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Buster's memories

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5 years now as an angel

September 5th 2013 2:27 pm
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I have been an angel kitty now fur 5 years...actually ofur 5 years since I died befur my birthday. Mama still remembers me and how small I was when I arrived. Me & my sisfur were way too young to be taken from our momcat, but mama took care of us, got us the vet help we needed, and loved us til the day we died.

I heard mama talking down on earth that she still misses me...awww....I miss you too mama and I can't wait til you come to heaven so I can see you again!


tank you!

September 6th 2011 7:45 am
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Tank you fur all your gifts, comments, rosettes, and messages on what would have been my 12th birthday. I am SO happy in heaven...I miss my mama but with GOD's help I sent her 2 kitties to replace me.



hi there

May 29th 2010 7:46 am
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Well it's been ofur a year since I wrote. I've been a busy kitty up here in heaven, chasing mice, frolicking with ofur kitties, and just relaxing and enjoying things.

I wanted to say TANK YOU for my gifts! I get mouseburgers here all the time. If there are any of you kitties about to cross the bridge ofur to heaven, be sure to check out Mac's Mouseburgers. They're really good! Then there's also a place that sells hot dogs, but not made from dogs of course. (I dunno what they're made of) and a CATNIP ice cream stand....a restaurant with moles to eat and treats all the time....and best of all NO WEIGHT GAIN! So I can have a feast and not worry about getting fat! I will be glad to take any Rainbow Bridge kitties on a tour of heaven too.

I also have been to this neat toy store up in heaven that has balls, yarn, and ofur fun toys. They're all FREE and they won't hurt me if I ingest them.

OK I'm going to go and fly around fur a while.

Buster Kitty


no calendar picture

September 18th 2008 5:38 pm
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Well mama got the 2009 cat calendar today from and the picture of me she submitted was NOT in there.

Only the Lord knows why that happened, but mama's sad that I didn't make it.

Oh well.


I need some company

May 29th 2008 3:40 pm
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I'm a lonely boy right now. Here I am sitting on a cloud, having the time of my life in heaven....but I don't have anyone visit me very often. Maybe some of you ofur kitties up here could come and pay me a visit? I love to play with mice, feast on catnip, and would WUV a female companion too.


Mr. Buster


a poem to my mama

April 20th 2008 4:48 pm
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Mama, dry your tears
and please don't cry for me....
Even tho you miss me
I am finally free....
Free from the pain and suffering
and the meds I had to take....
You did the best thing ever
with the choice you had to make...
Because of it, I'm in heaven
and young & healthy now...
I'm with the One who made me....
thank you mama - MEOW!

by Buster Keaton Van Etten
(with help from the Lord)



March 15th 2008 4:31 am
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Mama has been so sad the last few days....and with the Lord's help together we are comfurrting her.

Mama wanted to add anofur kitty to her home, one who would take my place, but my sisfur is just the kind of cat who prefers to be the only one. Since I was a special needs kitty (for a few months anyway), she wanted to adopt a special needs kitty in my honor. But it was not meant to be.

But it's not really a bad thing....cuz the Lord has been telling mama to appreciate Greta instead of long for anofur one in addition to her.

I wish I could just go down there and sit next to her for a while, or lay next to her in bed, so she could feel my soft, pretty coat. Or feel the therapeutic vibration of my purrs, which weren't loud but were quite strong.

I love it so much here in heaven and wish I could bring her up here. But I'll visit her in her dreams and then she can be with me again! :)

Oh! I hear the sound of mice....fresh mice YUM what a breakfast!



February 25th 2008 5:30 pm
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Looky everyone I HAVE MY WINGS!!! And aren't they booful!!

Now I can fly around heaven and better yet, watch over mama and my sister who's still on earth. Let me try something...




I'm getting wings

February 24th 2008 5:10 pm
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I'm getting wings and I cannot wait to show them to mama!

Mama always did see me as a special little guy, and now she can soon see me as a special angel.


wow wow wow!

February 19th 2008 10:59 am
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I have met so many friends here in heaven, at the rainbow bridge, I can't remember their names. I saw Domino, who looks a lot like me. He sure is a cute little guy. We've been going in some of the fields chasing mice. I never got to taste real mice until I arrived in heaven and let me tell you....they taste good!! YUM!

Rover invited me and my mama to a wonderful group. Rover's a really nice kitty. He said that he knew when his mama wasn't feeling good. Rover would get in his mama's lap. I was the same way except I was never a lap kitty, but I laid next to mama when she was sick or even taking a nap. She loved to stroke my soft, booful coat.

And I've even been corralled!!

I am such a happy and lucky little boy, and it's not even St. Patrick's Day!

Mama put up 2 more pics of me for you humans and kitties down on earth to enjoy. They're silly and mama says they show just what a silly boy I was. I hope you like them!


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