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My Diary

February 9th 2008 1:39 pm
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I never thought I would ever be so lucky as to ever have a diary!
Gosh, living out in the woods it was just everything I couild do just to survive let alone thinking about writing about my feelings !

Where do I start? I guess the beginning would be a good place. Hmmmmmm.

It seems like so long ago....

I remember living in the woods with the rest of my large and very extended family. I was what they called the " Beta" in the group so I had to really kiss tail just to survive. Everyfurr really picked on me but I compensated by grooming all the other kittys constantly, they are less likely to punch or swipe at you if you are grooming them.

One day a lady and man caught me in this cage and let me stay with them for a little while. I thought things were going pretty well but then one day they took me to a place called a "petstore" and told me I was going to get adopted there and that I was going to find my furrever home.

Gosh, all along I thought IHAD my furrever home, but they said "No sweetie, we were just your rescuers and foster parents, and there are so many other kittys that we need to help and we can't do that unless you find a home"

My foster mommy let this lady put me in a cage in a room with a lot of other kittys that I had never seen before. The only thing that kept me from going crazy was that my friend Tiffany was there in the cage with me to keep me company.

My foster mommy petted my face and said "just be your sweet self and you will find a home real soon"
She turned away and there were wet things running down her face like rain.

Well I did just what foster mommy said to do, everytime someone came into the room Tiffany would start to purrr really loud, and I would push my nose up against the cage and try and give the humans headbutts .
Ther were alot of people that were nice to us and I heard a lot of people saying " I want to take that one home"
But the lady that was in charge would say "NO" if you want only one cat I cannot adopt to you! You HAVE to take TWO or I won't adopt to you. Or she would say 'You WORK FULL TIME" how can you take care of a cat if you are working!? "

I just want a home. Iam tired of sleeping and eating next to my litter box.
We only get to go out when our cages are cleaned and then right back in...This is no life..........Most people are nice, but then others sometimes poke at you through the bars and tease you. I don't like them.....

The "lady in charge" refuses to let any of us have a furrever homes.A couple of the cats here told me they have been her for almost a year!

It was her, it was really her! She came back to see us!
Wait a minute, why am I excited? she left us here, wev'e been here for months and the lady in charge won't let us go home with any of the people who say that they want us...... I thought this was an adoption place. I am just so confused....

Foster mommy is talking with "the lady in charge"
"NO! NO! NO! NO! NO you can't have them!"
Foster mommy turns her back to us and says some things to the lady that we can't hear and then comes into the room where we have lived for a long ,long time and opens our cage door and gives us kisses and holds us very close and then puts Tiffany and then myself into our own carriers.

Fostermommy and Fosterdaddy carry us out into the fresh air and sunshine
It has been so long since I have smelled fresh air. It smells so good!
I heardFostermommy say"we are going home now FURREVER!!"


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