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Mama Kitty's Journal

A Great Start to a New Year

December 31st 2008 5:47 pm
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My last entries were thanking everyone for the kindness and support given to me and my family, during my sickness and passing to the bridge. Now much to our surprise I was chosen a daily diary pick today-the last day of the year! So once again I must thank our wonderful friends for all of the congrats and sweet prezzies sent to me to help me celebrate my honor. It is truly a most awesome way to start the New Year, surrounded by the love of our close friends. Thank you all!

Here's another long list!
Thanks to:
Edwina, Emily, Nelly Bell May, Morris, Cleopatra Grace, Nekko and Itsumo for the shiny trophy,

Wally a very handsome angel for my heart,

Henry sent me a pink ribbon,

Angel Piccasso sent me a heart and a rainbow,

Clawdia and her lovely family, some of our most precious friends sent a rainbow,

Calvin sent me a yummy shrimp,

Alfie, Chloe, and Turbo sent me a rainbow star,

Jewels, Shamara, Toby and Sasha (a boy) sent me a rainbow,

and I also got sweet message from-
Sir Sonny Bono, he's an angel too, maybe we can watch fireworks together tonight,

Buddie Always Loved and his family, Victor Gibbs, Mookie, Angel, Riki, McKena, and Jason Cash,

Pretty angel Peaches and her family,

Beau and family, they have a new baby kitten, so adorable and so nice of his pawrents to care for this little guy,


and a bunch of congrats from Old Furts-
Gabrielle, Wally, Mr Sam at the Bridge, Spunky, Scooter (I'll try to sprinkle some of this special rainbow bridge nip down to you Scooter) and Chandler Ray

Hope the New Year brings everyone peace and great joys, and the happiness that comes with sharing them. Love to all Mama Kitty


I'm a daily diary pick today!

December 31st 2008 12:40 am
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I am speechless! Thank you Catster, so sweet of you to honor me. Happy New Year Everyone! Hugs to my family and all of my precious friends. Love always Mama Kitty


More Thank Yous

December 25th 2008 10:04 pm
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More thank yous for all of your kindness and prayers for my family during this rough time. It was a very sad Christmas for my family, losing me, your support was so greatly appreciated. Thank you all so much:

Hooch and his great family, long time friends of ours for my first set of wings and a rainbow star
KC Sunshine, Mittens and family-rainbow star
Tutti, Junior Fluffkins, Tethys Fluffkins and Jake-rainbow star
Sammy and Taylee-gold star
Titch, Bruce, Sybil and Beardsley-diamond
Drifter, Mouse, Purdie, Muffin and family-rainbow star
Zeeke, Romeo, Romeo, Cleopatra and family-rainbow star
Oreo, Reece, Cinnamon, Reba and family-rainbow star
Isis-power of the paw
Princess -power of the paw
Sausage and Meatball-heart, and a sweet hand drawn power of the paw
Morgan, Ripple, Sin, Rockie, Cassie and family power of the paw
Moozer, Punkin, Sealegs, Spot and family-power of the paw
Hazel Lucy-rainbow
Autumn, Samoa, Calvin, Violet and family-rainbow
Sally Maria-rainbow
Riley, Henry, Tugger, Mabel and family-rainbow
Pooters-rai nbow
Mr Sam-rainbow
Sammie and KiKi-heart
Mathes der Meowler, Bell, Antoine, Entrechat Cat and family-rainbow
Sam, Mr D, Raza, Baltster-heart
Piewackit, Shadow,Zeke, Lacey and family rainbow
Whisper, Flower, Apollo, MauMau, PeekABoo and family-rainbow
Nikko, Itsumo,Grace, Emily,Nelly Bell May, Morris, Edwina, Walker, Alexandria, Molly , Pookah and family- rainbow
Tony, Anna, Greystone, Sammy ,Stormy, Cleo and family rainbow
Aldo, Tess, O'Malley, Squeaky and family-rainbow
Tyler Mr Boombastic-lovely wings
Kismet- a very nice paw-mail from her and her meowmy and a nice set of wings, maybe we'll go flying together
Moozer, Punkin, Sealegs, Spot, Bobcat and family- lovely wings
Octavian and Odin- a very nice poem and a Christmas wreath
Albie, Alfie, Jack, Queenie, Lucy and family -eternal candle and a very nice Power of the Paw
Romeo, Calamity, Calia, Henry and Kana-candle
Kit -candle
Sky-a pretty heart
Shep McCormick-rainbow rosette

The outpouring of love and concern for me and my family, touched our hearst very deeply, thank you very much. Love to each and every one of you who said a prayer sent a purr or sent me a kind message, also thanks to those who sent Norman and my fur family condolences. If I left anyone off I am truly sorry. Love Mama Kitty


My journey on earth has ended

December 24th 2008 8:09 am
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I passed away in my sleep early this morning, and even though my pawrents knew my time was near it did not stop the tears from flowing. I had been sick for over a week, but I never complained. Meowmy laid beside me most of the night telling me how much she loved me and what a beautiful little girl I am. I mustered just enough strength before I left to wrap my paw around meowmy's finger. She and daddy miss me terribly and I know when they go to bed tonight it will be worse, because I won't be there to purr them to sleep. Meowmy hasn't been able to stop crying.
My page is covered with sweet gifts of respect from our friends, thank you so much for letting meowmy and daddy know how much you care.
My sweet brofur Normy made a beautiful memorial picture for me in the arms of an angel, cause meowmy knows that's where I am.
I love you all, my extended Catster family, thanks for helping us through this sad time.


I'm still feeling under the weather.

December 19th 2008 1:37 pm
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Meowmy was surprised that I took a few sips of water today on my own, nothing much else has changed. I am still having trouble standing and so wobbly walking is hard. I still refuse to eat, so meowmy is forcing me to at least have a few syringe fulls every three or four hours. I am still congested and very tired, meowmy is also very tired she fell asleep in the floor by me last night and she snores.
She is trying very hard to help me, although I wish she would just let me sleep. Thanks to all my precious friends who have sent rosies, purrs and prayers, we love you guys very much.

I got these yesterday evening and today, thanks so much:
Flowers from The Family of Octavian and Odin
And many power of the paw rosies from:
The Family of Ciao-Li, Jean Louise "Weezer", Sheba (In Loving Memory), Katie and Arlo (In Loving Memory)
The Family of ♥Binx♥, ATHENA, Zeus, ♥Casper♥ and ♥Stella♥
The Family of Edwina, Emily, Nelly Bell May, Morris , Cleopatra Grace, Nekko and Itsumo
Mr. Sam - At the Bridge
The Family of Kinsey ~ sweet angel girl and Mittens
And several of the sweetest messages from Henry, Tethys Fluffkins and family, Kibbles and AC.
Your support and caring has kept us going , thank you.


Thanks to my friends, I love you guys

December 17th 2008 5:36 pm
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It is late in the evening here and I have recieved so many purrs and prayers and they just keep coming. We are so grateful. I am still not eating or drinking, meowmy is making me eat gravy off of the canned food and giving me fluids and medicine even though I really don't want it, all I really want is to be left alone so I can sleep. I am 16 and have had a good life coming and going in and out of the house as I please and always sleeping my my dad at night, meowmy is not ready to let go, she never will be and she is trying so hard to make me better. She has told me a million times today how much she loves me, I never get tired of hearing it. But I am tired and weak from being sick and I hope she understands that I am getting tired of fighting this sickness. I hate making her so sad. I am so glad we have all of you helping us through this, many of you have sent presents for my page and kind words to us, thank you for caring for us, there is no way we could ever repay you. The emotional support here is unbelieveable and helps so much.
I have started a list of friends to thank and will try to not miss anyone, meowmy is so exhausted, please forgive us if we missed anyone.
Thanks toThe family of Lily, Boingo, Tigger, Poo and more,The family of Autumn, Samoa, Calvin, Violet and more! , Arnold P, Scooter,
Kit, Wally Forever Loved and family, Rufus,The family of Diego , LuLu and Furie (In loving memory) ,The family of ♥ Tony ♥, ♥ Anna ♥, ♥ Greystone ♥, ♥ Sam ♥ and more!The family of ♥ Leo ♥, ♥ Lady ♥, ♥ Thomas ♥, ♥ PixieBelle ♥ and more! The family of Moozer, Punkin, Sealegs, Spot and more!The family of Morgan, Ripple, Sin, Rocky and more!The family of ♥ Sausage ♥ and ♥ Meatball ♥ Princess
"Isis PAWS,The family of Ko, Taz, Jacob, Flinders 1988-2008 and more! Tailee,The family of Alfie, Albie - A Sweet Angel Now, Lucy, Jack and more! PeekABoo and family, Kaabus,Calvin, Tweety McGee, Princess and family,Luka, Alfie, Fudge, Beloved Angel Amelia, Sugar, and Odie
You guys are the very best in the world and many thanks also to those who are praying for me tonight, we will give you an update in the morning.


What a Pawsitively Great Birthday!

August 25th 2008 11:44 am
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I had the very best birthday, my first Catster birthday. I got a catzillion sweet messages, several beautiful glitters included in those well wishes too, and so many prezzies! My head is still spinning, and no it's not my age (16).
We had a wonderful surprise on Saturday too, Norman became Administer of Sweet Face, him and meowmy almost flooded the study with tears of joy. Thanks HQ, that was the "icing " on my cake!
We had a huge pile of chicken, fresh cooked-as everyone knows that is Normy-Poo's favorite food, we all love it really, Normy is just more vocal about it!
The "Old Furts" posted a great many well wishes, along with the members from lots of other groups I'm in. You should hear the sound effects with that group page-hilarious!
Many thanks to all the kitties who helped with my party decorations on my page (prezzies),

The Family of Zack, Harry, Riley, Jack, Enzo Furrari, Hannah, Stinky, Sophie, Xerox, Angus MacFangus, Annabelle, Cary, Kate, Queso, Copy, Copy, Sissy, Wally, Lily, Ivy, Charlie, Matilda, Bubba, Pete, Emme, Violet, Claire, Kira, DC, Lucy, Griffin and The Texas Wild Bunch
Arnold P.
Mr Sam
The Family of ♥ Tony ♥, ♥ Anna ♥, ♥ Greystone ♥, ♥ Sam ♥, ♥ Stormy ♥ and ♥ Cleo ♥
Octavian & Odin
The Family of Alex, Annie and Bugsy

If I left any fur out I am sorry, my typist is an "Old Furt" too, she's three times my age! Love you all so much, Mama Kitty


Sweet 16

August 22nd 2008 6:15 pm
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Tommorrow is my 16th birthday! I know I am very lucky to have had 16 great years, many cats never get to celebrate a 16th birthday. I have had a wonderful life, getting to come and go indoors/outdoors as I please and always knowing I have food and most of all love. My meowmy worries about my age, as she has never had a cat live past 17 years and she will never be ready to part with me. I started out as a stray, slowly became tame and eventually became queen of the house. My exact birthday is unknown, but all of us have a day we celebrate because every kitty deserves a birthday of their own. My vet says he is amazed at how good a shape I am in considering my age, I am still very beautiful. I love my pawrents and have my own special sleeping spot next to dad on the bed. Tommorrow will be a day of special treats and brother Norman's favorite food chicken. Meowmy always gives us as much chicken as we can eat anytime one of us has a birthday, I love chicken too. I bet I get spoiled all week-end long!

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