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TY for the CONCATS for COTW!!!!

March 10th 2014 4:50 pm
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I'm SO happy Catster is continuing on and SO happy to be named Cat Of The Week!

Thank you ever so much for your CONCATS and gifties!

I love you all and was so scared of losing touch with you!
Bless and PARTY ON!!!!



A Request From my Heart!

January 21st 2014 4:55 pm
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Please don't forget me!


My family and I have been on Catster for over 7 years. Sadly, they are closing this site on March 3. Other Catster members and I are in a facebook group so we can stay in touch...we have made so many wonderful friends here. When Catster deletes us, we may well lose all contact. DON'T let it happen! Please!

Would you like to drop by?
We are at Catster Buddies on facebook at
It is a closed group so just click for an admin to add you. It's okay if it's your mom (or dad) account just tell us who the kitties are.

My Facebook page is
Feel free to send me a FB friend invite.

Purrrs, Christopher

PS, NEW pals are encouraged to send me a Catster invite as well! I love friends so....follow me over!


A Favor Please

January 17th 2014 5:11 pm
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I don't get on Catster often because it often freezes my compy...I am sorry :( But i love you all and think of my pals often



November 16th 2010 12:56 pm
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I can't meow how excited I am to be COTD today!

This is also a very special day because it would be my mommy's mom's 80th birthday! She passed away about a year and a half ago, and it is a very special honor to be Cat of The Day on her birthday today!!!

This holiday season, I'd like to do a card exchange like old times except all my snail mail addys were lost on a fried old hard-drive =( If you'd like to do this again, please contact me by pmail and we will do it! It will be FUN!

Thank you for all the attention and concats today! I love you all and I'm honored and humbled by being named COTD!



Hi Everycat and Happy Summer!

June 22nd 2010 8:15 am
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It's already a scorcher here!

I hope everycat and doggie's having a good summer.
Soon, mommy will start putting the wire over our catio.
Yes, she built the frame last summer and my Angel brother Patrick was able to play in the frame and enjoy it before he passed.
Then she covered the frame in a cheap mesh that wasn't UV stabilized and after only 6-8 weeks in 105+ summer, it shattered like thin dry spaghetti!

So there it has sat.

Mom just was able to get a roll of the welded wire and this will last for good! So in the next week or so (mom's been cutting trees and brush this week) the catio will be enclosed.
It's been a long time coming as mom used reclaimed 2x4s from a patio cover and fence...but it's coming.
Hopefully the deck paint is still good (for some added boards) because tho it was garaged, it got incredibly HOTT last year.
We will see.

But the wire is here and waiting =)

Kitten season was fairly heavy and mom had fosters and some dumped babies including a couple bottle-suckers. Only got two left to rehome and we're doing good. Mom's still at low-wage job and part-time but she's working and able to budget for the rescue babies so that's worked out.
~ We never asked to rescue or put out the word but somehow kittens appear. Sometimes in boxes even =( ~

We're not on Catster as much as we'd like and I miss you all terrible. It's just that new Catster freezes up my comp or takes super long to load.

I recently did an interview with an epaper called Anipal Times about being a blind kitty. Please take time to read it My Interview

Purrrrs and Luv to you all!


Mr Fez

January 10th 2010 10:15 am
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My sweet pal Mr Fez who I mentioned in my last entry has unexpectedly gone to The Bridge this morning.
He was sight-challenged like me but now of course he has purrrfect vision in Paradise.
He passed due to a side effect of his meds.
Purrrrayers to his sad family at this difficult time.

When my little blue kitty houseguest and I play, I think of my pal Mr Fez and purrr that the little guy grows up big and handsome like my groovy friend.

Please drop by my special friend's page Mr Fez



Is It 2010 Already?

January 9th 2010 9:29 am
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It sure is and I hope everycat's doing good and hanging in there!

Christmas was fun for me because I had a houseguest..the blue kitty.
Mom's had no luck in finding him a home and he's growin up and that makes it even harder.
Not that mom would take him to a shelter, but the No-Kills are all full and the pound is pretty much euthanizing immediately and tho mom has good record of finding homes for abandoned one's interested in a wily but loving blue gray kitty.

She brought him home on Christmas Eve because no kitty should spend Christmas in a cage that doesn't absolutely have to.
He fussed and growled in his throat all the evening of the 24th and half of Christmas then gave it up because no one was listening an got in the cuddle pile.

I started to wash his ears and he was growling but i just kept it up and then he started purring then we went to sleep cuddled up.
He's not gonna sit in a cage for months more so he's still here with me an we're pals.

I can't see him but I know he's a handsome guy and he reminds my family of Mr Fez and Coopurr and Zack! In fact, I think Zack may have directed him this way. He's very wanna-be-with-mom-every-minute and kisses her face much like our Patrick did. I'm also with mom everywhere including the bathroom, so now I have a partner in crime. He likes to explore the kitchen trash with me as well *shhhh don't tell*

The stray cats have a nice heavy cotten duck covered workbench-like frame on the front porch to sleep in. It's a water/wind proof outdoor fabric and the porch is on the south of our house out of the prevailing cold north wind. ( The porch is a small gated deal...not as big as an old old-fashioned porch but bigger than most new porches, mol.)

We have my pal Fuzzy and a big red cat who he brought home and a female torbie-looking kitty named Summer. ( She's the one mom found homes for her two gorgeous babies last year.)
Summer is feral. The red cat is wild too. He also needs a name because mom just calls him "Hey You"!
(Suggestions anyone? He isn't the most handsome kitty but he's a good guy. He's dark orange.)

They love their house and it has a heated pad in it.
There was also an opossum sharing it. Go figure.

I really need to thunk mom's camera and get it to working right. It still says the card is full after mom clears it. Somebody mentioned "reformatting" it? I'm not sure what that means but if it means kicking it a few times then I'm ready to do that.

I want to get pics of the outside kitties and blue cat (I guess his name is Blue. Or Bloo. Or...well, we could use a name suggestion for him as well, mol!)

Big Meows,


Merry Christmas!

December 25th 2009 9:17 am
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Thank you everycat for the cards and rosettes. My typist will start sending out some thankies a bit later today after the kitty festivities mol.

Hopefully I will get some pics of me in my coat and hat. The camera is givivng trouble saying the card is full after only two pics even tho mom cleared them all (or obviously it isn't doing it right). Not sure whats going on.
Tomorrow we may buy one of those disposible cameras just to get some holiday pics you know?

Today it's cold and sunny.
Mom has a sign in her head (or was that sinus?) so she may take a pill later.
We're doin good tho.

To save $$ mom's been walking to and from work on every day that isn't pouring rain. It's less than two miles one way and mom likes to walk but sometimes it's a drag =(

For Christmas the bus driver of the local route that mom used to take gave mommy a bus pass!!!
Woohoo! Hey does this mean I get to ride the bus again too? =)
It was a VERY nice gesture!

And we have a houseguest for the holidays! The little blue cat. His name is "BLUE" mol.
The catfamily doesn't seem to care one way or the other, I sure don't, but he's growly. Oh he plays and eats and drinks and sits in moms lap all the time. But he's growlin and hummin while he's doing it.
I think HE thinks that WE think he's tough, mol.

I'm looking forward to playing with him when he gets over his griping stage.

I'm blind but mom says Blue looks like a little Mr Fez or Coopurr!!!

Yeah, a guy wanted to adopt him for Christmas but he had Pit Bulls indoors and out and gang tattoos. Honestly, mom's known a few gang members that were ok but she wasn't going to let Blue go.
So we got a houseguest.

I been in the tree a little but not as much as last year. Heck, this is my SECOND Christmas so I'm an old hand at this stuff now.

Mommy and I miss grandma and Patrick and Pickles terribly...but we know they're safe and warm and in Heaven with our other Angels and Angelfriends.

Purring for everyone to have a nice Holiday.
Bless you all.


PS Penny I luv you so!


Christmas Eve!

December 24th 2009 7:53 am
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Hi all!
Since mom's gotta go to work in a few moments I'll make this short.
(I'll try to do a decent blog update on Blogger tonite if mom isn't too frazzled after a day of working retail on Christmas Eve.)

I purrr everyone's having a good one today and sending Holiday wishes for both my Christian and Chewish a few pagans I know as well =)
Today is a day for everyone to come together and enjoy each other's company and celebrate the reason for the season as well as just have fun!

It's reallly windy here today. Mom had to tie some little fake outside holiday trees down after she had to go fetch them a couple of times.

The little blue kitty at work still has no home. He almost did but he tried to climb a bird cage and the peoples did not like that. He's not a bad kitty at all. He's just young and wild and even when he's being mischievous he's purrring and has a twinkle in his eye.
He's just a kitty.

Mom's taking a carrier to work. If no one wants to give him a home on Christmas mom's bringing him home an I will play with him.
No kitty should sit in a cage alone on Christmas...

Anyway, Mewwwy Holidays and I will probably be back on Catster later this evening after I help mom make a cup of Lemon Balm tea for her nerves, mol.



Bad Ol Weather

December 15th 2009 8:52 am
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No snow happened but we DO have wintery weather today. Not in a good way.
It's 44 degrees which isn't that cold but the winds are 30mph and it's raining ice water. Mom's is grumpy cause she's gotta go catch the chilly ol bus in a bit for an evening shift at work.
Mom's has a big cape-deal over her hooded sweatshirt and she's a skinny and Ima afraid she's gonna get blown away.
Or even worse, get her shoes soaked. Then she'll really come home cranky...

On the upside, we kitties are warm and in our beds at home!

There's a kitty mom has at work so people can see him...he needs a home. He was given over by a man who didn't speak English except that "dog try to bite". All the no-kill shelters are full and Animal "Care" Services does little to adopt out and kills 50 animals a day usually even without the big 72 hours holding time...

At least he didn't just dump the kitty. The kitty was healthy and clean.

Trouble is, the kitty was about three months old and people want little kittens. The kitty is actually quite compact and stumpy...but people want BITTY kitties. He's sat there for coming on a month. Sure, mom has him out the whole time she's there and he seems very happy but mom doesn't want this kitty to spend Christmas without a home in a kennel cage.

He's four months old now.
A deep blue steel color with green eyes. Very playful. Some people thought he was "mean" because he rabbit kicks while he's purrring or plays with the zip on their jackets...but most don't even want to see him.
Today mom's taking a little collar to the kitty, spruce him up a little.

Well, TTYL and keepin up the warm purrrrs for all those in need.


PS, Brrrrrr it's ugly weather out there....mommy should wear two pairs of sockies or something....

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