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Okay! Okay! I'll write in the diary. Sheesh!

I was lost!

October 2nd 2012 9:27 am
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It was really scary, what happened to me.

It's been a couple of years now, but I was LOST! One day I didn't come home. My people put up signs everywhere and posted on different websites hoping someone would recognize me. They kept checking with the animal shelters, but...nothing.

Finally, when Manperson was talking to a neighbor late one night, the neighbor said the landlord from a few houses down had been doing work on it and that he stores stuff in the crawl space. The friend was going to check the next day, but Manperson said "Forget that! I'm checking right now!" So they said good night and he hopped the fence in the dark and went to the door to the crawl space. I remember hearing the door open and his beautiful voice saying, "Joey!" I answered him, but I was hungry and tired so I guess he wasn't sure what he heard. He said my name again, but this time I was louder and went running over to him. We were both so happy!! I was alone in the dark for more than two days!

He promised Ladyperson that if he found me he would not let me go, so he grabbed me, climbed the fence holding me (I kept trying to get away--I was free!) but he held onto me and took me home. Ladyperson says she remembers hearing someone kicking at the front door and shouting "Open up!" She did, and he was standing at the door holding me under my arms with a big, silly grin on his face.

They made a big fuss over me, petting me and laughing, but I just wanted to eat something. So they made me a plate of food and I ate the whole thing. It was the best food I ever tasted. Better than fresh mouses!

So let me tell you people something. If your cat is missing, they might be close by, locked up somewhere wondering where you are. Have your neighbors check their crawl spaces, sheds, garages--anywhere a cat can fit.

You never know!


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