29 pm
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There iz a sassy, young INTERLOPER in Meowmie's bedrume!!!
Cee Cee is a=kvetchin' mightily!! MOL!!!
Tew bee Kon-tinmewed......


Meowmie did a STOOPID!! Meowmie did a STOOPID!!

December 19th 2013 8:38 am
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Her ARM iz in a sling. She pikkt up a small fridge and carried it 30 feet. Then she pikkt up and moved 11 bokksiz of books TWICE. All in da same day. Toothfullee, no wun elss wud do it for her. (Cee Cee was lokkt in da othir rume so she wudd be safe. haha she wuz probbly kvetchin'.)

SO- Meowmie bloo owt her showlder... She iz taking meddisun (ha! her punishmint for gibbin ME meddisuns!!!) and going to fizzikal therapy. Cee Cee was all NURSE CEE CEE da uthir day. If dat had bin me I wudda bited Meowmie. Maybe.

Iyam very tikkd off becuz my SCRIBE is malfunkshunning!!

Sigh.. get well Meowmie...


BBBT had a Hevvinly Holiday AdBenchur!!

December 17th 2013 8:10 am
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It is getting close to Krissmiss Eve in Hevvin. Da kitties gaze in awe at da sparkly gold sky (A Liddle Voyss sez : ”Looks like wunna BBBT’s faymuss (notorious!!!) sparkly tablecloths!”, and…

All eyes turn to look at da LIVING NATIVITY!! How BEEOOTIFUL it is!! Figures are moving, Lambs are resting in da Fields, Anjuls are singing and making Mewzikk and……

And Heer comes da Three Wize Men on their Camels (Hmm.. izzit Wednesday???) Suddenly.... HUUH!!! UH OH!!!” All da camels come to a screeching halt and EVERYWUN’s I’s get BIIG and ROWND. . . Wha happened???

A Liddle Voyss sez “St Pete!! Wunna dem sheepies IZ HISSING at da Three Wize Men!!!” St Pete wisely slaps his forehedd and sez “Wicch wun….(like I don’t know what da Liddle Voyss iz gonna say?)”

Da Liddle Voyss sez: “Da Wun wif da big Phat White Buttiuss wif two blakk spots on It!!!”

Meenwhile, BBBT, who REMOTELY rezembullz a phat sheepie, sighs, stops hissing, smiles and settles into da sweet hay to go to sleep. “Meowmie DID YEWSTA call me her Lambie Pie!” she wiss-purrs as an ekksplanayshun just before she sweetly snorez, and….

Da Three Wize Men and their camels SLOOWLY TIPPYTOE past BBBT on their way to see Da Wun Hoo LUBS US ALL (inclewding BBBT) so very very much ., All iz Calm – All iz Brite….

BBBT’s gentul snoring attracks the attenshun of two spiky tailed kittins! “There is ower HERO!!” sez wunna them skweeky baybees. (Hero AND Bad Eggzampull!) They runn ovur to BBBT, and, being kittinz, have NO qualms abowt waking her up!!

“Sir/Maam! Lookit wat we FOWND!!” say da kittnz as they drop POWNSSIZ and toys at BBBT’s feet. (BBBT gets up and STREETCHIZ and summa dem lambies reclining behind her gasp "Huuuh! Wotta HEWJ Buttiuss!!") BBBT smiles at dem kittinz and sez: “Oh! Yoo must not carry these for too long or they go bad!” sez BBBT hoo eets all da Pownssiz. “Where did yoo find them?”

“They are GROWING on a TREE dat has STARS all over it!!” skweek da innercent liddle baybees.

BBBT gets up and follows da kittins hoo, wif their spiky liddle tails held high, bounce and jump and wiggul ahedd of dis BUIGGIUSS fuzzy wite cat hoo pittypats after them while her fuzzybellyflap swings rite and left, rite and left as she walks with her tail prowdly held high in da air.

She follows them into a room dat smells like a pine forest wif warm lights and singing. And she stops… wif her eyes getting BIIG and her purr getting REEL REEL lowd. For there, in dis rume, covered wif lites and cat-safe ornaments and toys and POWNSSIZ — is da Hevvinly Krimssmiss Tree!! She shyly (shyly? Dis iz BBBT?) creeps forward, wif a biiig smile on her faiss, wif da liddle kittinz and their furrends following her. And then . . .

A few minutes later, a SILENT alarm (all da alarms were newly installed after BBBT walkt into da Purrly gates and settled into Hevvin) rings in da nooly built Anjul Security Rume (ditto). Da HEWGEist Anjul looks at wunna da TV monitors, sighs, ges up and walks owt da dore. A liddle voyss whisspurrs: “What? Another “borrowed” Sparkly Tablecloth inssident?” We shall soon find owt.

Da Anjul striiides down da hall – EVERYWUN knows hoo dis Anjul is going after and they giggul. As da Anjul approaches da Krissmiss tree rume she heers MAJOR sownds of Cat Revelry. Da Krissmiss tree is gyrating. Stuff is FLYYING owt of its branchiz. Cats and kittens are on da flore, playing wif toys, rolling over Nip, eeting Pownssiz (da nice thing abowt eeting Pownssiz in Hevvin is dat yoo DON’T frow up afterwards), And the Anjul goes up to da tree, rolls up a sleev, and stikks hir arm into da tree – and (pulls out a plum? Not a chance…) emerges wif a large furry white shaip wif a BIG smile on hir faiss and big phat cheeks (on da faiss, on da faiss dis time).

Da Anjul sighs but s/he is trying hard not to laff. BBBT sez “Oh deer – I just wanted to find owt if they put an ANJUL on da top of da Krissmiss trees in Hevvin. Did I knock off all dat stuff on my way up? Hmmm….?”

Da kitties in Hevvin hoap that their peepul on Urth are also having a joyous if not riotous time, and dat THEY too have Anjuls looking after them (or running after them, in BBBT’s case)

"HAPPY HOLIDAYS!" they all eek skweek purr and meow!!


1. Meowmie wants to tell yoo Sumpin 2. I hitted an Anjul.- (lol)

November 7th 2013 6:49 am
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Ok Meowmie-- go ahedd:
"Nov 7, 2013 I FINALLY SAW HER!! This morning, I was lying in bed, looking at the floor and the night table and everything was grey in the dim light of morning.

Then I fell “asleep" - and in my “sleep”, I was lying in bed, looking at the floor and the night table and everything was grey in the dim light of morning. And THERE SHE WAS!!

Formed from the greyness of the light, with a silver light outlining her body, standing near the bed with her tail up in the air, just about to leave the room AS SHE ALWAYS DID every morning -- with her beautiful face looking at me, Big Bad Baby Twinkle said "You fed HER - Now feed ME!" And then BBBT left the room and I "woke up".

When she talked to me, I "heard" her VERY plainly -- in my head. When I finally got out of bed I went over to her liddle urn and kissed it.

PS-- I have a memorial Cat Food Dish near her urn and a can of her FAVE food on top of it. Offerings to the Kat Angel."

SO FINALLY MEOWMIE SEES ME!!! Cee Cee wuz in he room too-- HAHAH I BET SHE was SKEERED and HIDED!!!! Then a liddle anjul (yoo know, da liddle phat wun wif tiny wings) came up to me and sed "Bee Bee Bee Tee -- You don't need to EEET Up Here!!" And I went "BOP!!" -- So I hitted dat Anjul.....Tuff tow-nalez....


Saints, Soul, Kittens, Cats, St Peter's Tears

November 1st 2013 1:35 pm
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On Urth, da sky is grey. In Hebbin, a LARJ figure wearing white roabs (oh it's St BBBT and her Clowd Bed) stands up and POOF -- used paintbrushiz and empty bottles of orinj and blakk poster paint come FLYYING outta dis HEWJ bed!! Little critters RUN over to scoop them up and hide them, in gratitude for ALL da fun they had yesstiday (Halloween), thanx to BBBT's daring and ingenuity.

BBBT throwz off her roabs ("Kats doant ware CLOATHES!" she sez wif a smile) and sits down on a generously sized clowd - "BOOOM!"
("Mama wuz dat Thunder?" ..."Hmmm I dunno sweetie-- da sun is owt now....")

A CROWD of kittins and kitties gathers near St BBBT-- hoo waivs her baton and kleers her throate and sez solemnly: "Let us now sing ower songs" A HEWJ crowd of Kitties (oh deer and SO MANY KITTINS TOO!!!) Who Died WAY Before Their Time purr and heddbutt and groom wun annuder as everywun (including da sweet liddle kittins....) sing and their SWEET MEWZIK fills the Air… AND….

EVERYWUN shines like da Sun. On Earth, MANY kitties run to da windowsills and look up at da Sky. Cee Cee duz too, as she Kvetchiz to Meowmie “Doo yoo heer da songs in da Sky? Pleez sing wif me, Meowmie!!”

But…Oh… is it RAINING in Hevvin? Look again – it is St Pete and da Anjuls weeping for all those kitty souls hoo will find their way to Hevvin today – many WAAAY before their time, and…alas, some of whom had the misfortune and TRAGEDY to suffer a Halloween death…….

TODAY and TOMORROW – are All Soul’s/All Saints’ Day… Please remembpurr the cats dogs kittens and puppies and ALL the critters (skunkies and bats and horses and goldifishies and more) – not just the departed wuns… but also those in shelters as well as those who live AWFUL PAINFUL lives on this earth because of Man”KIND”’s INHUMANITY.

The mewzik ends -- everywun hugs wun annuder. Liddle kittins play play play ("Oh no!! Not with those EMPTY bottles! St Pete will have a FIT!") and BBBT slowly walks bakk to her bed and curls up in it, wif her hedd under her paws.

A liddle kitten asks a big elderly kitty "Is she going bakk to sleep so URLY in da morning?" Da kitty likk likk likks da kittin and sadly sez "No.. she is crying....."



October 31st 2013 6:35 am
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Happy HALLOWEEEN!! It’s a BEEEOOTIFUL day in Hevvin!! St Pete is reeding da Sports page wif a BIIG GRIN on his face – hmmm.. did he bet on da game last nite?? When SUDDENLY dat liddle PHAT anjel wif tiny wings - Da wun hoo is supposta RAT on BBBT but DUZ NOT!!- runs up to St Pete and sez “Sir, there are SCILLIONS of CATS lined up waiting to get into da Orinj and Blakk gates!!!”

“…Orinj…. and Blakk…. gates!!!?” skareems St Pete as he smakks his forehead wif his hand…. De liddle Anjul sez “Oh doan worry I will hose off them Purrly Gates!” and takes a hose to Dem Gates while a Liddle Voyss SKAREEMS—“DAT’s POSTER Paint! It’s gonna Leak Into Da SKY!!!!”
Meenwhile on Urth we heer: “Oh! Grab yor Camera!!! LOOKIT DAT ORINJ and BLAKK Sunrise!!” and “Mommy — Y iz da sky Oranj and Blakk???” and others, (with much wringing of hands) yell “Woe iz US!! It’s GLOABULLE WARMING!! Da Sky is MEEELTING!!!” MEENWHILE, Up in Hevvin……

St Pete sez, very sadly – “WHY are SO MANNY KATS Up here tewday? What happind to dem?!!!! “Da liddle Anjul sez “Well, ACK! Shaully St Pete- they live here – they are TRIKK OR TREETING!!!” St Pete smakks hiz forehedd and sez :“Oh, groan.. OK—gib em a POWNNS and tell em to get in heer and STAY IN HEER – Dis iz NOT Ben And Jerry’s FREE KOAN DAY—They CANNOT get bakk in line—we got a WHOLE BUNCHA NOO ARRIVALS out there – WHAT are they gonna think of HEVVIN now dat they have seen DIS!! AND.. HOO PUT THOSE KATS UP TO DIS – Oh no.. doan’t ansur dat…. Groan.. groan….”

St Pete runs up da Hevvinly Stairs to Da Big Purrson’s Office to complain but—there is a noate on da BP’s dore dat sez: “Iyam Oh!Fish!Allee declaring DIS Day as– MY DAY OF REST! DOAN BOTHER ME!! FIND…DA.. KAT!!!.. and speek to HER!!!” Meenwhile Up In Hevvin…..

ALL of Kitty Hevvin is Abuzz wif GLEEE!! Alla dem kitties is dresst up like GHOSTIES!!! Hee hee!! Big and Liddle white ghostie shaips gliding, jumping, FLYYING and PittyPattying abowt – Lissin to them PURRRR! And Eeek! And Skweek!!!

“Who do we thank for theez LUVLY Cotsmewmz?” sez wun purrky liddle kittin.

SUDDENLY we heer Anjuls SKAREEEMING!! “Ower nooly washt bedsheets!! HOO DID DIS!!!??” A LARJ PHAT BBBT ghostie shaip waddles away fureeussly!! “Oh No!! Not There!! “Skareems wun wise kitty – as da BBBT Ghostie shaip almost runnz into Da Guy Wif Da Red Pajamas, hoo is Skareeeming “GET DIS KAT AWAY FRUM ME!!!”

Da Larj Phat Shaip waddles safely under St Petes robez – until sumwun sez “Hey St Pete—sins wenn did YOO grow a grey and blakk striped tail???”

St Pete bonks hs hedd against da Purrly Gates a few times and sez “There is NO way to UNDO DIS!! Yo- STOKK RUME ANJUL – plaiss an emerjensy order for 12,395,897 white bed sheets and PUT A STURDY LOKK ON DAT STOKKROOM DOOR FRUM NOW ON, Okie Dokie????”

MEOW-HAHAHA!! Da Larj Shaip runs owt from under St Pete’s roabz wif glee – White ghostie shaips zip bakk and forth and sidewayz and upside down and a Liddle Voyss sez “Doan Eeet dat Kandy Korn, or yoo will pewk ORANJ! And annuder Liddle Voyss yells “TRIKK OR TREET!! LIKK MY FEEET!! HAHAHAHAHA!!”


Dear Miss Mercy's Mom

October 22nd 2013 1:56 pm
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Meowmie posted a photo of that BEEAUTIFUL frame you sent to her after I wented to Hevvin -- now it has my PIKSHA in it -- so Iyam FUREVER smiling at my Meowmie! THANKYEW!!!
Yor furriend Bee Bee Bee Tee
Pee Ess -- Lookit da Statchoos of me dat Meowmie painted!! I held her hand wif my paw, wenn she wuz painting them!!!

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